31 March 2008

Weekend Riding

Whoa! talk about living life like I'd like to. I had a weekend of spoiling myself. Friday I had some things to get done, and I did, but first I woke up early. I woke up at the time I normally would if I were going to work, only I took a nice long ride around the trails. Came back showered, and got done what I had to. Saturday I woke up and had a healthy breakfast, donned the gear and went for a much longer ride. Trails, streets, etc. Sunday? You guessed it. First, though, did Church, had a bite and jumped on the bike for day three of three weekend riding. It was how I've always wanted my life to be. It go me thinking about how I could rearrange my life to better fit in biking. That will come later, as will my thoughts on road biking vs. mountain biking.
There is something so awesome and pure about getting out in the open spaces, in the fresh air, riding the side of a ledge, animals all around you. It's so cool, after an obnoxiously long winter, to get back on a bike and feel the pain of a hill, feel the wind hit you in the face. Now all there is to do is wait for some serious riding, hopefully soon, once the snow is totally gone and the trails have drained. Who knows, I may just get out and ride with the award winning Fat Cyclist in Utah, wouldn't that be a blast? John has also promised to abuse me a bit around Ohio. There might even be an opportunity later in the year to wind up riding the mountains of Arizona; man would I need to get some serious work done in order to prepare for that.
All in all it is really shaping up to be a good year so far. Would anyone be interested in coming up to the Cleveland area for a ride this summer? Road or mountain... or both. Hey it could be fun.


Bluenoser said...

There is no one better than the other , it's all cycling.


Harp said...

I would love to come to cleveland if I had the chance. Sounds like a pretty nice weekend. I just finished my spring break from the college and my week was pretty much like your weekend. It is the life.

Judi said...

Spring is coming!!