28 September 2007

You Might Live Near A Cyclist When...

There are quite a few quiet winding roads where I live. They're usually very well paved, kept pretty clean, and outside of having no shoulder and being 35+ MPH roads (cars suck - see previous entry) they're a hell of a lot of fun. Usually. Did I mention that some of them have what I like to refer to as "suicidal hills". Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm no cycling pro, or even amateur, hell I may not even be that good. But I've heard perfectly good, very serious cyclists bitch about the hills in my neighborhood. They tend to be very consistent, very steep, and very curvy. The kind that you look at, climb, say "that wasn't that bad", look ahead, see three more immediately following, cry, breakdown, repeat. Now that I've set up the picture, the big finish!
You might live near a cyclist when...

27 September 2007

Freakin' Cars

Is it just where I am from, or do we seriously need to revisit driving etiquette when passing a bike. I mean, really. Why is it that somewhere between high school drivers ed and, oh I don’t know about 20 minutes after high school drivers ed, people forget how to drive with a bike on the road? How many times have you been on the road (two lanes, more like one and a half, with no shoulder) when a car decides that the double yellow really does mean do not cross. Next thing you know your damn near getting a rearview mirror directly in the kidneys (if you’re lucky enough for them to actually miss a direct hit). Not to mention you’re lucky to stay on the road if not on your bike. OOH! Or my favorite! You get passed by the guy who realizes that it’s a “wonderful idea” to announce himself by leaning on the horn to alert you that he’s coming up on your left. When, unless you have an iPod® or similar which is all too common now a days, you probably hear him anyway. Then there’s the SUV/pickup truck that insists on slowing just enough that to pass you they decide they need to bury the gas to the floor, revving the engine at an RPM that should cause enough torque to tear it right off the mounting bolts. My opinion, as cyclists we need to make sure we’re talking about these issues with friends and family. Maybe we can actually get the word out, things could change, and it’ll be a happy utopia, cars and bikes living as one in harmony together.

26 September 2007

Yet More Congratulations To Fat Cyclist

I've decided recently that I'm just going to devote my entire blog to congratulating Elden "Fatty" Nelson on his slew of accomplishments. Recently he had his Fat Cyclist Jersey appear on the cover and in the gear section of Bicycling Magazine. Next months issue now features it on the editorial page. You can read more about this stellar accomplishment at Elden's Fat Cyclist blog:
Fat Cyclist: I Heart Bicycling Magazine
Elden: Congrats again man! Now would you PLEEAASE stop stealing all the thunder!

25 September 2007

Bike To Work For A Raise?

The headline reads: "Business Gets Into Biking - Some Call Phenomenon ‘The New Golf’." This Boston Herald article tells of a Massachusetts company giving their employees a $175/quarter bonus for leaving the car at home, to ride to work. To boot Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. provides bike racks, locker rooms and showers for employees on-site. You can read the full article here:
Business Gets Into Biking
Wouldn't it be great if more businesses too a cue from these guys?

24 September 2007

Reflections on Life

This weekend I had a few occurrences that got me to thinking. There are so many times lately that I sit and reflect on why my course of action is going to cause me physical, emotional, or financial pains. For example, a friend of mine asked 'Why in the hell would you get a double instead of a triple? You realize, and I'm the exact same way so I can say it, that your not exactly a small guy, right?' Now, I started this summer at 230, and am currently at 202 and dropping, not exactly svelte. I get it. But he told me that the hill we were coming to would kill me, and I'd be better off with a triple. I have to admit, I psyched myself out. I got 2/3 of the way up and was a wreck. Partly because I just psyched myself out, but partly on account my head was totally out of it, and I totally didn't drop gears when I should have, by the time I did I was so beat I thought I was going to die, etc. I got to thinking about it this weekend, a LOT, and came to the realization; When do we lose the kid in us? The part of us that looks at an obstacle that we know we probably cannot overtake, and we say screw it, grit our teeth and try it regardless of the outcome. Why can't we just throw caution to the wind like we used to? This is something I've decided that Im going to have to try my hardest in the coming year to change. How much of life do we miss because were just too afraid of the outcome?

21 September 2007

The Fake News: Landis Edition

As you know by now, Floyd Landis was found guilty of doping yesterday. This, as it stands, will result in him losing his Tour de France title. The first time in the 105-year history of the Tour, if it is upheld and his final appeal is denied. For those of you who are still unaware of the strory, I have my theory.
I think he was just holding it for a friend. Then he accidentally put it in his mouth on account he had a turkey sandwich in one pocket, a can of Diet Coke® in another, and a banana in the third... all of which he did not want to taint.
So, there you have it folks! Landis should keep his Tour title since he clearly did not mean to dope. Just like the baseball players, they didn't mean to either.

(OK, So I guess I am being hard on Floyd here. There is the side that the USADA and WADA and everyone else involved has clearly dropped the ball over and over, so I guess I could be persuaded to believe that Landis did not, in fact, dope or dope intentionally anyway. But there are a couple of factors here. One is: with as hardcore as they headhunt for doping, why even get involved in it? For this reason I have a hard time believing Landis DID do it. Two is: The story is funnier if I post it as him accidentally doping while holding it for a friend... I'm just saying.)

20 September 2007

Landis must forfeit title.

According to the AP and other new sources it is now official that Floyd Landis has lost his doping case. This afternoon arbitrators upheld the results of the test upon completion of his 2006 Tour de France, which showed that he had used synthetic testosterone. The decision this afternoon means that Landis must now forfeit his 2006 Tour de France title, and is subject to a two-year ban effective retroactive to January 30, 2007. Unless Landis files an appeal, he will go down in history as the first person in the Tour's 105-year history to lose the title as a result of doping. Landis has repeatedly insisted that he is innocent and that cheating isn't in him. The result found that the first test was not performed according to the World Anti-Doping Agency rules, but the second and more precise test was and was accurate. Landis is expected to make a statement, no further details about that at this time.

Interbike 2007

I am so sad. I just realized that Interbike starts on Monday, and I will not be there. This now changes my goals for the next year. Next year Interbike will take place from September 22nd-26th, and I HAVE to be there. I don't know how or why I even let it get by me this year. So, here's my plan. I have a place to stay (relatives), I should have enough miles (and who the hell needs a family vacation... thats just asking for drama), I have a laptop and camera (on site blogging! Woo hoo!). Now, all I need is a bike shop. That shouldn't be a problem, right? I could get one no prob... Finally cohorts to aid me in working the shop and blogging the daylights out of the event. So let me put this open invite out now. Have you ever wanted to work in a bike shop and write for a blog? Well, get in touch with me, prove that you could do it (it's not rocket science, just look at me and what I do) and we'll talk. I can't say I'll get you there or in, but I have a year to figure all of that out. So who's in?

19 September 2007

Qdoba with Cholula... mmmmm.

I have no reason for even writing this post about Cholula Hot Sauce, outside of the fact that I can only hope and pray that they will catch wind of it, and contact me to send out a case. In a moment of weakness I had to run out to Qdoba (who can also offer me free food, and I will willingly accept it without shame) for a sirloin quesadilla, almost for the sole purpose of dousing it in Cholula. I just had to share my moment of weakness, in hopes that it might enlighten someone to the wonders of Qdoba and Cholula.

18 September 2007

Fat Cyclist gets deal to write for well known cycling website.

In an effort to become more of an elitist and form a complete monopoly on the cycling blog world, Elden Nelson (The Fat Cyclist) has another weekly blogging to add to his already impressive repertoire, seriously though our congratulations go out to Elden. If you haven't checked out his blog, I suggest you set aside at least a day to get through it. It has the addictive quality of crack, and will have you laughing for hours. His first bikeradar.com article could be found via link from his Fat Cyclist website, at the link below:
Fat Cyclist, New Thing
Make sure to sign in and leave a comment for Elden!

17 September 2007

Yes, it's that time of year again.

Yes it is, in fact, that time of year again.

The time where all of us come to the tough decision:
Do I fork over the cash for (or just break out of the closet) the trainer, or do I just accept the fact that I'm going to put on a quick 20 pounds?
That's right, autumn is in the air, soon the leaves will change and shortly after that the snow will start to fall in the Northeast. Some of the diehards will crack out the "beater" and ride through the snow, some of us (myself included here) will bust out the trainer and try to make watching mad money take the place of mother nature, and still others will put on the winter 20. So where do you fall this year?

15 September 2007

SWEET! Now I'll be loaded rich!

HEY! Great news. I have the opportunity to be rich! Really!! Check out the great news I just received form, wait, AH! Patrick Chan! For those of you who might not know him, Patrick is (apparently) my friend. He has a business proposal of... Oh, here, Just read for yourself:
Hello Friend,
I am Mr.Patrick Chan,i have a business proposal of $24,500,000.00 for
you to handle with me from my bank,if interested please send your full
contact details to my private email:patrickchan1006@yahoo.com.hk and
after that I shall provide you with more details of this business.
Patrick Chan

Woo-hoo! Bring on the velodrome!
So, they're stiillll sending these things? Seriously? Is there ANYONE who has a computer who hasn't figured these things out yet? Oh well, maybe I'll sell the BMW I won last week, and the Nigerian Diamond when they come in and help ol' Chan-man with this. Anyone want to help me bombard him with email love just for kicks?

14 September 2007

The Teachings of a Crossniac

I thought this was funny, from The Wah Report, and well worth the reprint!

Jared Roy, The Wah Report

12 September 2007

Fat Cyclist: Bringing home the point of life.

Those of you who know me, know I have my solemn, poignant moments. This... is one of them. It is in regard to a post that was on one of my favorite sites, Fat Cyclist. Im going to post the link to it, what I'd like is for you to read it, and then read my response. Fat Cyclist has a habit of being a bit humorous, a bit sarcastic, above all a wonderful guy. I hope to have the opportunity to ride with this seemingly ridiculously cool guy! If you haven't seen his site, it's SO worth it! (Side note: the Assos article, COMEDY GOLD!). So here's the story, below my response. It's just me being sentimental...

Fat Cyclist, None Of The Above

I hate to be the one who’s “the downer”, but this couldn’t help but get me to thinking long and hard. I thought, at first, “I shouldn’t even comment on this. I’d just take the room down, like, 50 notches”. But then I thought again, and I thought about how what you said is SO very important. Then I wondered, in his humor, did he realize just how profound what he said really is. The fact that you have just pointed out one of the most overlooked points in life.
Sadly I lost my father to cancer about fourteen year ago (ON Fathers Day no less). The reason I bring this up is I was just young enough to be too stupid (which the average person is until their mid to late twenties) to catch the point you just made. What that story tells, is the key part of life that most people miss, until it’s too late. It’s part of why I got back into cycling. People have a dreadful habit of not appreciating what they have, until it’s too late. You, my friend, get it. Never lose sight of the important things, the things that really matter. Take a days run to watch the trees change in the fall, or the scenery pass by. Take that five extra minutes before you leave to kiss the family goodbye, that half hour to teach the young ones to ride their bike… not complain that your tired. They’ll remember what you do for an eternity, make it worth remembering.
Sorry if this was a downer but if one person takes that extra five minutes, wasn’t it worth it? You two seem absolutely wonderful. My thoughts and prayers go out to you!

10 September 2007

The official launch of the blog.

OK, so I just wanted to take a minute to talk about the launch of the blog. The official launch is currently targeted for October 1st. I am currently working with a close knit group of friends, and some of my not so close minions both of whom I will be introducing you to shortly, to get this thing up and going at full blast. Well, sort of. The Idea is, or should I say 'looks like' it will be, to have a new post every other day initially. I want to see it go to a full 5 days a week Monday through Friday, but I'd rather have substance every other day than trash every day. not to mention Id like to work (well, OK, I digress. That's a lie... I'd rather NOT work and just ride everyday for a hand full of hours and then come home and bother my wife with stories about how cool it was) like I was saying i NEED to work and would like to ride (again to bother my wife about... you get it).

My goal is to build a pretty regular fan base so that I can start to get some company sponsorship to allow me to approach companies to pick up swag for advertisements, which would allow me to turn around and pass said swag along to you in the way of prizes. I am currently in talks with a few companies, and it is looking rather positive thus far, which is why the official launch is set for October, in hopes of having some sponsors set before I make it official. I know it may seem a bit bass ackwards, but I figure this way I have some time to get some companies into adopting it early and seeing where that goes to make for a more successful launch.

This is the part where you, the reader, come in. I would really appreciate any word of mouth help whatsoever. Please mention the blog to your friends (heck, enemies too), family, neighbors, the annoying paperboy, etc. Also, if you know of anyone in the Biz (cycling related businesses) please feel free to get me in contact with them.

Well, thats all I've got for now. Until next time...

07 September 2007

Someone, anyone, answer... pleeaase!

I'm going to ask, yet another question here. How do you feel about trainers? In the winter there is a ridiculous amount of snow, no shoulders, and decent plowing if you are in a car. This amounts to one thing. Cycling around here is absolutely NUTS in the winter. So my answer is the trainer. Allowing myself to utilize an expensive machine year round. Anyone have any good stories or advise on training on a trainer?

05 September 2007

Taking the tunes on the road.

So I've decided that I'm going to be a lazy poop about this one and once again phone it in. Today, as you might be aware, Apple totally redesigned its iPod line. In honor of this event Id like to pose a question to you.

Do you wear an MP3 player (or some sort of ancient music playing device) when you go out for a ride?
I am also curious:
What type of bike do you ride, and where? Does that effect your decision to wear an MP3 player?

My thought on this has always been pretty simple. If you are riding you have no business listening to music. It is distracting and could get you or someone else killed. Since I've been riding, more and more, I've noticed that it tends to get monotonous to take a long ride by yourself and not have something to keep you going. SO, I've come up with the following ideas and would like to hear what you have to say.
1) On a trail: Perfectly OK to wear music. Use your head though, not so loud your almost deaf afterward so that you can hear surrounding riders.

2) On the Road: I'm going to opt for sub-categories.
a) Group ride: It's rude. Talk to the people you ride with. If you don't like the people you ride with [and out on a limb, the probably don't like you either], get new friends. If you do it, your friends should be encouraged to throw a stick in your spokes to make said point... it's rude.
b) On your own: OK, do it. Here comes the big BUT! Make sure you are wearing your phones only in the ear facing away from the street (right ear in the States and Canada, left ear in left driving countries)

Well, there! I said it! I hope you guys have some good comments for me, as I'm anxious to hear 'em!
Good day, and happy riding!

03 September 2007

A Quick Labor Day Post & A Question For You To Answer.

Hello all, I hope this finds that everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend, if not you've got one more day to make it count! I also hope you all had a chance to get out and ride at least once this weekend. In the northeast we had great weather for it, and outside of the leaves changing and being aesthetically pleasing, its pretty much a downhill slope from here to snow. That, my friends, is where my question comes in.

Do you ride in the winter?

I seriously want people to comment on this. The reason I ask is this; I was talking to a riding buddy who mentioned that one of his friends is a die hard. Rides year round, rain sleet or snow. He has a pretty beat, but well maintained, Surly that gets him around in the ice and snow (from what I hear) with ease. I for one can't imagine, so I am hoping to get a good response and hear what you guys do! Enjoy the rides!