30 April 2008

Weekly Roundup April 30

This week has no real rhyme or reason to it. Its just going to be a fun journey around the blogs that have been keeping me from getting my work done as I should. Its great to see the changes I talked about last week, remember? Once spring hits and everyone is getting out for more regular rides, the blogs start to get all fired up. With that friends; The Weekly Roundup!

Bike Munkey: This couldn’t be more appropriate. You may remember that I posted another “Freakin’ Cars” post on my weekend riding and idiots who drive poorly around cyclists. Apparently I wasn’t the only one, Left Hook is Bike Munky’s story of a bugger of a ride.

Harp Rider: While Bike Munky was out dodging cars, Harp was stuck inside due to inclement weather. Luckily for Harp he had, and shares, the answer to having to pound a ride out on the trainer. His recommendation? It comes in Feeling Good and it’s the movie Off Road To Athens.

Cozy Beehive: Ron shares a problem that arose in a race this weekend, and it’s a problem we could all learn from. Nokon Brake Cable Failure shows off the issue that Ron had with his front cable snapping, why it happened, and how to prevent it from happening to you. A must read before you go out for a quick hilly spin.

Fat Cyclist: Fatty spent the weekend with his crew doing the annual RAWROD (Ride Around White Rim in One Day). 2008 RAWROD: Take It Easy is the journey from start to finish of the guys riding White Rim this weekend. Fatty took it easy and has a whole new perspective, rave reviews, and crazy beautiful pictures from the journey to show off. Glad to hear you guys enjoyed it, next time would you please send a beer brat?

Bike Snob NYC: This week I’ll leave off with some humor from Bike Snob. Mused And Confused: Pondering The Nature Of Cycling is a great look at what cycling truly is, what makes a cyclist a cyclist, and (of course) it’s entwined in the humor of the Bike Snob. Apparently my boy Wah also was on top of his latest cycling mustache coolness factor as well with 2008 Cross Season, beating BSNYC to the punch a bit on the now infamous Dave Zabriskie moustache.

Well, that’s all she wrote for now. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather, get out there an ride already! And, as usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

29 April 2008

Yet Another Unhealthy Addiction

Those of you who are regular readers might remember a story I posted back in November called Cycling, Food, Candy, Repeat. Wherein I expressed my love for all things in their perfectly sugary goodness state. I have recently read one of the latest blogs from Fat Cyclist called I like candy, and it prompted me to follow up on a new addiction I have. I accidentally came upon this while out running an office supply run at the local discount warehouse from hell! store. I saw them and almost cried at the idea. You see, I am someone who grew up with Cherry Cordials. My mother was a huge fan of them, and once I was old enough to walk to the corner drug store I got her a box of them every year for Mothers Day. I've got progressively cooler things as age and money would allow, but getting cherry cordials is a tradition I continue to the present, and she totally digs it. So I've always had a special place in my heart for chocolate and cherry. This explains why when I saw them, I almost cried. What is this epiphany of the confectionary world you ask? That's right, the Limited Edition Wild Cherry M&M's. They're no Reese's, no Peanut Butter M&M, but they are an amazing taste sensation. Thank you M&M/Mars, I will always love you.

28 April 2008

Freakin' Cars Redux: Again, Really?

Yup, it's time for another in the installment of Freakin' Cars. "Why?" you might ask, and I'd be glad that you did. So I had a ridiculously busy weekend and thus an unfortunately limited amount of time to ride. So I did what I think any logical cyclist would do. I figured out what errands I could run by bike and went out to be productive. I decided I could take some of the trails into town, and get some things done. Once I got a couple things done I'd then be able to ride some streets in town and hit some trails on the way back.
So I set out to do the errands, got them done and started some urban assault on the roads on my mountain bike. Like I always do, had the jersey on, the MTB shorts, helmet and I was cruising around the roads. Same -ahem- stuff different day. The post winter pot-holes (you need to live in a cold weather city with plows and salt to appreciate this), the people who don't think it's obligatory to chain up their dogs, and basic overall people who aren't paying attention to the fact that they're in a one and a half ton proverbial bullet. I'm used to these things, they happen, most of the time people feel bad for them when they do, often you get an apologetic wave or something. On the other hand, you have people who I will just call clown shoes. You know them, you hate them. The person who feels it necessary to get as close as they can and lean out of the car window yelling sh__ at you. I want to take one moment here to point a few things out if you are one of these people and you just accidentally wound up here.
OK first off, incase you haven't noticed by the dazed look you get when you do this, not only could we not hear what the hell you said, we just don't care. Along similar lines, we just don't think it's funny. Second, while grazing a cyclist is a riot to do (it may not look like we enjoy it as we give the one finger salute, but we enjoy the training you're giving us on how to dodge a Dodge... OK, that was sarcastic), you're going to kill someone, and it's still a chargeable offense. Third, what you might not realize about cyclists, we are vigilant for you types. We have to be alert to hear cars around us, and hence are attentive to our surroundings. That is to say the first thing on our mind in most cases when there is something that arises on the road is "license plate" as a first reaction to everything. I just thought you'd like the heads-up on that.
I mean, seriously, I could go on and on, but I don't think I should have to. Just click one of the other blogs on the sidebar and look hard enough and I'm sure each of them would likely have a similar story somewhere on them about these types of instances. With gas costing what it does there are already far more cyclist on the road, and people in car are going to have to adapt. All we ask is that you put down the phone, news paper, coffee, whatever and pay the hell attention to what's going on in front of you. Hell, think of it this way, one of us could be your (future) kid coming home from his friends house. How do you like that visual, your kid getting creamed by a Lexus SUV?
Bottom Line: Cyclists don't want special treatment, we just want to be able to share the road and not worry that we won't be going home to our families that evening.

25 April 2008

Mountain Biking Observations: Do Roadies Really Hate Us?

So, I am coming to more and more conclusions about mountain biking vs road biking. Last week I shared the reason I will no longer carry protein bars with me, this week? This week I will share a new hatred for road cyclists. I say this partly as a smartass and partly because I am a bitter jerk. Those of you who know me, the wop that I am, know that I have a long fuse. A long but very, very… very quick fuse. As a matter of fact it burns in the time it takes an average person go from start to finish on a sneeze. Yes, that quick.
Digressing, I’m out the other day, sort of pissed off to begin with, plugging along pretty hard feeling good, putting my aggression into the ride when it happens: I’m going from trail to trail across a road, I see a group of roadies flying by and do a nice little track stand on the pavement to let them pass, and just then one of the guys at the back (you know as in the slow guys in the pack) looks at me in his kit (that I’m guessing was bought not earned, again back of the pack) and scoffs at me as he passes. Now, let me clarify by saying I’m not the speed racer of cycling, never claimed to be but I also specifically don’t own team gear for that reason.
To get to the point, I think I may have made a discovery. It seems “serious” roadies want nothing to do with mountain guys. Is this true? If so, will I have to become self loathing? Will I have to taunt myself in the mirror? It’s going to be a long, weird summer, isn’t it?

24 April 2008

Really... Im Totally Torn On This One

I just don't know how to feel on this one. I mean, part of me was just waiting for a car door to open. Ya know, they're pounding it out at about twenty, twenty-five miles per hour and BOOM! into the inside door armrest of a late model sedan. This tiny sick part of me was a bit disappointed when it didn't happen. That, my friends, would be the really sick twisted side of me. Fortunately for myself, and more important my wife, I have this gooey mushy side as well. That warm mushy side that thought: Hmmmm, you know... These guys are blowing by a metric crap-ton of cars all but parked on an LA freeway. My question is simple. Who is the idiot? I mean seriously, can you imagine if 10%, thats one in ten, or those people sitting stopped on the freeway were on a bike what a difference it would make? Sure it might seem minimal, but think or the crap they pump into the air, and further, if there are thousands of cars on the freeway, that would mean there would be hundreds fewer! In LA, I'd say there's, what, TENS of thousands? That would mean thousands few cars just in LA. Maybe these guys have a seriously profound point to be made.

23 April 2008

Weekly Roundup April 23

I have to admit I’ve really been all about riding again and, in turn, I’ve been equally into writing a blog. It kind of goes hand in hand, when you ride you have things to write about, when you don’t ride you feel like life sucks and POOF nothing to write about. With that friends; The Weekly Roundup!

Bike Munkey: This is a newer blog for my list, but I really enjoy reading it. This week Munkey shares the embarrassment of his ‘cyclist shuffle’ with us in Oh Bugger. All of us have been there, all of us have done it, if you say you haven’t? Well, you’re lying! That point where you try to/thought you’ve unclipped from your pedal, but to your amazement you’re NOT unclipped at all, and what results is pure chaos… Pure chaos that makes for a hilarious read.

Harp Rider: Harp gives us one that really speaks on what this time of year is about. Sunday Riding is a great little story (and accompanying video) of one of his Sunday training rides. It’s on everyone’s mind, and everyone is getting out and getting more serious about their riding, perfect example Harp.

Cozy Beehive: Ray takes us around the world this week in an insanely cool post: Japanese Automated Bicycle Parking System. As most might know, Japan has a huge amount of bicycles traveling their roadways, this makes parking them a bear, but they’ve go it all figured out. Their solution is sick, you have to check this one out.

Miles And Madness: Throwing a little love to Judi for bagging on her and her triathlete affliction, er, hobby. In this particular post she writes about something I want, in time, to try, and that… Track Racing. I just think it would be something ridiculously cool to try and something I could add to my list of things that I’ve done in my lifetime.

Fat Cyclist: Fatty is realizing, now, that the big races for his year are just around the corner. Desperate Measures is this realization, and what he is going to do to make sure he’s ready. Best of luck to you, Fatty, let me know how the laxatives go.

Well, that’s all she wrote for now. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather, get out there an ride already! And, as usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

22 April 2008

Olympic Cycling: GRAB IT!

OK, so I have to say that I needed to start with the false enthusiasm to start myself off. I originally wanted to do a quick thought on the Olympics and cycling, and the more I thought about it the more I was just like, "ehhhhh". So with that said: is it just me? Does anyone give a damn about the Olympic Games anymore? What happened to the times, like, when I was a kid? When for months everyone stayed in watching the TV 24/7 while the Olympics were on? What has seemingly ruined it? It's like a bit of my childhood was just crushed.
With that said, the breakdown is looking like this:

Sat 08/08 11:00-17:00
Sun 08/09 14:00-17:30
Wed 08/13 11:30-13:00/13:30-17:30

Fri 08/22 15:00-17:00
Sat 08/23 15:00-17:30

Fri 08/15 16:30-19:00
Sat 08/16 16:30-19:53
Sun 08/17 10:00-11:45/16:30-18:45
Mon 08/18 16:30-19:00
Tue 08/19 16:30-19:50

Wed 08/20 09:00-11:40
Thr 08/21 09:00-11:40

This info is from the Official Beijing Olympics Site, so I am assuming the times are all Beijing standard or some crazy shhhtuff like that. Also, PLEASE NOTE: There is triathlon, but I left Tri out on purpose as it not not really cycling. (*The last comment made was for the benefit of Judi, I said it just to get her ticked off and force her into a comment. By the way, if you didn't see it check out Miles And Madness I do believe Judi could kick my ass!)
So, anyone? Any thoughts on the Olympics this year?

21 April 2008

Mountain Biking And The Weekend

So three of three days, counting Friday, I got out on the bike. Friday I went partly for distance and partly for hills. I took a route with one hill that is just, and will likely be for a while, the bane of my existence. But it went a lot better than I thought it would. I did make it a little better than half way up said hill, and actually felt pretty good, not like the first few times of getting half way and wanting to die. Mind you, it's not even that great of a hill, I'm just that out of freaking shape right now.
Saturday was short, but quality. It was rain all afternoon, which in and of itself isn't a big deal it's just to say, it meant theat there were no people walking, no annoying dogs, and most "normal" people who would bike stayed in. I had the trails to myself and even though I spent only about an hour, but it was all spent on getting up hills. Hills that I was in the middle ring, and winded at the end, I found myself getting up in the big ring, and was actually really psyched and ready for more each time. I came to the realization that all of the short jaunts, and even getting out if only for a few minutes really does add up.
Sunday was a nice few hours just getting out and riding. I didn't think too much about it. No "OK, so distance or hills riding" thoughts. I just got on and pedaled, and I rode far, on hills, wasn't winded, just enjoyed it. It wasn't like work, it was just nice and fun.
So, It's Sunday night and I sit here typing this. I'm spent, I'm sore and yet I'm exhilarated and wishing it were still light. My knees kill, my calves are on fire, and I couldn't be happier. Now I just can't wait to see what effect all this trail riding has on my road rides this summer.

18 April 2008

Mountain Biking Observations: No Need To Eat Protein Bars

As I am riding in the woods, I am going to start a group of posts to enable me to point out some observations. This is the first of said posts.
I am learning subtle things very quickly whilst I ride in the woods, one of those things took a little longer to learn than most. It took a while because there was still snow on the ground for the first couple of handfuls of rides, and sub freezing weather. Now that it's getting warm I am finding something out that is very interesting. For those of you who are not blessed to live by a large body of water, as I do near Lake Erie, let me explain something to you. It is something called the Midge.

For those of you not cursed to have the midge Id like to point a few things out. The first you can probably guess, and that is; Yes, they are completely harmless... AND extremely annoying. Two, the annoying part is because there is never fewer than 4,365,212 (give or take a few) midges in any one square foot area, and they are NEVER alone.
It is for this reason that I believe there is no reason, whatsoever, to carry a protein bar with you. It will just add weight and bulk, and you will get sixty times the protein (again, give or take) and arguably less fat in the number of these little guys you'll eat. That's not even the half of it once you start adding in mosquitos, gnats, and other various flying insects. Please allow me to be clear, I'm not complaining, I'm just making a point here.
Stay tuned in the coming weeks, and I will share more Mountain Biking Observations with you.

17 April 2008

Understanding Your Cyclist: Tools Of The Trade

There’s something that is complicated that I am going to try to explain to you. You see, it’s my opinion that cyclists kind of get a bum deal. So often our friends and spouses just don’t get our addiction, er, hobby. Let me put it in layman’s terms: you wouldn’t expect that a golfer would tee off with a putter, or chip out of a sand trap with a wood, would you? See this parallels a vital part of understanding the cyclist.
There are many different bikes, for all kinds of riding. Most children start with a BMX, great for street, freestyle, dirt, and ramp riding. Some adults keep up with the BMX while others move on. Those who move on have to decide what they are going to do. If you choose to ride for fun or just light riding for errands or exercise you might choose something simple like a comfort bike. (Please note: Under NO circumstances do I condone a recumbent bike… EVER) For those who chose to get more serious there are road bikes, for fast intense road riding. If you’re not into the whole road scene or if you want more of a challenge there’s always mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are great for trail riding and such, but not always the optimal choice for riding on the road. A pretty close hybrid of road and mountain is the cross bike. Now the cross bike is not as intense as the mountain bike, thinner tires, a similar frame to a standard road bike, no shocks, etc. Therefore a cross bike is not made for quite the same amount of abuse. There’s downhill, think of this as a mountain bike that did steroids, HGH, blood doping, protein shakes, and maybe a wee bit of crack. This has more suspension than the average car and tires so wide they’d almost fit on a car. There’s track bikes, fixies, single speeds, tandems, the list goes on and on. So I ask you: For the serious cyclist, how could they be expected to only have ONE bike? Especially when you ride in dry weather, rainy weather, snow, hot, cold, and on and on and on… You wouldn’t expect a golfer to hit the links with only one club, so why would you expect your cyclist to only have one machine?

16 April 2008

Weekly Roundup April 16

I’m really loving being able to ride when I want where I want. I’m beginning to see having two bikes like a set of golf clubs. There are huge advantages to having multiple bikes. Conditions, just to switch things up, and so forth. It’s the same way with blogs. With that friends; The Weekly Roundup!

Bike Munkey: This is a new one for me, but I really enjoy reading it. It’s kind of the fun yet good utilitarian blog. Stories of his riding like Crime And Punishment, or product reviews like Gear Review it’s just a good time.

Harp Rider: My boy Harp put out the funny this week in Kinda Dry Singletrack. A quick video of him running a singletrack, one that could cause seizures while watching if your not careful. I only kid `cause I like your blog Harp. Seriously though, when your done checking it out check out the rest of the blog.

Cozy Beehive: As always, Ron delves into the world of cycling engineering with the post BH G4 Broken Fork. The more I read Rays stuff, the more I really want to get into engineering.

Fat Cyclist: This is a weird blog. One day I’m laughing so hard that people at work think I’m on drugs, the next day I’m trying my harder than hell not to cry. This weeks stand out humor post was Infernal Racket. You’ve all been there, you’re out for a ride and it hits! A sound, but you don’t know what the sound is or where it’s coming from. What was Fatty’s? You’ll have to read.

The Wah Report: Been too long since I’ve given Jared some love, apologies man! The one that had me rolling at work today was Now That I’m Back In MN… I’m Looking For Some Bros To Hang Out With. Sure, it’s just a repost of a couple a videos, but they’re Damn Funny videos! Jared’s blog is pretty darn quality, and ranges from funny to family to blog related to cycling news to personal cycling and everywhere and everything in between. Love it Jared!
Heart Wrenching/Monotonously Funny

Well, that’s all she wrote for now. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather. As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

15 April 2008


Hello, all. As I mentioned yesterday, I had a fairly good weekend. Got two days outside on the MTB, enjoyed myself, yet again, but I am a little anxious to get back on the road as well. I am trying to hold out for Spin Bike Shop to start up their Wednesday night rides before getting on the road machine. Anyway, I was out this weekend and as I am riding I realized something. Right now I'm just rocking the factory Specialized platforms that were on the cranks when I bought the bike. I wanted to try out flats for a bit to decide if I just wanted to sink money into better flat pedals, or if I want to do ye olde clipless or something.
So bottom line is I think I'm trying to ask opinions. Do I want to rock out flat pedals on the MTB, or should I look into clipless and shoes? I realize from being clipped in on the road bike that it feels different to pedal, but can't decide how much of that is the road vs mountain, or how much of it is equipment. I know someone, at least John, probably has some good advice for me.

14 April 2008

Cleaning Hills For Fun And Profit... Well For Fun Anyway

Ever notice how pain just feels good sometimes? I spent a while Sunday, cold, snow, and all, working on some hills. I know that the first thing I need to get a handle on this year is hills. Last year I was happy by year end at how my riding was, but my hill riding sucked... the big one... twice. Anyway, I know that it's something I need to remedy sooner than not this year if I want to ride worth a crap. I spent a good portion of the ride today in the big ring, and was climbing in the middle, thirteen to get specific. It may not seem like a big deal, but a month ago I spent most of the time in the middle and climbed small. I will say, the hills aren't crazy big, and I'll probably have to climb the crazy big ones in small, but it's a start.
Another thing I like is the fact that I haven't jumped out on the road yet, I think the work in the woods now, will mean payday when I do finally get on the road. I know the little bits of road riding on the MTB from home to trail or one trail to the next is just a blast. Little to no real effort extended. I can't wait to see what happens when I'm on a bike that was built and geared for road riding. I'm optimistic that this season will kick some serious ass this in comparison to last.
Also, incase you missed it; Big Tom Boonen beat out Fabian Cancellara and Alessandro Ballan on the Roubaix velodrome to win his second Roubaix since his last win in 2005. Oh, and apparently You can buy wheels like Cippo, if you give a damn about them, him, whatever. That ordeal just seems like a media circus.

11 April 2008

The Joys Of Spring

I have come to a new appreciation of spring. This appreciation comes from the recent acquisition of my spiffy new mountain bike. John, from here on referred to as "the man", from the LSB, Local Bike Shop for any newbs, got me a sick, in my mind, hook up on an `07 Specialized Rockhopper Disc, and the wife "got it for me" for the birthday, read that as I acquired it and alerted her that it was going to be her present for me, if you are married you know what I mean.
Sorry, what I was getting to is having the opportunity to ride, virtually, every single day in the last week. There's something about bombing down a hill a foot away from sheer disaster, looking down into a river, or down a hill into the woods, switchbacks, its just beautiful. I'll start taking pictures and posting occasionally. We've had some rain lately, and I've enjoyed coming in covered in mud and hurting. I've already managed to clean one of the hills I set as a goal, not a horribly big one. It's fairly steep, very loose and rocky, and part of a ninety or so degree turn. It amounts to a really good learning about the difference between mountain and road. The difference between bearing down and taking of like a shot and bearing down and having your wheels lose their footing in the dirt, or having your back end jumping around when you hit a patch of rock. It's just a whole new exhilarating experience. I don't think I'm ready to sell the road bike, but I have a feeling she's gonna be a trifle pissed at me this summer. Well, it's supposed to be torrential storms all weekend, so I will likely wait for a break in the thunder and lightening and try to get at least one good ride in, in the next two days.

10 April 2008

An Assos Tribute To The Fat Cyclist

For those of you who don't know, or may not be regular readers of Fat Cyclist, he did a post that was comedy gold. The post revolved around the superfluous kits made by the on, the only, Assos. Incase you haven't read the previously mentioned post it is called An Open Letter To Assos. This is Fatty's self proclaimed "favorite Fat Cyclist post of all time", and it lead to The Wit And Wisdom Of Dr Michael Lämmler. I'm not 100% sure, but I think Open Letter might have been the first Fat Cyclist post I read. Nope, I'm actually pretty sure How To Pee Whilst You Ride Your Bike was my introduction into Fat Cyclist.
Anyway, the importance of all of this is that I had a good chuckle, followed by a belly laugh, a chuckle, a remembrance of the Assos post, one more belly laugh and then it hit me! What is it, you ask. Well, I arrived home from work to find a parcel in my mailbox. Not just any parcel, rather a 3/4"x6"x15" parcel. Where was this parcel from, you ask? Glad you did! The parcel was from Switzerland, from none other than ASSOS! )Insert "Duhn duhn DUHHHH!! music here)
I got this on account I order all of my cycling apparel from Assos, seriously. I mean, there's nothing I like more than the felling of taking one *ahem* you know, everytime I put on a pair of bibs. Thinking, "WOW! I could've fed three impoverished third-world nations with the money I spent on these. I digress, the first thing I immediately thought of was Fatty's posts, then I thought "I could totally run with this." So, I'm going to.
The package was huge, dare I saw so big it was a waste of packaging? albeit beautiful. It was a tri-fold package that opened in half, followed by a left and right flap.

It was beautiful packaging, but inside was a tiny 5"x5" or so CD booklet looking Highlights Brochure, and a 1/4"x6"x12" Catalogue (it IS from Switzerland, after all). The highlight of the catalog, er, catalogue was undoubtedly the nice body of the girl in it. This is what it looked like disassembled.
So Fatty, this ones for you! Thanks for the years of laughs, good man!

09 April 2008

Weekly Roundup April 9

It is that time of year again! Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner. Well, around the corner, down a mile, hang one more left and the third door on the right, ish. My tribute to spring? A quick jaunt through a few of my favorite blogs in the past week, and many with a spring flavor! With that friends; The Weekly Roundup!

Travels With A Tin Donkey: I can’t think of a more appropriate way to start a spring themed roundup. 2008 Season Really begins: Out On The Open Road At Last!, and truer words were never spoke. It’s so good to get out into the fresh air once again. Sprocketboy polished the Bianchi and got out for his first ride of the year, and what a ride it was.

Harp Rider: Harp puts you on the edge of your seat with what we should all take as a reminder. Stayin Alive On The Road is a reminder that when we get back out onto the road we must remain vigilant and aware of our surroundings. It’s a vitally important reminder that you have to be alert to cars and assume that they don’t see you. I’m a pretty strong believer that certain close calls are a given, but that we can minimize the fatal outcomes by paying attention where others might not. Glad to hear it turned out OK for you Harp!

Cozy Beehive: What better way to spend a pleasant spring or summer afternoon then with your special someone, or the kids, cruising around on a tandem. Now, you could do it with a greater deal of comfort too. Ray shows off and gives a crash coarse in the DaVinci Independent Drive System For Tandems, which allows for independent coasting. A true breakthrough in tandems.

50K Loop NS: Bluenoser shares with us the story of The Weekend ride with the now infamous Al. It was quite a journey, and turned into a hilarious bit, with quite a few friendly jabs, regarding the ride.

Fat Cyclist: Finally this week, Fatty takes a sad, sad (Sarcasm) moment and finds it in his heart to lend a hand in a time of loss. He took it upon himself to help Aqu, Inc. by reworking their press release of the unfortunate (cough) postponing of the Tour Of America. It’s not that we couldn’t see it coming, but this is the funniest thing I think I’ve read all week, and I read it, like, eight times. Edited Press Release: Tour Of America Reschedules For 2009 is a comedy work of art Fatty, Bravo! (You say that to award winning blogs, you know! Congrats, again, on the Bloggie)

Well, that’s all she wrote for now. Enjoy the breaks in the weather. As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

08 April 2008

Problems, er, Misfortunes Of Cycling - Misfortune 33

Let me start with a disclaimer and explanation of the title: as any cyclist knows there are truly no "problems" in cycling. There may be misfortune, areas of opportunity, possibly even difficult moments but not true problems. I just couldn't think of a better word initially, so there you have it. I'll stick with misfortune when all is said and done.
With that, one of the misfortunes of cycling that everyone, who has hair, experiences is what I'd like to call "The Helmet Hawk(s)". The pluralization will depend on the type of helmet, of course, but it's a conundrum none the less. For those of you who might not know what the "Helmet Hawk" is: Now, I've been told that there are some easy solutions to this problem, one I've heard is to use a paisley bandana folded into a triangle and then tied around the head in kerchief or dew-rag fashion. The inherent problem with this, is I feel as though it would make me look like a pirate and I am not a pirate. Another option, I suppose would be a cycling cap much like this (By the way, that's Natalie from Sweetpea Bicycles. If you haven't heard before, consider yourself informed and check out Sweetpea's Bikes. They're super nice!) Anyway, I could see where the bill could be a great utilitarian bonus, but I also think it would ultimately annoy me. That leaves the final solution of the skull cap or skully. (Pearl Izumi, hey... really like your stuff. If you want, you can send me stuff and I'd LOVE to give you guys some love in the blog). I like the idea of a skull cap but I could see my head feeling as though it was going to catch fire if I had to wear one while riding in the summer.
So, alas, what is a cyclist to do to avoid Helmet Hawk? I guess the best solution is a razor. That's right, if we could shave our legs, why not shave our heads too.

07 April 2008

The Weekend Ride, Again.

Apologies for not posting Friday. I took off early and went for a quick twenty-five mile ride, off to bed early, woke up extra early and took an epic sixty-five mile jaunt around the single track. Woke up early Sunday had a killer breakfast and then, being a bit tired from the Saturday ride, took a short twenty or so mile ride.
OK, now that I've got that b.s. out of the way...
My weekend sucked! It was a case of getting out late Friday in the grayest rainy skies I've seen in a year, rain, and just overall crappy. Got home it was arguably too dark to ride, and there were errands that HAD to be run. Wound up hitting bed at 2:00 AM, woke up at about 10:00 AM, had so much of my day spoken for that by the time I got outside and looked around the street lights were coming on. I did manage to get a ride in Sunday, but it was only about ten or so miles before it got dark. It did feel good to get out though, and I managed to clean a hill on the first shot that when I looked down it looked a lot steeper than it felt going up it. I hope that this is a sign of what's to come. I managed to get around enough to gauge hills and trails and stuff, just enough to make goals for myself. I have an idea of what I want to accomplish this year, so I guess thats at least one good thing. For starters, I'm back into the high 190's, don't know how the hell that happened. OK, so it's been a series of parties, and crappy food at said parties. So right now goal one is to drop the last twenty-some pounds to get down to my previously aforementioned 170 pound goal. Once I get to 170, I'll reevaluate the weight and see if I want, er, need to lose more.
I also have an idea of what hills I want to be able to clean, how strong I'd like to get, things like weightlifting and such to build upper body strength. All of this in due time. I hope to be a new man by summers end.

03 April 2008

It's Like Porn For Cyclists

I was just spending some quality time with YouTube and came across this. I have to say, if stuff like this doesn't get you going I don't know what would, it's like porn for cyclists. What? I'm wrong? C'mon tell me you didn't just watch that and think, "Man, I really want to go climb like a mad man." Sidebar: Remember when they used to ride without helmets? Wasn't that long ago.

02 April 2008

Weekly Roundup April 2

Hello, all! Let me apologize for phoning in the crappy April Fools’ post yesterday… Admittedly it could’ve had a bit more heart. I do have to admit I want to order a couple of hats from the crochet woman. Her hats look pretty sweet. Anyway, been enjoying the breaks in the weather on the MTB, and enjoying what I’ve been reading lately. With that friends; The Weekly Roundup!

Harp Rider: I’ll start off this week with the infamous poissonier Harp and his post Would You Ride A Pink Bike?. To answer, yes… yes I would. It takes a serious guy with serious stones to rock a pink bike while bombing down a trail. Pink is the new black, and it says to the world, “Hey, I’m on a pink bike an I’m about to beat the crap out of you!” Harp, do it! Buy the pink bike.

Fat Cyclist: Very much along the same line of thought Fatty discusses the intricacies of picking your style and color of bike. How To Choose Your Bike’s Color is a riot. Fatty throws in his two cents about how to pick a proper bike, and what the color says about you. By the way, the ads are sweet too! Oh, and one more thing… yes, red is still the fastest color. Even Fatty agrees, more or less.

50K Loop NS: Bluenoser is in the same boat as I was the last few weeks. Go to bed to beautiful weather, wake up to crap! On Again, Off Again is his journey into the on again off again weather. Also, what he finds along the way in his rides. The good, the bad, and the ‘evidence of Tri Cyclists’.

Travels With A Tin Donkey: The Brewery to Brewery (B2B) Ride: still yet another intersection of beer and cycling, ahhhh. Yet another post after my own heart! There is only one thing in life more refreshing than water, to me, and that’s an ice cold GOOD beer. For me that means a hoppy microbrew. Better yet one of my, or a dear friends homebrew. This is a quickie to announce the eighth annual Harpoon Brewery B2B.

Bike Snob NYC: Finally I’ll leave you with a funny look at Bike Snob NYC’s round up what he considers the humor posts for April Fools Day. BSNYC April Fools’ Day Roundup covers the bases that were the best of the April Fools posts, or are they? *Duhn duhn duhhhhh* Heh, heh, heh... this was a good one BS.

Well, that’s all she wrote for now. Keep up the great rides. As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

01 April 2008

Favorite New Blogs!

With the "Weekly Roundup" coming up tomorrow, I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to a few new blogs that are really of interest to me as of late. For those of you who read regularly, you know that I've been riding road, and recently have picked up a Mountain Bike. With this change has come a myriad of changes in what I read and what I've found interesting. So before I jump headfirst into a Roundup of totally different blogs, I wanted to give you all a sneak peak.
The first is a great blog to catch up on all of the latest cycling gear. Cycle Gear Weekly is the latest in chic cycle apparel. In a similar vein, Cycle Style is what all of the latest cyclists are sure to be wearing on your next ride!
Everyone knows that every true mountain biker needs to get some ink, right? Riders Ink (get it? a play on Riders, Inc.) is about what all the cool MTBers wil be tatting! Finally, last but not least, here we have a blog for your bitch.
I hope you receive as much joy as I do from reading these daily!