20 September 2007

Interbike 2007

I am so sad. I just realized that Interbike starts on Monday, and I will not be there. This now changes my goals for the next year. Next year Interbike will take place from September 22nd-26th, and I HAVE to be there. I don't know how or why I even let it get by me this year. So, here's my plan. I have a place to stay (relatives), I should have enough miles (and who the hell needs a family vacation... thats just asking for drama), I have a laptop and camera (on site blogging! Woo hoo!). Now, all I need is a bike shop. That shouldn't be a problem, right? I could get one no prob... Finally cohorts to aid me in working the shop and blogging the daylights out of the event. So let me put this open invite out now. Have you ever wanted to work in a bike shop and write for a blog? Well, get in touch with me, prove that you could do it (it's not rocket science, just look at me and what I do) and we'll talk. I can't say I'll get you there or in, but I have a year to figure all of that out. So who's in?

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