25 November 2007

Three Pound Coffin Nail

** Amendment 11/26/07 - Just for the record as of this morning I was down just under two pounds this morning. This has me wondering if the weight gain was just water or something. **
I was hoping to have posted this sooner, but My mind is still on vacation. For your viewing pleasure, the three pound nail in the coffin that is Thanksgiving weight gain. That's right, when all was said and done, from Wednesday morning (the last time I weighed in) to Sunday morning (the first weigh since Wednesday), I put 3 pounds back on. I owe it largely to Fatty's Mashed Potatoes®, Great Lakes Christmas Ale, My wife's grandmother's stuffing, beer cheese, the fact that my wife "just need(ed) Mexican food last night at 9:30 last night, pumpkin pie, cheesecake, and the nail in the three pound coffin that is Arrogant Bastard Ale. Throw in some slacking on exercise for good (er, uh, bad?) measure and poof! I kind of knew this was going to be a sketchy week, but I was hoping I would be a dead even zero, not a gain of three. Oh well, tomorrow starts the process all over again, the muesli is in the fridge. New goal six off by next Monday (the three I put on plus three).

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Harp said...

Don't feel bad I gained 3 back this weekend too.