13 June 2008

Joy And A Great Website

JOY! While I still didn't get a chance to ride, due mostly to the fact that I need to work as I am not independently wealthy just yet, I did get a bit of good news via email. The God's at Apple are smiling down on me! I should have my completed laptop in my grubby hands Monday! I can't wait to have my laptop back, I feel naked without it.
As for yesterday, I want to than HighwayMunky for the verbal whooping. I needed that. I am going to get up wicked early Saturday and ride, I think, regardless of the weather. OK, if we get the thunderstorms that we're supposed to, I may pass out of safety. I needed a pep talk, thanks Munky!
Finally for the day, and Wah beat me to it, but... I have a new favorite site. I used to buy stuff, and still do, from Steep And Cheep, but I think I found someone to have an affair with. That's right, it's hotter biking sister, Chain Love. She even sounds sexy, no? It's like Steep And Cheep (a site that works out HUGE deals with companies and passes along the savings. Usually 40% or better off retail!), but unlike Steep And Cheep, Chain Love is all cycling related. I bought a PI jersey for $12 brand new! I'm looking at a Limar Helmet for $25 right now. I've seen Ultegra Crank Sets, DeRosa Frames, Swobo stuff, and on and on... I have to throw out a huge recommendation. If you haven't seen it, get there now!

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