29 April 2008

Yet Another Unhealthy Addiction

Those of you who are regular readers might remember a story I posted back in November called Cycling, Food, Candy, Repeat. Wherein I expressed my love for all things in their perfectly sugary goodness state. I have recently read one of the latest blogs from Fat Cyclist called I like candy, and it prompted me to follow up on a new addiction I have. I accidentally came upon this while out running an office supply run at the local discount warehouse from hell! store. I saw them and almost cried at the idea. You see, I am someone who grew up with Cherry Cordials. My mother was a huge fan of them, and once I was old enough to walk to the corner drug store I got her a box of them every year for Mothers Day. I've got progressively cooler things as age and money would allow, but getting cherry cordials is a tradition I continue to the present, and she totally digs it. So I've always had a special place in my heart for chocolate and cherry. This explains why when I saw them, I almost cried. What is this epiphany of the confectionary world you ask? That's right, the Limited Edition Wild Cherry M&M's. They're no Reese's, no Peanut Butter M&M, but they are an amazing taste sensation. Thank you M&M/Mars, I will always love you.

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