17 April 2008

Understanding Your Cyclist: Tools Of The Trade

There’s something that is complicated that I am going to try to explain to you. You see, it’s my opinion that cyclists kind of get a bum deal. So often our friends and spouses just don’t get our addiction, er, hobby. Let me put it in layman’s terms: you wouldn’t expect that a golfer would tee off with a putter, or chip out of a sand trap with a wood, would you? See this parallels a vital part of understanding the cyclist.
There are many different bikes, for all kinds of riding. Most children start with a BMX, great for street, freestyle, dirt, and ramp riding. Some adults keep up with the BMX while others move on. Those who move on have to decide what they are going to do. If you choose to ride for fun or just light riding for errands or exercise you might choose something simple like a comfort bike. (Please note: Under NO circumstances do I condone a recumbent bike… EVER) For those who chose to get more serious there are road bikes, for fast intense road riding. If you’re not into the whole road scene or if you want more of a challenge there’s always mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are great for trail riding and such, but not always the optimal choice for riding on the road. A pretty close hybrid of road and mountain is the cross bike. Now the cross bike is not as intense as the mountain bike, thinner tires, a similar frame to a standard road bike, no shocks, etc. Therefore a cross bike is not made for quite the same amount of abuse. There’s downhill, think of this as a mountain bike that did steroids, HGH, blood doping, protein shakes, and maybe a wee bit of crack. This has more suspension than the average car and tires so wide they’d almost fit on a car. There’s track bikes, fixies, single speeds, tandems, the list goes on and on. So I ask you: For the serious cyclist, how could they be expected to only have ONE bike? Especially when you ride in dry weather, rainy weather, snow, hot, cold, and on and on and on… You wouldn’t expect a golfer to hit the links with only one club, so why would you expect your cyclist to only have one machine?


Judi said...

So now you want another new bike?

sprider said...

It's an endless cycle (pun intended) when one decides to have a ride for every condition.

First, it's a road bike for the group rides. Then, they change to MTB's for the fall series, but you'll also need a cross bike for weekend rides.

Next, it's winter beaters on the beach (western shores of Lake MI).

If spring ever comes, it's cruisers or single speeds for the Thursday thirsty run.

Don't get me started on which bikes you need to have back-ups for!

The secret? Make sure all your bikes are the same color, it's harder for the SO to notice a new one!

Harp said...

I wish that I could get my wife to understand the need. It's not a want it's a need.

Highwaymunky said...

I like this arguement, I agree with it but I fear that due to the "super powers" that my wife and i'm sure all wife's / significant others, have in regard to the essential need for a 2nd / 3rd bike, it is doomed to failure.

You just try and suggest it and watch as she/he brings out the big guns and blasts your dream from the sky like a mallard in duck season! BANG BANG BANG!!!

Cycling Phun said...

Judi: Are you psychic?! You responded before I posted! *laughing* No, I don't... yet... but I need to fix the BMX up still.

Sprider: Yes... an endless cycle indeed! I like the color point!

Harp: At least you're sponsored... Im "just a hack" think of how much fun it is for me!

Munkey: May I call you Munkey? Yeah, unless the SO rides, as well, they have a way of crushing dreams...

Thanks guys! Have a great day!