21 September 2007

The Fake News: Landis Edition

As you know by now, Floyd Landis was found guilty of doping yesterday. This, as it stands, will result in him losing his Tour de France title. The first time in the 105-year history of the Tour, if it is upheld and his final appeal is denied. For those of you who are still unaware of the strory, I have my theory.
I think he was just holding it for a friend. Then he accidentally put it in his mouth on account he had a turkey sandwich in one pocket, a can of Diet Coke® in another, and a banana in the third... all of which he did not want to taint.
So, there you have it folks! Landis should keep his Tour title since he clearly did not mean to dope. Just like the baseball players, they didn't mean to either.

(OK, So I guess I am being hard on Floyd here. There is the side that the USADA and WADA and everyone else involved has clearly dropped the ball over and over, so I guess I could be persuaded to believe that Landis did not, in fact, dope or dope intentionally anyway. But there are a couple of factors here. One is: with as hardcore as they headhunt for doping, why even get involved in it? For this reason I have a hard time believing Landis DID do it. Two is: The story is funnier if I post it as him accidentally doping while holding it for a friend... I'm just saying.)

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