15 September 2007

SWEET! Now I'll be loaded rich!

HEY! Great news. I have the opportunity to be rich! Really!! Check out the great news I just received form, wait, AH! Patrick Chan! For those of you who might not know him, Patrick is (apparently) my friend. He has a business proposal of... Oh, here, Just read for yourself:
Hello Friend,
I am Mr.Patrick Chan,i have a business proposal of $24,500,000.00 for
you to handle with me from my bank,if interested please send your full
contact details to my private email:patrickchan1006@yahoo.com.hk and
after that I shall provide you with more details of this business.
Patrick Chan

Woo-hoo! Bring on the velodrome!
So, they're stiillll sending these things? Seriously? Is there ANYONE who has a computer who hasn't figured these things out yet? Oh well, maybe I'll sell the BMW I won last week, and the Nigerian Diamond when they come in and help ol' Chan-man with this. Anyone want to help me bombard him with email love just for kicks?

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