05 March 2008

Weekly Roundup March 5

So it was a painful “morning rush” to work today. The traffic guy on the radio said (and I quote) “better give yourself an extra 30-40 minutes out the door today.” The ice and snow made an encore appearance. It was a blast! No… really, it was (sarcasm). Why do I say this? I plan on trying to ride the snow thing for the entire week if possible. With that friends; The Weekly Roundup!

Let’s Rock…: This week I’ll give YeahDog first dibs at the roundup. Partly because if you know me you know I’m not a cat, or for that matter really a pet in general, person. Partly because I hate stupid people. Partly because it was just too freaking funny to pass up.How Not To Behave In A Museum is a perfect example of why I hate people, and I suppose to a smaller degree cats, OK so I like dogs, but not ankle-biters. Anyway.

50K Loop NS: Bluenoser shares one of his favorite blogs (which I’ll get to in a minute) in Fish And Bikes. It takes us on a journey, and a funny one at that, through a quote that he found on Cozy Beehive.

Cozy Beehive: This blog is one of my daily’s, and Bluenosers. This week one of his journey’s is into How A Clipless Pedal Works. Ron explains the inner mechanical workings of the clippless pedal… and how you can use it to pull a fast one on your friends and enemies.

Fat Cyclist: By far one of my faves out there. I catch up on the (now not so) fat man The Fat Cyclist. Fat Cyclist wrote a post after my own heart, while I now have rollers (and am getting OK at riding them) I really hate the idea of riding a bike inside. That’s exactly what All In Your Mind is about. It’s an enlightening tidbit on why Fatty thinks that he hates rollers and overall riding indoors, and why I need a mountain bike desperately.

Bike Snob NYC: Finally, this week the Bike Snob chimes in with some humor. Tuesday Fun Quiz was just what I needed to break up the chaos that was my Tuesday hell. Fair warning though, the “NSFW” part… yeah, is in fact not safe for work.

As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

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yeahdog said...

Somehow we manage to be missing out on all the nastiness you're getting up there. I didn't think Chicago passed up the offer of any nasty weather this winter! I applaud the restraint it's showing by having passed up this latest set of storms; seeing the sun for the first time in a month has been nice, even if it hasn't been warm at all.