03 September 2007

A Quick Labor Day Post & A Question For You To Answer.

Hello all, I hope this finds that everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend, if not you've got one more day to make it count! I also hope you all had a chance to get out and ride at least once this weekend. In the northeast we had great weather for it, and outside of the leaves changing and being aesthetically pleasing, its pretty much a downhill slope from here to snow. That, my friends, is where my question comes in.

Do you ride in the winter?

I seriously want people to comment on this. The reason I ask is this; I was talking to a riding buddy who mentioned that one of his friends is a die hard. Rides year round, rain sleet or snow. He has a pretty beat, but well maintained, Surly that gets him around in the ice and snow (from what I hear) with ease. I for one can't imagine, so I am hoping to get a good response and hear what you guys do! Enjoy the rides!

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andy said...

i ride in the early winter when there is light snow and it's not bitterly cold. i define bitterly cold as anything below 15 and windy.

since i can't get out before dark, which occurs at 4:30 here in michigan in the winter, i ride with lights.

there are few things more enchanting than riding through the woods at night in light snow. it's so quiet and there are animals out wandering around. i've been freaked out rather badly when an owl swoops down and makes a massive shadow in my headlight.

and riding before the snow is enjoyable as well. the trails are smooth and fast, and covered in leaves. and since most night riders right the trails backwards, i get to see everything from a different perspective.