08 April 2008

Problems, er, Misfortunes Of Cycling - Misfortune 33

Let me start with a disclaimer and explanation of the title: as any cyclist knows there are truly no "problems" in cycling. There may be misfortune, areas of opportunity, possibly even difficult moments but not true problems. I just couldn't think of a better word initially, so there you have it. I'll stick with misfortune when all is said and done.
With that, one of the misfortunes of cycling that everyone, who has hair, experiences is what I'd like to call "The Helmet Hawk(s)". The pluralization will depend on the type of helmet, of course, but it's a conundrum none the less. For those of you who might not know what the "Helmet Hawk" is: Now, I've been told that there are some easy solutions to this problem, one I've heard is to use a paisley bandana folded into a triangle and then tied around the head in kerchief or dew-rag fashion. The inherent problem with this, is I feel as though it would make me look like a pirate and I am not a pirate. Another option, I suppose would be a cycling cap much like this (By the way, that's Natalie from Sweetpea Bicycles. If you haven't heard before, consider yourself informed and check out Sweetpea's Bikes. They're super nice!) Anyway, I could see where the bill could be a great utilitarian bonus, but I also think it would ultimately annoy me. That leaves the final solution of the skull cap or skully. (Pearl Izumi, hey... really like your stuff. If you want, you can send me stuff and I'd LOVE to give you guys some love in the blog). I like the idea of a skull cap but I could see my head feeling as though it was going to catch fire if I had to wear one while riding in the summer.
So, alas, what is a cyclist to do to avoid Helmet Hawk? I guess the best solution is a razor. That's right, if we could shave our legs, why not shave our heads too.


Harp said...

I shave my head so I have no hair problems at all. I highly recommend it. Then again I didn't really have a choicemy hair was leaving on it's own.

Bluenoser said...

Ditto for me.


Anonymous said...

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Judi said...

Dominic shaves his head too.

Judi said...

P.S. I wear my hair in braids when I ride but every time I take off my helmet my hair looks like shit. No way around it really.