10 September 2007

The official launch of the blog.

OK, so I just wanted to take a minute to talk about the launch of the blog. The official launch is currently targeted for October 1st. I am currently working with a close knit group of friends, and some of my not so close minions both of whom I will be introducing you to shortly, to get this thing up and going at full blast. Well, sort of. The Idea is, or should I say 'looks like' it will be, to have a new post every other day initially. I want to see it go to a full 5 days a week Monday through Friday, but I'd rather have substance every other day than trash every day. not to mention Id like to work (well, OK, I digress. That's a lie... I'd rather NOT work and just ride everyday for a hand full of hours and then come home and bother my wife with stories about how cool it was) like I was saying i NEED to work and would like to ride (again to bother my wife about... you get it).

My goal is to build a pretty regular fan base so that I can start to get some company sponsorship to allow me to approach companies to pick up swag for advertisements, which would allow me to turn around and pass said swag along to you in the way of prizes. I am currently in talks with a few companies, and it is looking rather positive thus far, which is why the official launch is set for October, in hopes of having some sponsors set before I make it official. I know it may seem a bit bass ackwards, but I figure this way I have some time to get some companies into adopting it early and seeing where that goes to make for a more successful launch.

This is the part where you, the reader, come in. I would really appreciate any word of mouth help whatsoever. Please mention the blog to your friends (heck, enemies too), family, neighbors, the annoying paperboy, etc. Also, if you know of anyone in the Biz (cycling related businesses) please feel free to get me in contact with them.

Well, thats all I've got for now. Until next time...

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