05 September 2007

Taking the tunes on the road.

So I've decided that I'm going to be a lazy poop about this one and once again phone it in. Today, as you might be aware, Apple totally redesigned its iPod line. In honor of this event Id like to pose a question to you.

Do you wear an MP3 player (or some sort of ancient music playing device) when you go out for a ride?
I am also curious:
What type of bike do you ride, and where? Does that effect your decision to wear an MP3 player?

My thought on this has always been pretty simple. If you are riding you have no business listening to music. It is distracting and could get you or someone else killed. Since I've been riding, more and more, I've noticed that it tends to get monotonous to take a long ride by yourself and not have something to keep you going. SO, I've come up with the following ideas and would like to hear what you have to say.
1) On a trail: Perfectly OK to wear music. Use your head though, not so loud your almost deaf afterward so that you can hear surrounding riders.

2) On the Road: I'm going to opt for sub-categories.
a) Group ride: It's rude. Talk to the people you ride with. If you don't like the people you ride with [and out on a limb, the probably don't like you either], get new friends. If you do it, your friends should be encouraged to throw a stick in your spokes to make said point... it's rude.
b) On your own: OK, do it. Here comes the big BUT! Make sure you are wearing your phones only in the ear facing away from the street (right ear in the States and Canada, left ear in left driving countries)

Well, there! I said it! I hope you guys have some good comments for me, as I'm anxious to hear 'em!
Good day, and happy riding!

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pedaldork said...

I've always figured that rather I wear headphones in one ear or two, nothing is going to keep that SUV behind from running me over. I just assume not hear it coming.