24 September 2007

Reflections on Life

This weekend I had a few occurrences that got me to thinking. There are so many times lately that I sit and reflect on why my course of action is going to cause me physical, emotional, or financial pains. For example, a friend of mine asked 'Why in the hell would you get a double instead of a triple? You realize, and I'm the exact same way so I can say it, that your not exactly a small guy, right?' Now, I started this summer at 230, and am currently at 202 and dropping, not exactly svelte. I get it. But he told me that the hill we were coming to would kill me, and I'd be better off with a triple. I have to admit, I psyched myself out. I got 2/3 of the way up and was a wreck. Partly because I just psyched myself out, but partly on account my head was totally out of it, and I totally didn't drop gears when I should have, by the time I did I was so beat I thought I was going to die, etc. I got to thinking about it this weekend, a LOT, and came to the realization; When do we lose the kid in us? The part of us that looks at an obstacle that we know we probably cannot overtake, and we say screw it, grit our teeth and try it regardless of the outcome. Why can't we just throw caution to the wind like we used to? This is something I've decided that Im going to have to try my hardest in the coming year to change. How much of life do we miss because were just too afraid of the outcome?

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