31 March 2008

Weekend Riding

Whoa! talk about living life like I'd like to. I had a weekend of spoiling myself. Friday I had some things to get done, and I did, but first I woke up early. I woke up at the time I normally would if I were going to work, only I took a nice long ride around the trails. Came back showered, and got done what I had to. Saturday I woke up and had a healthy breakfast, donned the gear and went for a much longer ride. Trails, streets, etc. Sunday? You guessed it. First, though, did Church, had a bite and jumped on the bike for day three of three weekend riding. It was how I've always wanted my life to be. It go me thinking about how I could rearrange my life to better fit in biking. That will come later, as will my thoughts on road biking vs. mountain biking.
There is something so awesome and pure about getting out in the open spaces, in the fresh air, riding the side of a ledge, animals all around you. It's so cool, after an obnoxiously long winter, to get back on a bike and feel the pain of a hill, feel the wind hit you in the face. Now all there is to do is wait for some serious riding, hopefully soon, once the snow is totally gone and the trails have drained. Who knows, I may just get out and ride with the award winning Fat Cyclist in Utah, wouldn't that be a blast? John has also promised to abuse me a bit around Ohio. There might even be an opportunity later in the year to wind up riding the mountains of Arizona; man would I need to get some serious work done in order to prepare for that.
All in all it is really shaping up to be a good year so far. Would anyone be interested in coming up to the Cleveland area for a ride this summer? Road or mountain... or both. Hey it could be fun.

28 March 2008

Yeah... What The Tape Says.

Yup, as it says Gone Riding. Had the day off Friday 'cause I'm a damn slacker. Got some riding to do, among other things. Saturday, you guessed it, start with a ride. Maybe swim afterward in the evening. Then Sunday Church followed by? No, lunch... THEN a ride. Sorry, but I'll se you again Monday!

27 March 2008

How Truly Aware Are You?

OK, only catch here is you have to be totally honest. If not, like so many spam emails, you will be forced to endure a group or rabid penguins slowly pecking one-eighth inch squares of skin from your body while dwarf hamsters eat your flesh and poissonier's (yer welcome Harp) drip left over lemon juice on your carcass. (Man, I need help). OH! and as a side note: I'm totally unhappy with YouTube. This was supposed to go up Monday... it finnaly posted from YouTube to the blog today. Pshhhh.

26 March 2008

Weekly Roundup March 26

Hello folks and welcome! Freaking cool week so far... Again! I have a new router which is making blogging and work a heck of a lot easier, business is picking up, and the coolest of all I got to ride Friday and Saturday! It’s still cool having a mountain bike. I can’t wait to have the daylight to get out again, but I’ve been busy the last week or so. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing. With that I give you (in no particular order): The Weekly Roundup!

50K Loop NS: Congrats to my man in Nova Scotia, Bluenoser on his new acquisition. Test Ride is about his new Motobecane, and Im mad... it's orange. Orange is (one) my favorite color ever, and (two) faster than red. Once again if you're not a regular the story goes: I called him out on account he’s riding a blue bike, I told him red is a much faster color (my new MTB is red) but I have it figured out fairly well that orange is in fact THEE fastest color.

Cozy Beehive: This week Ray introduces what seems like it might just be the most useless waste of money ever. I honestly can't decide if the Click Stand Folding Kick Stand is the coolest thing ever invented, or an utter waste of time and resources. You'll have to decide for yourself.

Fat Cyclist: This weeks biggie was an open letter to Mellow Johnnie An Open Letter To Mellow Johnnie. As in the past, Fatty takes his opportunity to bag on the one, the only, Lance Armstrong. I'd actually have a problem with Fatty if he didn't give so generously to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, but I guess I'll let the bagging on the founder slide. This is a great read, but you will laugh out loud so do it away from work.

Bunny Hop Rockstar: I'll end with John's blog and just leave it at this. John is pulling off some races on the west coast the next couple weeks, and will be documenting with photos. Keep checking in, I'm sure it's going to be very cool.

Well that’s it; hope you enjoyed. As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

25 March 2008

Craptastic Day

I woke up this morning with absolute dread about what I had to do. I knew when the alarm went off it was a day of reckoning of sorts. It would be the day I would have to weigh in after a crazy weekend of engorging and libations. Long story short, I figured I would have put on a pound or two and I did. OK, so that's only part of it, half of it to be specific. Yeah I gained four freakin' pounds. If you read yesterdays post you know I attribute it to a specific horrifying chain of events starting with dinner for my birthday and ending in holiday food.
So starting today I have gone back to my "Sprocket Boy's Muesli (Of Doom)". By the way if you haven't tried Sprocket Boy's Muesli you really need to. Muesli for breakfast and lunch with a sensible dinner. Today it was a few pieces of sushi, tomorrow a salad, Wednesday will be crab stuffed salmon (just for Harp) and asparagus. I haven't figured out anything past that. The only other snag in the whole thing is I have a business lunch that I have to be in attendance for on Wednesday, but there is also a 96.2% chance that the lunch will be salad, or there will be an option for salad. I have obligations Tuesday and Wednesday after work which will not allow for riding, and Thursday and Saturday is an expected torrential downpour, no word on Sunday yet. So as it stands I might get a ride in Friday, and there is always the option of manning up and going to the indoor MTB park.
Bottom line, by the end of this year I cannot be a fatass any longer. 193 now with a 170 goal.

24 March 2008

Why Holidays Blow

I would just like to make the point that I LOVE holidays, for the most part. What, you ask, could I possibly have against holidays? As always, glad you asked.
You see, the main problem with holidays is that they're almost an excuse to overeat. I will start with my birthday. It was an excuse to go out and eat crap I know full well I should look at let alone ingest. Example: A half-pound burger the size of my head, chipotle mayo, pepper-jack cheese, a pablano pepper (arguably the healthiest part of the meal), tortilla strips, and steak fries with three twenty-four ounce beers. Yeah, I know... I have NO self control, it's why I'm a fatass. Enter Easter. My wife makes her world famous scalloped potatoes. Ingredients: Potatoes (duh), a gallon of whole milk, fourteen metric tons of butter, and an entire dairy farm of cheese. That's just the potatoes. Never mind the green bean casserole, sweet potato(e) (Dan Quayle joke... I know it dates me, but c'mon... the classics?) marshmallow casserole, turkey and stuffing, biscuits, bread pudding, etc. I swear I probably put on five pounds this weekend. I'm serious, no joke there. I'm actually afraid to weigh myself tomorrow morning.
Now I just have to hope it stays nice enough that we don't have the flooding rains we're supposed to get so I can get the new rig on a trail. If we do get what they're expecting there's no way the trails around here will drain. Guess we'll just have to cross our fingers, right.

21 March 2008

Cold, Snow, Mud... Feels Good.

So I got out of work early today, there was less snow on the ground than last week, it was muddy and I was craving a ride. So I jumped on the new bike and hit the local trail. It was a good time, the only thing to get REALLY muddy was the back end of the Don (me), and the underside of my seat, but I got the bike a little bit dirty. It was a blast, not hikers, no joggers just me on the trail enjoying the scenes and riding. I'm really digging riding on less than paved routes. Also It will be nice on account I'll be able to ride into town on errands now and stuff... so long as they fit in a pack. Anyway, I have a feeling John was right, I'm going to like this way too much. Enough to sell the road bike? Probably not, much to the dismay of my wife, but a ton none the less.
With that I'd like to say that I'm taking the weekend off, Good Friday tonight and birthday dinner, libations with friends (message me if your in Cleveland and are really that bored tomorrow that you'd like to join) tomorrow, Easter "fun" on Sunday. Oh well, I'm sure I'll fit a ride in tomorrow and Sunday unless we get the three to six inches that they're calling for. So for now I'll leave you with the hottest peep show on earth! HAPPY EASTER!

20 March 2008

Two Of The Crazier Things I've Seen

For those of you who read regularly, or might on the off chance know me, you know there's one thing painfully annoying to me about the Tour de France... Or should I say The Tour DEEEE France. That's right, folks, Bob Roll is the proverbial fly in the ointment, the thorn in my side, the bop in the bop shoo wop... no, never mind that. He annoys the crap out of me when he pronounces the Tour as the Tour dee France (Hard "e"... EXTREMELY hard "e" in de). It's almost as if he is mispronouncing it on purpose and streesing deeeeee just to piss of the French or something. It actaually makes me twitch at the sound. Still, I find this video funny as heck. One further thing of note, please get out your beatnik snaps for Bob "the Beatnik" Roll... this is an interesting look for Bobke.

19 March 2008

Weekly Roundup March 19

Freaking cool week so far. I have a new router on the way which should make blogging (oh, and work too!) a heck of a lot easier, business is picking up, and the coolest of all? I got to ride Sunday! It’s cool to have a mountain bike, and getting my butt kicked in the snow was painful and beautiful. I can’t wait to have the daylight to get out again, but I’ve been busy the last 2 days. I can’t believe what I’ve been missing. With that I give you (in no particular order): The Weekly Roundup!

50K Loop NS: I love this blog, and this week Bluenoser even gave me a tag in More Snow 03/16/08. The story goes: I called him out on account he’s riding a blue bike, I told him red is a much faster color (my new MTB is red), so this was his answer. Much respect BN!

Cozy Beehive: This week Ray brings two extremely funny, yet informative blogs. The most recent is How A Bicycle Helmet Works, quite literally what it sounds like. The earlier is Human Accidents vs. Product Redesign. Here Ray explains the correct way to work on your bike sans a stand, and the problems that may arise.

Travels With A Tin Donkey: Need I say more… Eight Healthy Reasons To Drink Beer is Sprocketboy paying homage to a favorite past time; Beer, the reason I am a lardy lad!

Bike Snob NYC: Bike Snob was off for a week, but he is back in full swing craving a TT Bike and with a new webite!The Grand (Re)Design: A New Look For Spring! is a sneak peak at what might be his future bike, and the designs he’s “kicking around.”

Fat Cyclist: For those who are not regulars of one of my favorite, and award winning, blogs, let me bring you up to speed. Fatty went out and, on a whim, bought a Gary Fisher Superfly. The funnier part of the story is Fisher is willing to loan him one, so he will eventually be storing and riding TWO Gary Fisher Superfly’s. The one he bought he finally got around to riding, two weeks after the purchase. After riding it, he wrote Point / Counterpoint: Fatty’s New Superfly, a post where he point and counterpoints WITH THE BIKE?! A Very interesting, and award winning, read.

Did I mention I got a new bike (huge smiles)! Well that’s it; hope you enjoyed. As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

18 March 2008

Translations For The Cyclist

So I just wanted to touch base on something I said yesterday and segue into todays post. If you caught yesterdays blog you know I said: My wife "got me" a new bike for my birthday. The reason I took the time to put "got me" in quotation marks is this. My wife found out she got me a new bike when I said, "Hey, guess what. My birthday is coming up and I could get a sweet deal on a mountain bike." The rest of the conversation leading to the purchase of said bike isn't as important is this; what cyclist say to their spouse/significant other/etc. and what the meaning is are oft-different subjects. here are a few examples that come to mind. Generally, I've found, guys are notorious for this, but I have met a few like-minded women as well.

Cyclist Says: There's a great sale at the bike shop, and I'd really love a full carbon set up honey.
Cyclist Means: I already put money down on this too hard to pass up carbon bike.

Cyclist Says: So if I were to buy a SRAM Force Groupe for the bike would it be cool with you.
Cyclist Means: I have a SRAM Force Groupe in the trunk, if I take it out now will I suddenly go missing?

Cyclist Says: I look hot as hell in my new (insert team or manufacturer) kit, right?
Cyclist Means: I look hot as hell in my new (insert team or manufacturer) kit, right?
Answerer Says: Sure, I guess?
Answerer Means: Your wearing all lycra, it's cold, and that's SO not flattering.

Cyclist Says: You don't mind if I go on a long ride tomorrow, do you?
Cyclist Means: You don't mind if I all but fall off the Earth for about twelve or so hours tomorrow?
Answerer Says: I guess not.
Answerer Means: You don't mind if you don't get any for the next six months, do you? (NOTE-this could also mean: You don't mind if I take the charge to the mall to shop for clothes, a bag and shoes?)

Cyclist Says: The spouse and I are planning a ride, you in?
Cyclist Means: I am planning a ride, she/he could give a crap less, you in?

Mind you, these are only a handful of examples, there are countless more. So there you have it folks, next time your talking cycling with a non-cycling significant other, pay attention and see if I'm right!

17 March 2008

New Gear For `08

So this coming Friday is my birthday, I'll be 33 in case anyone cared to know. It kind of sucks because if you know me you know that I am Catholic, and that Friday is Good Friday, and Good Friday is a HUGE part of the Holy Week (Easter Week), and that because of its importance that Catholics fast that day (two small meals are the max). Long story short my wife and I were planning on going out and I was hoping for a few libations, but the sacrilege of getting a bit tanked on Good Friday is a bit much for me. All that aside, there is a reason I bring this up, and in my opinion it is THEE reason I bring this up.
So, Friday is my birthday (I know, I'm just restating after my long as heck sidebar) and the wife "got me" a sweet birthday present. Why I say "got me" to follow... She got me some new gear. Not just any new gear, but a sweet new Specialized Rockhopper Disc. I took 'er out on the road for a bit, and of course, half foot to foot of semi melted and now refroze snow, pitted with boot prints, muddy, flooded and all I HAD to get it on the local trail. Which I did. It was so sketchy that the shorter loop I took (a one mile loop) took over an hour, but man was it fun! I really enjoyed riding road this year, but I felt like a kid again getting out having snow, mud, and water kicking up in my face, wondering if I would lose my footing and bail, it was great. Now I'm at home and my calves kill, my knees ache, my feet hurt, I just downed about 96 Oz. of water, and I feel like I could take on the world! Isn't it great how when you get off your ass and do something you feel invincible, like you could take on the world. While when you stagnate you just want to sit on the couch until you have to get back in bed. It's going to be an interesting spring, I may just decide to try a century this year if I continue to feel this good. Maybe I'll try to build a teeter.

13 March 2008

One Form Of Cycling Over Another

So, what better way to start a week off

Ahhhh, a nice quite Thursday morning. A cup of joe, and a nice, leisurely bike ride in the French Alps during the Tour "dee" France (see Bob Roll). Or is it leisurely? Apparently this is what happens when your coffee is just a wee bit too strong. You come up with half baked ideas.
As a sidebar: YouTube blew this one for me... sorry if you caught the technical difficulty cause by YouTube.

12 March 2008

Weekly Roundup March 12

So much to say, so little time to say it. It’s cold, it’s miserable, and there is still far too much of the twenty-four inches of snow that fell to consider doing anything. The roads are down to near single lanes in some places, and that’s where they actually decided to plow, you can’t see around the ten to fifteen foot mounds, and where the streets are clear there I about a one inch thick layer of salt. I’m down, and I really want to ride. At least I’m not this guy. (Background info: This happened during the twenty-four inches in twenty four hours snow marathon. He is up over a guardrail, and about a foot, foot and a half away from going down an embankment into a river) With that friends, and to make up for the lack of substance lately due to the lack of a home network (what the hell did we do before computers and networks?!) I’m giving you an extended version of The Weekly Roundup!

Bunny Hop Rockstar: The homeboy at the LBS, John, whom I probably owe some favors had a deep meaningful type of post. Initiative is a great look at what life is really about. It talks about what is really important in life. The minimalist mentality, if you will. I have to say I think the kid has it right. I’ve really been starting to realize in the last few years what is important in life, and what just gets in the way and blinds you from seeing that which is important. Thanks for the philosophical discussion!

Let’s Rock…: Those of you who are regulars know I like me some “Let’s Rock…” and that I’m ALWAYS up for a good cause. This weeks good cause is Boobies!! Wow, I actually don’t want to say anything after that. It just seems like such a perfect way to end a sentence. I think I’m going to leave it there and let you find out for yourself. Go ahead, it’s not bad, really. It’s actually a post about a really great cause, serious. I whole heartedly encourage any of you can can support Yeahdog in her effort to get on it now! Best wishes on raising boat-loads of cash, Yeahdog!

How To Avoid The Bummer Life: A great, humerous blog that I read often, but haven’t talked much about. It’s the guys over at Swobo. The Synopsis of the Bummer Life post will catch you up to speed, and then I recommend that you jump right into the Moustaches In Cycling: It Goes Well Beyond The Handlebar post. These guys are great and Swobo has some great gear.

50K Loop NS: It seems as though the “not being able to ride” thing might be getting to Bluenosers head. But anytime there’s a gratuitous boob joke involved, I’ll take it. HEY! New theme for the week, boobs. OK, back to the point, Blue noser had his Rest Day, and from the looks of it he needs to get back out. I could appreciate that Thom!

Cozy Beehive: Will it ever die man!? Seriously, the whole Non-Circular Chainringthing just wont seem to go away. Ron delves into the shadowy underbelly of the beast that is the non-circular chainring. Ron, I’m going to start making heart shaped ones for bright pink bikes, with tassels on the bar ends, and… sorry.

Travels With A Tin Donkey: File under will it ever die man, part II. Inadvertent Doping talks about the resent issue some riders were having with Hammer Nutrition and the impending lawsuits.

Harp Rider: Another one of my eighty or so daily reads. I want to throw kudos out to Harp for finally shaving his legs. Can’t say I’ve been able to bring myself to join the ranks yet, eh… maybe this summer. Anyway, Fatty finally broke him down, it seems, and he broke out the razor. Great overall read Harp!

Fat Cyclist: I have to give kudos to Fatty for his Bloggie (Best Sports Blog), and also share that I’m constantly amazed by his graciousness. He gave away a load of stuff to his reader for making him number one. He is a great reader, and truly a class act. This past week he realized he may have to settle for Plan B. If you are a regular reader of his you could appreciate this, but I wonder how he hasn’t gone mad with all that goes on in his life. He is inspirational.

Well that’s it; hope you enjoyed. As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

10 March 2008

Big Fat Congratulations Redux!

I want to take a minute to give yet another congratulations to The Fat Cyclist who won his first ever Bloggie! I can't think of anyone who deserves it more that Fatty. He puts a ton of work in each week to pump out a hilarious blog. Congrats Fatty. Fatty took the opportunity to give his thank you speech from Disneyland in Fat Cyclist Declares Self Winner Of 2008 Bloggies Awards. The funniest thing about it? He gave his congratulatory speech about seventeen hours early, and strictly as a satire. But alas, the Fat Man pulled it off! He came through in the end to get the Best Sports Blog Bloggie. Way to go Fatty, way to go!

Oh, by the way, I am having some technical difficulties getting what I wanted to post to post. I will try again tomorrow, please bear with me. Thanks

08 March 2008

Snow IV

I know, the snow thing has gone way too far. Yeah, you're right. But I post a five day week, one day is automatically the Weekly Roundup post (for now anyway), that leaves four days, and four days for me ti bitch about the weather. With that said, I want to admit something to you; I love the winter! There I said it. I love the snow, I'm OK with the cold, as a matter of fact the only thing that gets me honked off is people who don't know how to drive in, or cannot drive in snow and feel compelled to go out anyway. So I went out for a VERY short jog this morning on account I was an idiot for thinking it would be a good idea. It wasn't a bad idea, necessarily, once I got out of the countless knee-deep drifts. It really turned out to be more of a fast walk. I did get some pretty shots though so that was cool. One shot was particularly funny. The funny thing about this? Upon importing it I realized that when I took my wife's Crossroads for a trail worthy test spin. I have to add it faired well Considering it is a retro-inspired street cruising machine. It's actually a ton of fun to ride. Yes, I know... I was riding a "girls bike". Whatever.
Anyway, when I took it for a spin this summer I took a nearly identical shot (the before picture in the before and after). Also, I'd like to say that this was at 10:00AM, it has been a non-stop white out since last night, and its about knee deep right now. I'd have to say that we're going to clear a foot and a half if not two feet in a twenty-four hour period by the time all is said and done. With that I give you the final in the week-long series called snow. Hope everyone has a great weekend, and enjoy whatever weather you are blessed with!

*For the record: The after is NOT black and white, it was just that heavy a white-out that that's how the picture turned out.

07 March 2008

Snow III: Phreakin' Traphic Edition

In an effort to use the hell out of the ridiculous weather we have had this week, I am pulling out yet another "Snow" post. For those of you counting this is three. For those of you who care: I am sorry for you, sorry that you have to put up with me. My wife has reasons (arguably financial among others) that she is stuck with me. Why you continue to subject yourself to my ramblings I just don't know. At any rate I appreciate your reading this and love the comments. Todays tribute to snow is the following: If you look close enough, or maybe if you click on it to pop it out bigger, you can see yellow trucks about dead center. They're just to the left of the pickup that you see the back end. Yeah, that IS snowplows three deep in a two lane road. The funniest part is how it was coming down about an inch an hour for a bit. Funnier yet was the following.
As I was driving I was in what can only be called a cluster (expletive deleted). There were people sliding all over, cars spinning out on the highways (like, tens of cars every few miles), traffic stopped as if there were an accident but there was not... you get the point, right? What I don't understand is this. Every car I saw had one thing in common; an Ohio license plate. Why is this a shock, you ask? Glad you asked! They were driving like it was the first time they saw snow! People, we do it ever year, man! C'mon, is it possible that you could just forget year after year after year?! Its painful, really, really, painful.
With that, I beg you... If you can't drive in snow, please stay home for everyones safety and sanity. Thank you.

05 March 2008

Weekly Roundup March 5

So it was a painful “morning rush” to work today. The traffic guy on the radio said (and I quote) “better give yourself an extra 30-40 minutes out the door today.” The ice and snow made an encore appearance. It was a blast! No… really, it was (sarcasm). Why do I say this? I plan on trying to ride the snow thing for the entire week if possible. With that friends; The Weekly Roundup!

Let’s Rock…: This week I’ll give YeahDog first dibs at the roundup. Partly because if you know me you know I’m not a cat, or for that matter really a pet in general, person. Partly because I hate stupid people. Partly because it was just too freaking funny to pass up.How Not To Behave In A Museum is a perfect example of why I hate people, and I suppose to a smaller degree cats, OK so I like dogs, but not ankle-biters. Anyway.

50K Loop NS: Bluenoser shares one of his favorite blogs (which I’ll get to in a minute) in Fish And Bikes. It takes us on a journey, and a funny one at that, through a quote that he found on Cozy Beehive.

Cozy Beehive: This blog is one of my daily’s, and Bluenosers. This week one of his journey’s is into How A Clipless Pedal Works. Ron explains the inner mechanical workings of the clippless pedal… and how you can use it to pull a fast one on your friends and enemies.

Fat Cyclist: By far one of my faves out there. I catch up on the (now not so) fat man The Fat Cyclist. Fat Cyclist wrote a post after my own heart, while I now have rollers (and am getting OK at riding them) I really hate the idea of riding a bike inside. That’s exactly what All In Your Mind is about. It’s an enlightening tidbit on why Fatty thinks that he hates rollers and overall riding indoors, and why I need a mountain bike desperately.

Bike Snob NYC: Finally, this week the Bike Snob chimes in with some humor. Tuesday Fun Quiz was just what I needed to break up the chaos that was my Tuesday hell. Fair warning though, the “NSFW” part… yeah, is in fact not safe for work.

As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

04 March 2008

Snow II

This is going to suck for a couple of reasons. The first of which is I've been up working polls in Ohio since 5:00AM. The second is it's not quite 11:00 PM and I just got home. The third is unlike Bluenoser, we did not gain 16º in 24 hours. On the contrary, we were at 64 for a high yesterday, downright balmy really. Today, on the other-hand, we were a whopping 30º! Thats not the best part, this is the best part. Not impressed? Let me fully explain. This is what was left after I spent five solid minutes just trying to get my door to open in the first place, broke two ice scrapers, spent roughly an hour to try to clean my car and finally just gave up. This was the freezing rain storm that came through at about 6:30 PM in Northeastern Ohio, and gave a solid 1/2 inch coating of ice by 7:30. The aftermath looked about like
Bottom line: let me apologize once again for the lack of substance. Due to the lack of any real network in my home it's kinda been lame. This added to it stinks. Weekly roundup will come tomorrow, but it will be in the late afternoon. Please bear with me, if you will, and I'll make it up... promise!

03 March 2008


Man, I can't wait for things to settle down. For example:
Cycling: How in the heck am I supposed to get in any good rides when it's constantly snowing, freezing, raining, freezing and snowing again? Not just any kind of snow but kind of snow. The foot plus in about six or eight hours snow. I mean seriously, how the heck am I supposed to ride with that? I suppose I could get a Pugsley. But I have a moral problem having a bike that has car tires on it, I think.
Network: Yeah, the network is still down. As you know there was a problem with a misplaced magnet and a non-shielded wireless router. It sucks! I depend on my laptop for work. OK, that's a half-truth. I plan on sitting on my ass working from the couch over the weekend and couldn't. Positive side: I did manage to get the desktop up and on the net this weekend so I was able to work from my desk. Negative side: You're stuck with this crap again. Lesson: Magnets+routers=crappy weekend!
On a positive note, the wife signed up to do "Beauticontrol". Not really doing it as much as she's doing it for the discount and a couple of friends who will buy from her. Not important except to say that she bought this "Therma Del Sol" stuff.
Best stuff ever. It's a crazy strong peppermint bath soak, so I soaked in it this weekend... it made my entire weekend. Now I just need to get to the chiropractor and/or masseuse.
How am I doing?: Better than most, not as well as some.