09 November 2007

Cycling, Food, Candy, Repeat

The other day Matt and I were talking at work as I splurged and have a handful of M&M Almond. The conversation went something like:
Matt: What’s that?
Me: M&M Almond
Matt: Hmmm… They make almond?
Me: Yeah, and the only thing better than M&M Almond is…
Both: M&M Peanut Butter.
This planted a seed in my head that I couldn’t get out all day. The following day my wife and I were out shopping, and I felt compelled to share the story over a Peanut Butter Twix, I shared one with the ol’ lady. This promptly started a ridiculously long dialog about how cool candy is. We talked about the wonders that are the Peanut Butter M&M's, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Reese’s Pieces, Twix Peanut Butter… Notice a trend here? So did I. There were a couple of points to be made. The first is simple; peanut butter is my weakness. The second; I hate Halloween. I mean, I like Halloween from the “it’s cool for the kids factor”, but I hate it when I’m trying to be sensible about what I’m eating.
(Pause for a “Don’s ADD Moment Sidebar®”: On Halloween I had a conversation with the wife about the holiday. We spend a great deal of time telling our children to never talk to strangers and never EVER take candy or food from a stranger. Who thought it was a brilliant idea to encourage those same children to dress up so we can’t recognize them, go to strange peoples homes, and BEG for candy? Just a thought.)
OK, so like I was saying. Those of you who have been following along know I’m trying, and succeeding very well thank you, to loose weight. I am equally not looking forward to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and the homemade family recipe stuffing that my wife makes, and the mashed potatoes that are just oozing butter. Get where I’m going. Luckily Fatty is running a contest. I mention it on account you have to pay a small entry fee to Lance Armstrong Foundation to enter, and I REALLY dig LAF and all they do. The contest, Get A Grip is his idea to, sort of, get a jump on the holiday eating. Please read the comments, as there are a couple of regular readers who you can donate through their links. A couple of them are http://austin07.livestrong.org/mlevin and http://portland07.livestrong.org/spete. Fatty encourages this behavior, but make sure you send him a copy of the receipt, and carefully read all of the rules. I for one will be taking advantage of this sweet accountability, and hope you’ll join in as well. Also, the prize is a sweet pair of grips for the 6 people who lose the most weight. While I don’t have a mountain bike just yet, Fat Cyclist points out this is a great opportunity to have an excuse to buy one. He points out that if I have the grips I’ll need the bike to go with. So, to summarize my hopes:
1) this will be a good final push to drop some big pounds before Thanksgiving.
2) I will win a sweet pair of Ergon grips.
3) that will force me to need to buy a mountain bike.
4) I won’t wind up divorced over the whole thing.

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