02 November 2007

Wearing Of The Pink

I’ve recently been presented with a conundrum. This comes down to a two part question. Part 1A] is, why in the heck do I keep giving free advertising? Part 1B] will this ever payoff? Question 2] am comfortable enough in my sexuality to “wear pink”? The answer to the second question is simple, yes. I have done it in the past and will continue to. Question one is more tricky, and if or when it ever happens I’m sure you will hear about it.
The reason the question came up in the first place is I am a huge fan of most charities. Especially after losing my father to cancer, I really like to do what I can when I can for charities I believe in. One regret was not jumping on Fat Cyclist’s Limited Edition Jersey. Fatty put these out a while back to show support for his wife Susan who was diagnosed with cancer, and all of the women who are battling breast cancer. Keep your eyes on the Twin 6 sight and Fat Cyclist, as there may just be new versions coming out soon.

Also I’ve been eyeing and drooling over the Chris King “Pretty And Strong gear.

*Note: I was not paid for the Chris King mention, but part of the proceeds from sale go to a very worthwhile charity

For these reasons I have been getting a ton of slack from friends about my manhood. My thought is, if it’s for a good cause, why not?

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