12 September 2007

Fat Cyclist: Bringing home the point of life.

Those of you who know me, know I have my solemn, poignant moments. This... is one of them. It is in regard to a post that was on one of my favorite sites, Fat Cyclist. Im going to post the link to it, what I'd like is for you to read it, and then read my response. Fat Cyclist has a habit of being a bit humorous, a bit sarcastic, above all a wonderful guy. I hope to have the opportunity to ride with this seemingly ridiculously cool guy! If you haven't seen his site, it's SO worth it! (Side note: the Assos article, COMEDY GOLD!). So here's the story, below my response. It's just me being sentimental...

Fat Cyclist, None Of The Above

I hate to be the one who’s “the downer”, but this couldn’t help but get me to thinking long and hard. I thought, at first, “I shouldn’t even comment on this. I’d just take the room down, like, 50 notches”. But then I thought again, and I thought about how what you said is SO very important. Then I wondered, in his humor, did he realize just how profound what he said really is. The fact that you have just pointed out one of the most overlooked points in life.
Sadly I lost my father to cancer about fourteen year ago (ON Fathers Day no less). The reason I bring this up is I was just young enough to be too stupid (which the average person is until their mid to late twenties) to catch the point you just made. What that story tells, is the key part of life that most people miss, until it’s too late. It’s part of why I got back into cycling. People have a dreadful habit of not appreciating what they have, until it’s too late. You, my friend, get it. Never lose sight of the important things, the things that really matter. Take a days run to watch the trees change in the fall, or the scenery pass by. Take that five extra minutes before you leave to kiss the family goodbye, that half hour to teach the young ones to ride their bike… not complain that your tired. They’ll remember what you do for an eternity, make it worth remembering.
Sorry if this was a downer but if one person takes that extra five minutes, wasn’t it worth it? You two seem absolutely wonderful. My thoughts and prayers go out to you!

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