07 September 2007

Someone, anyone, answer... pleeaase!

I'm going to ask, yet another question here. How do you feel about trainers? In the winter there is a ridiculous amount of snow, no shoulders, and decent plowing if you are in a car. This amounts to one thing. Cycling around here is absolutely NUTS in the winter. So my answer is the trainer. Allowing myself to utilize an expensive machine year round. Anyone have any good stories or advise on training on a trainer?


Eero said...

This is an older post, so you may not see this....but anyway....

Trainer training tips:
Helps to have a schedule and a planned series of intervals to do...not just get on there and spin.
Alternate good riding music with cycling/spinning/training videos. Sure, sounds stupid, but they can be good motivators if you find the right one.
Ride with a Tour de France documentary....works for me everytime.
Make sure you have sweat towels, a fan, lotsa water, etc.

Cycling Phun said...

HEY! Thanks for the great advice man! Ive actually debated keeping the trainer in the oversized garage for it moderate coolness. I didn't (and let me say this now, I don't know why I haven't) even THINK about the fact that I would be training in intervals (if you will), but that is a very good point. I'm on top of the towels, and even opted for the "Cycleops thong" against my better judgement, based solely on the name. I liked the idea of having the remote, iPod, phone, etc handy. I also thought far enough ahead to get a cheep tire to swap on the back. Thanks again!