24 April 2008

Really... Im Totally Torn On This One

I just don't know how to feel on this one. I mean, part of me was just waiting for a car door to open. Ya know, they're pounding it out at about twenty, twenty-five miles per hour and BOOM! into the inside door armrest of a late model sedan. This tiny sick part of me was a bit disappointed when it didn't happen. That, my friends, would be the really sick twisted side of me. Fortunately for myself, and more important my wife, I have this gooey mushy side as well. That warm mushy side that thought: Hmmmm, you know... These guys are blowing by a metric crap-ton of cars all but parked on an LA freeway. My question is simple. Who is the idiot? I mean seriously, can you imagine if 10%, thats one in ten, or those people sitting stopped on the freeway were on a bike what a difference it would make? Sure it might seem minimal, but think or the crap they pump into the air, and further, if there are thousands of cars on the freeway, that would mean there would be hundreds fewer! In LA, I'd say there's, what, TENS of thousands? That would mean thousands few cars just in LA. Maybe these guys have a seriously profound point to be made.

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Judi said...

Well this is how messengers ride in SF. I can remember our handlebars had to be short so we could squeeze thru the traffic. This is just urban riding I think but these guys took it a step farther and rode on the highway in stopped traffic. Stupid? Fuck yea.

And I know a bunch of guys in SF who got "doored" and then ended up injured but got settlement money and then they got strung out on drugs with the cash.

I got doored once but all I ended up with was road rash.