25 September 2007

Bike To Work For A Raise?

The headline reads: "Business Gets Into Biking - Some Call Phenomenon ‘The New Golf’." This Boston Herald article tells of a Massachusetts company giving their employees a $175/quarter bonus for leaving the car at home, to ride to work. To boot Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. provides bike racks, locker rooms and showers for employees on-site. You can read the full article here:
Business Gets Into Biking
Wouldn't it be great if more businesses too a cue from these guys?

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yeahdog said...

That sounds great! My work already provides a bike locker with racks and air hose, and there is a shower room in another part of the building, but I could really go for the bonus instead! We actually had the most cycle commuters out of any of the participating 'bike-to-work' employers, so I think they really need to sweeten the pot for us for doing so well. :)