17 March 2008

New Gear For `08

So this coming Friday is my birthday, I'll be 33 in case anyone cared to know. It kind of sucks because if you know me you know that I am Catholic, and that Friday is Good Friday, and Good Friday is a HUGE part of the Holy Week (Easter Week), and that because of its importance that Catholics fast that day (two small meals are the max). Long story short my wife and I were planning on going out and I was hoping for a few libations, but the sacrilege of getting a bit tanked on Good Friday is a bit much for me. All that aside, there is a reason I bring this up, and in my opinion it is THEE reason I bring this up.
So, Friday is my birthday (I know, I'm just restating after my long as heck sidebar) and the wife "got me" a sweet birthday present. Why I say "got me" to follow... She got me some new gear. Not just any new gear, but a sweet new Specialized Rockhopper Disc. I took 'er out on the road for a bit, and of course, half foot to foot of semi melted and now refroze snow, pitted with boot prints, muddy, flooded and all I HAD to get it on the local trail. Which I did. It was so sketchy that the shorter loop I took (a one mile loop) took over an hour, but man was it fun! I really enjoyed riding road this year, but I felt like a kid again getting out having snow, mud, and water kicking up in my face, wondering if I would lose my footing and bail, it was great. Now I'm at home and my calves kill, my knees ache, my feet hurt, I just downed about 96 Oz. of water, and I feel like I could take on the world! Isn't it great how when you get off your ass and do something you feel invincible, like you could take on the world. While when you stagnate you just want to sit on the couch until you have to get back in bed. It's going to be an interesting spring, I may just decide to try a century this year if I continue to feel this good. Maybe I'll try to build a teeter.


andy said...

sweet! i know you've been wanting one for a while. now i'll really have to stop by and ride with you. =)

Harp said...

Good to see you on a mtb. Wait until the snow melts and things dry out and you can really ride the trails. You're gonna love it

Judi said...

YEA!!! I totally know that super human feeling!! It's addictive, makes ya feel like a super hero. I am glad you got out there, that bikes looks fun as shit!!

Happy ealy B day too. :) I thought catholics drank lots.

Cycling Phun said...

Andy: For sure man!
Harp: Can't imagine, today was great!
Judi: Most fun I've had in a while (on two wheels). Oh, and we do... just not on Holy days. :-(

Bluenoser said...

Not only that Phun it's Red on top of it all. Congrats, you must be real pleased. Way to go Mrs. Phun, you've made him a happy man.