07 March 2008

Snow III: Phreakin' Traphic Edition

In an effort to use the hell out of the ridiculous weather we have had this week, I am pulling out yet another "Snow" post. For those of you counting this is three. For those of you who care: I am sorry for you, sorry that you have to put up with me. My wife has reasons (arguably financial among others) that she is stuck with me. Why you continue to subject yourself to my ramblings I just don't know. At any rate I appreciate your reading this and love the comments. Todays tribute to snow is the following: If you look close enough, or maybe if you click on it to pop it out bigger, you can see yellow trucks about dead center. They're just to the left of the pickup that you see the back end. Yeah, that IS snowplows three deep in a two lane road. The funniest part is how it was coming down about an inch an hour for a bit. Funnier yet was the following.
As I was driving I was in what can only be called a cluster (expletive deleted). There were people sliding all over, cars spinning out on the highways (like, tens of cars every few miles), traffic stopped as if there were an accident but there was not... you get the point, right? What I don't understand is this. Every car I saw had one thing in common; an Ohio license plate. Why is this a shock, you ask? Glad you asked! They were driving like it was the first time they saw snow! People, we do it ever year, man! C'mon, is it possible that you could just forget year after year after year?! Its painful, really, really, painful.
With that, I beg you... If you can't drive in snow, please stay home for everyones safety and sanity. Thank you.


Harp said...

I know how you feel. We got 2 inches this morning that I didn't know was coming and it took me twice as long to drive to work today as it normally does.

Judi said...

It's still coming down here in Cincy Don. We have about 10 inches and another 2-5 is expected by 4pm. I only have like 20 PTO hours and my shift today was 12. I keep contemplating going in later. I guess for now, since I am so pissed, I'll hop on the trainer for a 3 hour ride. :(