18 March 2008

Translations For The Cyclist

So I just wanted to touch base on something I said yesterday and segue into todays post. If you caught yesterdays blog you know I said: My wife "got me" a new bike for my birthday. The reason I took the time to put "got me" in quotation marks is this. My wife found out she got me a new bike when I said, "Hey, guess what. My birthday is coming up and I could get a sweet deal on a mountain bike." The rest of the conversation leading to the purchase of said bike isn't as important is this; what cyclist say to their spouse/significant other/etc. and what the meaning is are oft-different subjects. here are a few examples that come to mind. Generally, I've found, guys are notorious for this, but I have met a few like-minded women as well.

Cyclist Says: There's a great sale at the bike shop, and I'd really love a full carbon set up honey.
Cyclist Means: I already put money down on this too hard to pass up carbon bike.

Cyclist Says: So if I were to buy a SRAM Force Groupe for the bike would it be cool with you.
Cyclist Means: I have a SRAM Force Groupe in the trunk, if I take it out now will I suddenly go missing?

Cyclist Says: I look hot as hell in my new (insert team or manufacturer) kit, right?
Cyclist Means: I look hot as hell in my new (insert team or manufacturer) kit, right?
Answerer Says: Sure, I guess?
Answerer Means: Your wearing all lycra, it's cold, and that's SO not flattering.

Cyclist Says: You don't mind if I go on a long ride tomorrow, do you?
Cyclist Means: You don't mind if I all but fall off the Earth for about twelve or so hours tomorrow?
Answerer Says: I guess not.
Answerer Means: You don't mind if you don't get any for the next six months, do you? (NOTE-this could also mean: You don't mind if I take the charge to the mall to shop for clothes, a bag and shoes?)

Cyclist Says: The spouse and I are planning a ride, you in?
Cyclist Means: I am planning a ride, she/he could give a crap less, you in?

Mind you, these are only a handful of examples, there are countless more. So there you have it folks, next time your talking cycling with a non-cycling significant other, pay attention and see if I'm right!


Harp said...

Sounds similar to a lot of the conversations I have with my wife. Expecially since I'm buttering her up for the new bike I'm gettin.

Bluenoser said...

The new frame just arrived yesterday, new crank tomorrow. I'm getting giddy.


Judi said...

Dominic is so lucky I am also a cyclist. :)