20 September 2007

Landis must forfeit title.

According to the AP and other new sources it is now official that Floyd Landis has lost his doping case. This afternoon arbitrators upheld the results of the test upon completion of his 2006 Tour de France, which showed that he had used synthetic testosterone. The decision this afternoon means that Landis must now forfeit his 2006 Tour de France title, and is subject to a two-year ban effective retroactive to January 30, 2007. Unless Landis files an appeal, he will go down in history as the first person in the Tour's 105-year history to lose the title as a result of doping. Landis has repeatedly insisted that he is innocent and that cheating isn't in him. The result found that the first test was not performed according to the World Anti-Doping Agency rules, but the second and more precise test was and was accurate. Landis is expected to make a statement, no further details about that at this time.

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