10 June 2008

Too Cool, New Stuff

First off I'd like to take a minute to share a great deal with you. This week Mr Smith has the jimi (original) on sale! Buy four or more and get one free, if you didn't get one last week, this is a great opportunity to get yourself a couple and get some for Fathers Day and save some cash.
With that said, I have to rant and rave about the iPhone. If you're geeked out on Apple like I am, you can watch the WWDC Keynote. Steve Jobs has done it again. Yesterday at the WWDC Apple showed it's newly polished beauty, the iPhone which now supports the ATT 3G Network. I have to be honest here and say this. Love the iPhone, the price is incredible, the look is amazing, the new tools unreal, the GPS support invaluable. Now that I have that out of the way I have to nitpick. I wish they would unlock the thing already, I really hate the idea of being tied to ATT. The money that Apple is saving you, an unreal $200 price cut-the second $200 price drop in the year the phone has been out, is awesome. The unfortunate thing is, once again on the part of ATT, they crapped in the proverbial Corn Flakes. ATT will up their service $10 a month. Not only that, but didn't ATT just finally play catchup to the rest of the cell companies that were using broadband data already? I might be wrong. Finally, and this is a big point on my part, Apple still has yet to send me one to review. That's right, now I'm just going to be petty about it. Apple hasn't got one out to me to review, which I'd LOVE to do. Regardless, the new iPhone is sweet, there's no two ways about that.
So, get to thejimi.com and grab some wallets for you and for gifts, and start saving up the cash for the July 11th release of, what I am dubbing, the Blackberry killer... the iPhone.

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Bluenoser said...

Just as RIM was moving it's R&D to Halifax.

Oh well.