14 April 2010

Turning Cranks

I had a meeting out of the office today at 3:00 and decided, two days ago, that I was totally playing hooky afterward. So, I got home at 4:00, had a light dinner, skipped lunch so I was hungry, and jumped on the bike. Got about two hours in the saddle today, and man did it feel good. Last time I went out, and totally got creamed by the fact I was out of practice, I really overextended myself. This was going to be all about pacing myself, and keeping the cranks turning. Well, that's just what I did. Up hill, down hill, turns, flats, whatever. I just focused on staying in a moderate gear and turning.

It was a great day for a ride too! Through the woods, across the creek, no iPod just listening to nature all around me. I was, however, also reminded just how much I hate limestone. Have you had the misfortune of riding on it? It sucks! But not even lime stone could piss me off. OK, so dropping my chain off the big ring mid-pedal, might have got me a bit tweaked. I'm beginning to think that maybe I need a new chain.

Anyway, got home and did some stuff around the yard. Got the lines strung for my hop plants to grow on, and now this. All in all, not a bad afternoon.

07 April 2010

Day One Of Re-re-re-re-re-starting The Working Out Stuff: Cooked

So, after a trip to the most magical place on Earth, and eating like crap for a week, continuing that for a month afterward from home, etc. I am currently up ten or so pounds. It fluctuates between ten and fifteen. Epic freaking suck. I went out and tried to ride fairly seriously, and felt every bit of it. Asthma was acting up, it hasn't in about a year and a half, I felt like someone was forcing a tire iron in my right side, it was just a hot mess. I feel bad as hell for the person who agreed to ride with me that day. I just sucked.

So, today I started some of my Lean Look exercise routine, and am hoping to build up to starting P90X soon. I'm pretty sure that will be a nice mix of love, hate, pain, joy, happiness, and regret, but also know it will be worth it. I need to build up my muscle tone, again, and start losing fat. Why is it that when you hit, like, 30 everything goes to crap exponentially faster? I have actually, also, been debating going veg again. The wife wants to try going vegan, and I keep telling her she is in-freaking-sane! First off, how the hell do you give up cheese?! Just asking... It's the worlds most perfect food! Anyway, I'd love your opinions on vegetarianism. Any of you doing it? I did a while ago, but fell prey to a 13oz fillet. I ate about a third or a half of it... Mistake. Thought I was going to die. Started back on meat.

Well that's it for now, back to the grind. back to trying to get some level of health and fitness about myself.