04 March 2008

Snow II

This is going to suck for a couple of reasons. The first of which is I've been up working polls in Ohio since 5:00AM. The second is it's not quite 11:00 PM and I just got home. The third is unlike Bluenoser, we did not gain 16º in 24 hours. On the contrary, we were at 64 for a high yesterday, downright balmy really. Today, on the other-hand, we were a whopping 30º! Thats not the best part, this is the best part. Not impressed? Let me fully explain. This is what was left after I spent five solid minutes just trying to get my door to open in the first place, broke two ice scrapers, spent roughly an hour to try to clean my car and finally just gave up. This was the freezing rain storm that came through at about 6:30 PM in Northeastern Ohio, and gave a solid 1/2 inch coating of ice by 7:30. The aftermath looked about like
Bottom line: let me apologize once again for the lack of substance. Due to the lack of any real network in my home it's kinda been lame. This added to it stinks. Weekly roundup will come tomorrow, but it will be in the late afternoon. Please bear with me, if you will, and I'll make it up... promise!


Bluenoser said...

Not to worry Phun. The weather travels from west to east. So your ice storm that you had yesterday is here today.

Everything closed. Back to the trainer tonight.


yeahdog said...

I'm so glad we miss out on the whole ice storm thing. Ugh.

Cycling Phun said...

Touché young Bluenoser, touché. So today sucked a big egg for you guys?

Yeahdog: You're welcome to visit! Oooh! Idea! Would you and yo' hubby treck from Chicago for a ride if I plan one this summer?

Judi said...

Thanks for volunteering at the polls. I voted too.