30 June 2008

Brandon "Harp" And His Jimi Wallet

Well the verdict is in! Everyone got their jimi wallets and has had a while to use them and to form opinions. Over the next couple of days I will post their thoughts and, likely, some commentary. We'll start the week off with Brandon, also known as Harp. Here's what he had to say about his new jimi.

After using the Jimi "wallet" for a couple weeks I have found that it does serve a few really good purposes. The thing that works best for me is as a cyclist it's small compact and fits into my jersey pocket without being bulky like my wallet used to be. It also keeps the stuff I have it dry when most everything that is in my jersey pocket gets covered in sweat and it's nice not to have to put something in a baggie. I also liked it's size when just carrying it around in my pocket I hardly new I had anything in my pocket. I also felt that I didn't have to worry about anything falling out everything is enclosed and secure. The only problem with it is that it doesn't allow you to carry as much stuff in your wallet as I usually do. It did make me take a look at what I had and what I really needed to carry but still seemed a bit small when carrying just the cards I needed and some cash.

Overall I found the Jimi wallet to be nice and will always be found in the pocket of my cycling jersey plus it's kind of interesting and people always wondered what I was using. My son also thinks it really cool and I'm probably going to have to get him one too.

I have to start off agreeing with Harp totally. I tried my bulky leather wallet in the jersey pocket a couple of times and it never worked. The only thing that happened was it weighed down my jersey and got wet and ruined with sweat. I still need a baggie for the Razr that I carry on my rides in case of rain, but that's kind of irrelevant I guess. I had to get used to being a minimalist, as I used to carry around a metric ton of crap in my wallet. I actually love not having all of that bogging me down. My buddy John actually couldn't part with enough stuff to use a jimi, so he still carries his traditional wallet. As far as your son, he has good taste! Enjoy the jimi and use it in good riding and good health.

27 June 2008

Things Are Looking Up

I'm getting to a good point, again, I think. I'm down five over the weekend. It's been a combination of muesli and, (gulp) admittedly, some crashing a bit. I've really cut back on my intake and I've been keeping it to a lot of really lean protein, fruit, and vegetables. The wife has actually been helping a lot with stuff like this... I figure Harp should like this; salmon with green beans in a dash of olive oil with garlic and fresh cracked pepper. Mmmmm, good stuff.
Also, I took the advice of the one and only Bluenoser. (YEA! I get to do a) Sidebar: By the way Blue, I would love an explanation on the term "bluenoser" when you have a minute. I will throw a guess that it has something to do with living in the cold of Nova Scotia, but that's strictly a guess. Anyway, I took his advice and got out to buy... It's broken down into a twelve week program. Said program will commence this weekend and run for twelve weeks. If anyone else is interested in doing it with, go grab the book and hit me up in comments or via the contact me link top right. I'll start one week from Sunday (beginning of the week). It says to read the entire book first, and I'm just trying to remain realistic about my actually getting through the entire book, so Sunday July 6th it is. That should also give you time to buy it and catch up if you desire.
Finally, I took Judi's advice, kind of... I took it down, not all the way, but cleaned the beard at the request of "Mrs Phun". Happy wife, happy life. Still unsure about the legs though.
Now my only hope is that they are way wrong about the thunderstorms now through at least Tuesday. They haven't been wrong that often lately, so let's keep our fingers crossed, right? No thunder, no lighting, we ride.

26 June 2008

To Shave Or Not To Shave? That Is The Question.

So I guess everyone has one of those questions that they just cannot seem to answer. For me I have a life full to the brim that, due to my ridiculously sever indecisiveness, I cannot, or will not, ever have answers to. I'm "that guy" who will argue for hours because "I just don't care. Figure out what YOU want to do, and I'll be OK with it." Yeah, you guessed it, my wife hates me a good portion of the time. So with all of this said I face yet another conundrum that has me wracking my brain. Be warned the following is not pretty, but what I cannot seem to come to terms with is do I shave `em, or let `em go?
That bad boy will pop if you click it, but unless you're a masochist why would you do that?

Anyway, I can say this much, they're already itchy and the hair annoys. When I'm rocking out in the lycra, the silicone strips pull the hair and annoy. The hair pokes out the lycra and, yeah you guessed it, is so annoying. BUT! The other side of this proverbial coin is do I really want to deal with all of the crap my non-cycling friends will surely want to dish out. Will I just look like a fred since I'm not some crazy racer, or hardcore trainer. I just don't know. Furthermore, if I shave the legs, what's next? I mean, I am thinning Yes ladies, I know I'm a looker. Sorry to say, though, I'm taken. I know, it's hard to hear bu... Oh sorry, sarcasm.

Anyway, I AM pretty thin up top, will that be next? The scruffy beard is already annoying me in the summer heat, so that baby is as good as gone. I just don't know...

25 June 2008

Weekly Roundup June 25

So I have a ride later today, and I am giddy with anticipation. I also have decided that I need a new pair of gloves, I guess that’s a random point to make, but I’d love some suggestions. Will mostly use this pair for road, any ideas? With that, my dear friends, I give you… The Weekly Roundup!

Harp Rider: I have to be honest and state that the only reason I posted Getting Back To Normal is because it looks like Harp is taking two bottles of anti-freeze with him on a ride. OK, so there’s that and the fact I really dig Harp’s blog.

50K Loop NS: After telling me I should pick up ‘The Lean Look’, I’m amazed that the tempter Bluenoser is posting such a succulent (?!) looking post. Beans And Bridgewater is part a quick tribute to the Fat Cyclist Triathalon, and part tribute to Nova Scotia. I WILL get there yet.

Fat Cyclist: You may remember I mentioned that Fatty was having a Triathalon and was giving away a free bike. Well he had everyone donate to Lance Armstrong Foundation in $5 increments to enter the raffle, and wound up raising a butt-ton of money for Lance. Check it out at Fat Cyclist Readers Are The Best, and when you’re done read all about how Elden is The Best Event Organizer In The Whole World. Congrats to Elden, and as always WIN! Susan!

Cozy Beehive: Ron had me rolling this weekend when I got around to reading We Might As Well Crashon Saturday. It is the true story on why we watch cycling races, according to Ron, in reference to ‘We Might As Well Win’ the book. Loved it Ron.

Bike Munky: What better way to end than Under Starters Orders? Nothing like a friendly bike race on the way to work, eh Munky?

Well, that’s all she wrote for now. Imma go ride tonight, you should too! As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

24 June 2008

iPods And Cycling, An Argument FOR Them?

You may remember back in September of 1946, OK so it was 2007, I wrote a little ditty called Taking The Tunes On The Road. I've actually been meaning to write this follow-up for some time now, so here goes:
Back on May 13, 2008 four people were killed in a helicopter crash. The catch, you ask since you read enough to know there is always a catch, is this; the pilot and two people were in the helicopter at the time. It appears the fourth was Isaiah Otieno, 23, a student at the College of the Rockies. Apparently he was walking and wearing an iPod or similar and did not hear the falling Bell 206 helicopter that was crashing to the ground. Sadly it came in low and he was dragged for 10 to 15 meters before being trapped under it. Even more sad is the obvious fact that he died. This had me thinking though. If this type of inevitable occurrence is to happen, isn't it really better you don't see, or hear, it coming? I know if I'm going to get road pancaked by one of the locals Lexus SUV's I don't think I want to hear it coming. So might it actually be in your best interest to wear that iPod on the road? Just trying to be devils advocate here.

23 June 2008

Mountain Biking Observations Revisited

So a weird thing happens, in my opinion anyway, when you ride road and trail in the same day. First off it's, like, two entirely different worlds. On a mountain bike you could all but build something while riding. Pull out bottles, drink, make a nice steak, eat it with a fork and knife, you're just pretty well good to go. It seems as though nothing could possibly throw off your balance. In direct contrast is the road machine. I have been spending a substantially greater amount of time on said mountain bike than the roadie. I felt every bump, every piece of raised asphalt on the path, every twig that was blown off in last nights storm no matter how small and insignificant.
Also, I've come to the conclusion that I am completely idiotic in my expectations of what I can and can't do on a mountain bike. You see, I'm riding at about an average of 16+ MPH on the road. Thats to say 16.2, 16.8, 16.4 etc. depending on where it is I'm riding.
Therefore I'd say it is safe to come to the following conclusion: My max effort right now on the road will produce a ride averaging at 16-17 MPH.
My thought process is as such: If I can do 16 MPH or slightly better on the road, SURELY I could do 16 or so on the trails, right?
Yeah, not so much. I have a friend of mine that I spoke with and said how I'm unhappy how I don't feel as though I'm riding to my full potential, I don't think I'm hitting anything near 15 MPH in the dirt. He laughed and asked if I'm riding trails or strictly downhill. I didn't appreciate it, and we moved on from there. So, is it then safe to say that I am insane if I think I could duplicate my efforts on the road on a trail? Is it just naturally (that much) slower?
Another thing I think I'm noticing is this: I cannot get my road tires hard enough, let alone too hard. On the flip side, when I max out the air on my mountain bike I feel like I have absolutely no traction whatsoever. I think it has something to do with what Ron over at Cozy Beehive was talking about with rolling resistance, stating that a wide tire at low pressure will roll faster than a narrow tire at high. Hmmpf. I need some engineering courses to figure this out.
Bottom line, and all that I know, is that I rode more today than I have in the last two weeks, and man did it feel good.

21 June 2008

I Miss The Carefree Days Of My Youth And Stupid Stunts

No ride today, too much to do early, and severe thunderstorms in the PM. Two rides planned for tomorrow: road in the morning and trails in the evening. About 30 miles road, and 15 off. I do wish I were still sick in the head, you know like you are as a kid. When you're just gutsy and stupid enough to do things like this guy...

Hope y'all have a great weekend, and some great rides.

20 June 2008

Nirvana By Singletrack

So I played hooky today from work starting at 11:30AM. I went in for a meeting, made some money, and snuck the heck out the door. I took off to run some errands, had somewhere to be at noon, picked up a bike rack that Gary so kindly let go on the way cheep, came home, and promptly kick out the door on the Rockhopper. The grass was high, the birds and insects were out in plenty, and it was warm-but not hot. I'd say mid-seventies with virtually no humidity. I rode some street, some gravel, and some sweet singletrack that I'm pretty sure I shouldn't necessarily have been riding on. In fairness, it didn't say I couldn't, so... I know, that's probably not the right attitude to take. You know what, tough! It just felt so good being out on a fairly serious ride. It was about an hour and a half, probably slightly better than that actually, and it was just nirvana. I've made a decision today, I hate crushed stone. It sucks, all kinds of huge sucking, sucks. The only two problems I had today were while riding on gravel, and its where I wrecked last month. I haven't had too much time on just straight up dirt, so after almost wrecking out on a dog today I saw this primo chance and I took it. I jumped on this singletrack for a while and just went. Either side of me was four to six foot grass and brush, I heard all sorts of animals running around it the brush, bird and bugs out en masse, as if they were all out to party. It was just so cool, I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon.
As a sidebar: Bluenoser, I'm getting the freakin' book, OK! (Says with a chuckle and a smile.) I guess I just need to be careful what I wish, right? Thanks Bluenoser, Judi and Jared for helping to keep me in line a bit this week. Oh, and Jared: I rocked the HTFU band.

19 June 2008

Things Can Only Get Better

File Under: Incessant Bitching & Whining.
So I've come to a conclusion today; things can only get better. I've slipped into a funk, and need to pull the heck out of it. I haven't had the time of day to get on a bike for more than about thirty minutes in, like, a very solid week. Scratch that, almost two, and I've realized that my mood has suffered for it. I'm down a few pounds again in the last three days, and I don't care. Heck, I'm not even happy. I just want to get on the bike! I feel like I can't focus at work, because I'm thinking about riding and my weight. Scary thing there is I'm doing some decent work at the job, and can only imagine if I were pulling 100% what I could be doing. Even coworkers are asking me what's wrong. It's just a miserable funky, funk. Isn't it wild how the slightest change could totally alter your mood, and your being? It's amazing to me how such a slight alteration to a minute part of your life changes it so substantially. To further add to the funk, my new helmet is stuck somewhere between here and Utah in "adverse weather conditions". Whatever the heck that means, it shows that it's in Ohio already, which would mean it's past the "adverse weather conditions" but, again, whatever. I guess I have to look at the cool side of the pillow. I have lost a few pounds in as many days, so that's cool. I'll try to be more upbeat and "phun" tomorrow. Maybe I'll get out to buy the book Bluenoser recommended.

18 June 2008

Weekly Roundup June 18

The laptop is back and Phun once again abounds. I called out for accountability and got a couple of responses, for which I owe a couple of people a thank you. Also, there is a weird trend in comic strips and pain this week, so I thought I’d share that with you. With that, my dear friends, I give you… The Weekly Roundup!

50K Loop NS: Bluenoser shared some advice with me by way one of his new favorite books. The Lean Look, by Paul Goldberg and Matt Fitzgerald, is a book that promises you can ‘burn fat, tone muscle, and transform your body in twelve weeks using the secrets of professional athletes’. At just under twenty bucks, Bluenoser is right; it’s cheaper than beer.

The Wah Report: Wah (Jared) chimed in with his support, by way of this. That's right, a 'Harden The F*** Up' wrist band. Thanks Jared. I’ll be sure to wear it every time I ride and follow the advice. If you want to buy some you can find ‘em on Jared’s eBay Listing.

Bunny Hop Rockstar: John shares the first of a couple of comic strips this week. Still Skipping… is a great jab at buying a bike. I suppose its humor is exponentially higher if you work at a bike shop.

Cozy Beehive: Ron is off for a bit as he gets situated in his new job. Congrats and best wishes on the move and the new job, Ron! But before he bailed he did leave us some humor to get us by until he gets back. Ayll Be Bach shares some humor in signage, a humorous editorial in an Austin news paper, and our second comic.

Highwaymunky: Bike Munky is soo right. Why as cyclists are we always In Pursuit Of Pain? I know one of the things I long for is getting out of my comfort zone. It’s almost sick, but it’s so fun.

Miles And Madness: Judi shows off her new Fuji that she recently won as she shares her Monday Madness. It looks as though she also got a sweet new set of wheels, happy riding Judi.

Fat Cyclist: If you weren’t so luck to win a bike recently, check out Fatty’s blog and you could win any number of excellent prizes. The coolest part, the money to enter goes to help a great cause. Check out more at Fight Cancer, Win A Dream Bike. Best wishes Elden, here’s hoping you help raise tens of thousands man!

Well, that’s all she wrote for now. It’s getting nice, get out and get some rides in. As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

17 June 2008

Oh The Joy! Oh, And Son Of A...

First the joy part, and this is a really minimal amount of joy which is while I'll blow it all upfront. Joy part one: I got the laptop back today. Furthermore, as of yesterday the warranty is officially done. Positive side? To fix a latch problem, the replaced the entire screen at no charge! Yeah, I know it's pretty sick! But, that's why I've always bought, and will only buy, Apple. I know I sound like fanboy, but it's true. Apple is just great when it come to making a quality product, and they've ALWAYS backed it up for me every time I've needed service. Joy part two: I recently mentioned ChainLove. You may remember I crashed the helmet and the visor cracked off a piece of the foam. Judi suggested I call Specialized and see what, if anything, they would do about it. I figured couldn't hurt to ask. They aren't willing to do anything to replace it, the guy apologized, I told him 'hey it was a long-shot. I'm the tool that busted it, right?', he offered up a 20% off certificate I could take with the busted helmet to a dealer to get a new helmet, and that was that. They're a cool company, they don't need to do a thing, but offered that up, cool. I would have been dumbfounded if they were willing to do something since it was my fault and the helmet did what it was supposed to. With that said, I was on ChainLove and noticed a Limar Helmet. Apparently they are 'The Helmet Specialists', or so I'm told, or so the slogan says. So it was supposedly a $100 brain bucket for $25, looks cool enough, only time will tell I guess and it was only 25 bills so if it sucks live and learn, right?
OK, now that I got that out of the way, the bad side of the post. Freakin' weight! I'm been holding in the 195+/- range. I can't figure this out for the life of me. I realize I am probably still/again a fat-ass, but come on! I do the muesli thing to no avail. I ride and I'm up 2 pounds over the following morning. I eat tapeworms and... OK the tapeworm thing is a lie, but... I drink enough water to kill a person, I think we figured it out at work as 200 ounces on a bad day. I'm dead serious when I say that too. It goes 6-8 16.9 Oz bottles at work during the day at work, plus a few glasses from the cooler, plus 4-6 24 Oz tumblers (yes they are tumblers and that is what I call them. Stop it! I get enough crap from my wife for calling them tumblers, but it's what they are) of water in the evening from dinner to bed time. I also lose some sleep on account I now wake at least twice during the night to take care of the water intake, I feel this is a problem as well. To further confuse the situation my clothes, the new ones not the fat boy ones, still fit and still fit the same. I could make the argument that 'it's probably muscle weight', but that would just be a lie. I am about as week as I've ever been. That's to say; I have really great calves, and stunning good looks but the upper body strength of a five year old. I know, I need to workout more. These things will have to come with time. For now I need Fatty to have his annual weight loss challenge or something. It's the same problem I have with riding, and I know what it is. Accountability. I have no one in my life that is a serious about either subject. Whether it's to ride with regularly, or to keep in and be kept in line weight wise with. I need someone to be there crawling up my, er, in my face holding me accountable.

16 June 2008

Crazy Weekend

So the weekend was seemingly disastrous. Friday night was a thunderstorm, lots-o-lightning, no ride. Saturday started very much the same way, followed by work, followed by some stuff that needed to get done, followed by an evening at Great Lakes Brewery. That was cool but beer is, well, beer and by nature empty, but delicious, calories. Sunday was Church and family stuff for fathers day, but then a ray of sunlight. Something I've been kind of wanting to get accomplished. I started a garden. Its small right now, and a bit late to put one in which is why it's small. So I have enough to get going and see where it takes me. If all goes well I figure I can put in a full fledged, hardcore garden next year.
Another thing happened and I don't know how to feel about it. To full explain this I feel I have to explain that I lost my $300 prescription sunglasses at the pool last week. Surprisingly I was no where near as mad as I would have been had a lost my non-prescription Oakleys. Kinda messed up, no? I know, but I LOVE my Oakleys. I have to admit I am a bit of an Oakley whore. I have two pair of shades, both are probably considered vintage by now, for what it's worth, and two more pair of prescription Oakleys. I went through a time where I sold two other pairs (Blades and Razor Blades) way back in the day. I now regret that too. At any rate, It looks like it's time to consider a pair of Oakley prescription shades. For the time being and until I have the financial means to get the Oakleys I found Alterna Eyewears "Free Sunglasses" deal at their website. I use the quotes because there is never a free lunch, right? Or is there? I read a lot online about these guys and it seems kind of legit. What the offer is is "Up to four pair of glasses free if you pay shipping and handling". That ranges from $6-$19/pair. Also you can get cases for free+S/H, and if you order FOUR pair of glasses you could get a chronograph for free+S/H. So, again, I am leery of the proverbial fine print. The ONLY thing clearly visible is that they will send more glasses occasionally unless you cancel the service. So, anyone out there hear about this? Just curious.
Finally, I am anxious and excited, the laptop is back tomorrow (or so I'm told), so hopefully this blog will suck less after that. Sorry if today's post is kind of rambly, I'll try harder tomorrow, I promise!

13 June 2008

Joy And A Great Website

JOY! While I still didn't get a chance to ride, due mostly to the fact that I need to work as I am not independently wealthy just yet, I did get a bit of good news via email. The God's at Apple are smiling down on me! I should have my completed laptop in my grubby hands Monday! I can't wait to have my laptop back, I feel naked without it.
As for yesterday, I want to than HighwayMunky for the verbal whooping. I needed that. I am going to get up wicked early Saturday and ride, I think, regardless of the weather. OK, if we get the thunderstorms that we're supposed to, I may pass out of safety. I needed a pep talk, thanks Munky!
Finally for the day, and Wah beat me to it, but... I have a new favorite site. I used to buy stuff, and still do, from Steep And Cheep, but I think I found someone to have an affair with. That's right, it's hotter biking sister, Chain Love. She even sounds sexy, no? It's like Steep And Cheep (a site that works out HUGE deals with companies and passes along the savings. Usually 40% or better off retail!), but unlike Steep And Cheep, Chain Love is all cycling related. I bought a PI jersey for $12 brand new! I'm looking at a Limar Helmet for $25 right now. I've seen Ultegra Crank Sets, DeRosa Frames, Swobo stuff, and on and on... I have to throw out a huge recommendation. If you haven't seen it, get there now!

12 June 2008

UPDATED 06/13: Depression Ensues

So as I mentioned on Tuesday I'm totally geeked out over Mac. I love, and have always loved, Apple computers, iPods, the Newton and everything that Apple touches. As a matter of fact I have quite a little collection. I have a newton (the first ever PDA) I have four vintage CRT iMacs, I have two G3 blue and white towers one of which has the matching CRT Monitor, a Sawtooth G4 Tower, a Mirror Door G4 Tower (the 1.42 Dual Processor-fastest G4 Tower made), and my trusty G4 "TiBook" PowerBook Titanium. Sadly, the TiBook is MIA as it has been sent away for some surgery. It had some issues with closing and the hinges and the warranty was coming to an end in five days, so I took her in to the trusty Apple Store in Cleveland and they sent her off for surgery. It sucks because it means I have to sit at my desk to blog now, when I am so used to blogging, and surfing, on the couch while ignoring the idiot box (TV for anyone who missed that joke). So that has me a bit down.
Add to that I have been plugging along on the "Muesli Diet" to no avail. I've been really good about muesli for breakfast and lunch and a sensible dinner, but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Add to that I've been swamped at work and haven't had time to ride or do anything resembling exercise in about a week. I had a couple half-ass rides, but nothing fun, er, worth talking about. This weekend is going to be at least as crazy. The final kick in the proverbial crotch is the fact that it's supposed to rain all day Friday through Saturday and clear up Saturday night or early Sunday. So, even if I get up at 5:00AM to ride, I likely won't want to.
Basically what I'm saying in a nutshell is this:
I need a freaking pep talk... Oh, and about five of Jared's Team CSC Harden The F___ Up bracelets.
--UPDATE!!-- If you want HTFU Bracelets Jared has them up For Sale On Ebay

11 June 2008

Weekly Roundup June 11

Well, another day another dollar. I’m back to the Muesli diet, will let you know how it goes. Other than that I don’t know too much more, other than… The Weekly Roundup!

Fat Cyclist: I’m going to be honest, and a bit ridiculous, and just admit here that I chose The Gambler strictly because Fatty used the following statement: When you’re riding with tires that use sealant, that hissing is your cue to get really religious, really fast. Because if you pray to Alfonzo, patron saint of liquid latex and inflated rubber devices, fervently enough, there’s a decent chance that the sealant will…well…seal. And then you can ride off triumphantly, knowing that where others would have been stopped cold by such a nasty puncture, you can feel free to merrily continue on your merry way. Way to go Fatty.

Bike Munky: Bike Munky, I have to say I’m with you. My allergies have been out of control, and I’ve been saying to myself I need to get out on the road often. Also, this was a nice segue from the Fat Cyclist story aforementioned. Luckily you were Saved By A Cyclist, Fatty didn’t do so well.

Cozy Beehive: As always, I’m addicted to what Ron has to say. This week Ron debunks the myth of Rolling Resistance Of Wide Tires. A great engineering view on width of tires, and pressure.

50 Loop NS: Bluenoser shares how he is selling his soul. Oh, sorry, I mean starting to run. He says it’s only occasionally, but I am still worried. I’ve always said I will never run. A Good Thing is also a fun thought about how we could also take advantage of what we get used to seeing.

Bunny Hop Rockstar: John is back, and guess what. Whoops… Another case of a broke bike… or pieces anyway.

Well, that’s all she wrote for now. It’s getting nice, get out and get some rides in. As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

10 June 2008

Too Cool, New Stuff

First off I'd like to take a minute to share a great deal with you. This week Mr Smith has the jimi (original) on sale! Buy four or more and get one free, if you didn't get one last week, this is a great opportunity to get yourself a couple and get some for Fathers Day and save some cash.
With that said, I have to rant and rave about the iPhone. If you're geeked out on Apple like I am, you can watch the WWDC Keynote. Steve Jobs has done it again. Yesterday at the WWDC Apple showed it's newly polished beauty, the iPhone which now supports the ATT 3G Network. I have to be honest here and say this. Love the iPhone, the price is incredible, the look is amazing, the new tools unreal, the GPS support invaluable. Now that I have that out of the way I have to nitpick. I wish they would unlock the thing already, I really hate the idea of being tied to ATT. The money that Apple is saving you, an unreal $200 price cut-the second $200 price drop in the year the phone has been out, is awesome. The unfortunate thing is, once again on the part of ATT, they crapped in the proverbial Corn Flakes. ATT will up their service $10 a month. Not only that, but didn't ATT just finally play catchup to the rest of the cell companies that were using broadband data already? I might be wrong. Finally, and this is a big point on my part, Apple still has yet to send me one to review. That's right, now I'm just going to be petty about it. Apple hasn't got one out to me to review, which I'd LOVE to do. Regardless, the new iPhone is sweet, there's no two ways about that.
So, get to thejimi.com and grab some wallets for you and for gifts, and start saving up the cash for the July 11th release of, what I am dubbing, the Blackberry killer... the iPhone.

09 June 2008

Ahhhh, Summer Weekends

OK, so technically summer isn't here just yet, or for another one month and, like, twelve days. Regardless of this inane technicality it was mid nineties all weekend so I am making the call, it's (unofficially) summer. Not to be confused with the ancient region in southwestern Asia Sumer. The area that is now present-day Iraq, comprising the southern part of Mesopotamia. Formerly ancient Babylonia in the 4th millennium bc. Sorry, very random sidetrack on my part. I've been in this sort of teaching random facts mood all weekend. Regardless...
So now that I've pulled the trigger, prematurely, and official made the call for summer a few things have changed. One is my goal. I want to lose twenty-five pounds by summers end. That has not changed the part that has changed and the reason are interesting, first the reason. So I was on the way out for some swimming when I saw something that got me thinking. There were two guys out riding, at first I thought, "man I should've rode the bike today instead." Shortly after the brilliant deduction I realized the first guy had no shirt on. I said to the wife, "OK, so the plan has changed. I want to be fit enough by the end of summer to be able to rock a ride bare-chested." At any rate, that's the new goal. Not only to lose the twenty-five but be tight enough I can roll shirtless. There it's been said, and now that I'm pretty well screwed I guess I have to stick to it.
Now that we got that out of the way, let me take a minute to explain one of the key things in life that will thoroughly screw my weight-loss up. You see with summer come the most perfect thing ever invented. That's right folks, barbecue. One of the greatest parts about summer. I love to eat, but moreover, I love to cook barbecue. This was Sunday nights dinner and by the way, leave the corn in the husk and throw those on the top shelf of the grill for about thirty minutes, freakin' awesome. Anyway, it's going to be an interesting summer. What are your plans?

05 June 2008

Weekly Roundup June 5

I really have nothing to say here. It’s just been that kind of week. I could give a quick congrats out to Harp, Andrew, Stephen and Dave who picked up some cool Jimi Gear! I will get those out soon and start to hound them about the reviews shortly after I get them out. Outside of riding, not much happening in the Casa de Phun. With that, friends, The Weekly Roundup!

Cozy Beehive: Ron has turned my mind to tapioca with All Automatic CVT Based Bicycle. This is an extremely complex and long blog post that has me totally fascinated, and I’m not even an engineer. His theory is to take a NuVINCI CVT Hub and work it into a bike that will allow the bike to become automatic, and shift strictly based on the effort of the rider.

50K Loop NS: Bluenoser catches us, and “the bee” (Ron), up on our Nova Scotia history in his blog post 06.03.08. A pretty in depth lesson in Nova Scotia. I seriously want to plan a ride in NS and Utah with Fatty… Anyone in?

Miles And Madness: Judi might just have pegged why people make fun of triathletes in Track Vs Tri. I’ll still never run, Judi, but this was funny.

Fat Cyclist: This week Fatty hooks us up with a PSA that I found very helpful! Rest assured, Elden, I will most assuredly follow the advice you dish out in How To Suck In Your Gut. I totally need this to get me through the last twenty pounds.
Also of note on Fatty’s site was another tear jerker brought to us by his sister Jodi. She put together an Early Birthday Present From (His) Sister. It is a touching video she put together about all of the people pulling for Susan to WIN! And praying for her and their families. It is totally awesome.

Well, that’s all she wrote for now, what are you waiting for? Get out and ride! As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

04 June 2008

Only One Word Can Explain This: Horror

I decided to push back the weekly roundup to Thursday this week. I wanted to take a minute, as the weather gets nice and we start to ride more, to share a horrific and unfortunate story.

I am convinced that just about every cyclist has had or will have a terrifying experience with a car at least once in his or her life. Unfortunately for 37-year-old Alejandro Alvarez of Monterrey, his worst nightmare became reality when 28-year-old Juan Campos fell asleep, drunk, behind the wheel. Alvarez was killed and ten others were injured in the first fifteen minutes of a 34-Kilometer race in Mexico, right across from Brownville, Texas. Campos is an American Citizen living in Brownsville.

The reason I bring this up is twofold. First, everyone who clips into a set of pedals and hits the road needs to remember that when you’re out on the road you can’t count on anyone to watch your back for you. You have to be aware of everything around you at all times, and you have to plan for the exception not the rule. Second, please take a moment to pause and pray for, or remember in whatever way you feel appropriate, everyone involved in this horrible accident. Countless lives have forever been changed and disrupted.

We need to remember to be thankful every time we get back from a ride, and be aware of our surroundings ever time we go out. Here’s to many, many great, safe rides for all of us, and blessings around.

03 June 2008

Jimi Contest

10:00 PM Update: Believe it or not, I still have some Jimi product to give to you! So if you're debating sending an email, do it! Seriously. Hit me up via the contact me button at the top right sidebar of the blog.

I found something a while back that I wanted to take a minute to share with you all. One day while I was at the LBS, Spin, picking up some clothes, tools, and such John took a minute to show me something cool. I had seen this a while back from A guy named Sandro who I worked with. Anyway, John told me I needed to get a Jimi Wallet for riding. He told me I'd never regret it, and that it would force me to carry everything I need everyday, and not jam a bunch of useless junk in that I had no business putting in there in the first place. He was totally right. Behold, The Jimi: This thing is ridiculously cool. Five credit cards on one side, and a few bills folded in the clip, and you're good to go!
So, here is the deal. Mike, from Mr. Smith Inc (the maker of the Jimi), sent me a goodie box of Jimi product and I'm sharing! These thing start at $15 a piece and you can have one! There is one little catch. What I would like from you is in return for a sweet wallet, is I would like you to share your thoughts on it. See, I could give you a review on this myself but there are two problems. One, I am horribly lazy. Two, why should you believe me? These things are the coolest thing ever, but don't believe me grab one and try it out. Also, while you are at the Jimi site check out their Mission Statement (if you will), and their Passion For The Environment. These guys are truly cool. So, without further adieu:
I will send five lucky people Jimi product. The breakdown will be as such: three people will get an Original Jimi, one will get a Jimi Multi Media Case, and one will get a Jimi Game Shell. Please use the "contact me" button in the upper right hand corner of the blog to email me. When I receive your email I will get in touch with the first five people to respond and will ask for your product preference and will send you one of the items dependent upon what is available. I am asking to keep it to US and Canadian responses only, please, since I am footing the bill for shipping on these. These are truly awesome products, and I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks.
Thanks again to Mike at Mr. Smith for the help on this!

02 June 2008

I Think I Hate Weekends, And Something Really Cool!

I’ve come to a conclusion that I think I might hate weekends. The reason for such a drastic conclusion is quite simple; I am continually eating for crap on weekends and I just can’t stop. OK, so I guess the truth of the matter is I could stop, but I don’t. Have I ever mentioned that I’m Italian? Yeah, so one day we had three different kinds of homemade pizza, cavatelli (the single best pasta ever to be invented), and Italian fried dough with powdered sugar. Yeah, I know, that kind of “healthy”. Add to it countless spring birthday parties and cookouts and the food that make those events up, and the aforementioned rising prices from a post a couple of weeks ago and you have Don gaining weight again.
Funny Story:
Believe it or not I actually put on six pounds Friday night. Six freaking pounds! Now, I have to add to that. Not all of the six pounds was a legitimate weight gain. The wife and I went out for a night at the local comedy club with some friends from work. While there the wife and I split a pitcher of beer. She never drinks and I drink so rarely that this alone was quite a little bit for us. With the pitcher we spit a basket of ten wings and a turkey club with fries. Then proceeded later that night to get more chili cheese fries after having a Car Bomb (single coolest drink ever invented) and finished the night off with a couple pints of Great Lakes Beer, the following morning I was up six pounds.
Lesson Learned: Eating crap = Bad + Drinking beer = Bad Therefore EC+DB=Bad
Furthermore I woke Saturday morning with a cold, I thought I was getting over, kicking my butt. After getting home at 1:30AM and not getting to sleep until about 3:00, I was woke up at 4:00AM by what sounded like a transformer having a surge after a power failure in a huge storm. I then had to get up at about 8:00AM to get some stuff done, all the while the cold was getting worse. The rest of the day was wasted with chores. Sunday was a late start, Church, and then more chores. I did manage to get a ride in Sunday after dinner, but it was only about ten miles and I felt as though there was a miniature elephant sitting on my chest the entire ride. I’m just not happy with weekends anymore.
Cool News:
OK, enough of my incessant whining. Now for some cool news. Tomorrow will be a very cool day for some lucky readers. I want everyone to have a fair shot at this so I am going to let everyone know (kind of) what’s up now. Tomorrow I’m going to have a really cool offer (contest?) for some lucky readers. I will be posting the contest at Noon Eastern Standard Time (11:00AM Central, 10:00AM Mountain, 9:00 Pacific), this way everyone should have a fairly decent shot at getting in on it. So for now, I bid you all a fond farewell. Until tomorrow!