07 November 2007

Weekly Roundup November 7

Spin Bike Shop: Last week for this big boy, on account the big race is Saturday. If you haven’t signed up yet, what the heck are you waiting for? If nothing else, remember it’s in a suburb outside of Cleveland… there could be snow! Not to mention so far they are calling for snow mid week!! This could prove to be an absolute blast. Saturday November 10th, Spin will be hosting the Cross my Heart and Hope to Die Willoughby Cyclocross Spectacular at Todd Field in Downtown Willoughby, Ohio. For more information and to register go to the Team Spin site.

Fat Cyclist: I have to admit, I think I might have a bit of a slight “problem”, ya know, like addiction to this site. This weeks favorite for me is Phases Of A Relationship. A classic, comparing our love lives and cycling relationships. That’s to say, our relationships to our rides, not with our riders. Elden “Fatty” Nelson has also been busy with his weekly column at Bike Radar. This week he gives us Innovations For Safer Cycling.

RocBike: Wow, I just realized that going back to my addiction comment, this too has to do with the Fat Cyclist. The guys over at RocBike put out RocBike Review 3, the podcast. This week Jason Crane interviews Fatty from Fat Cyclist (arguably one of the most popular bike blogs on the web) about what Elden (Fatty) has been up to, how the blog started, and how it got to where it is today.

Dirt Diva: This one is interesting, not cycling related, but very cool to keep up with. Take an attractive woman, who is into eating right, and is an ultrarunner, throw in a huge collection of tattoos, shake and serve. What you get a an every day or so blog about her life, her runs, and her diet. Makes for an interesting read, and has great pics taken on her runs.

Bike Snob NYC: Bicycling Marketing: The Inconvenience Truth. Is a great little story about a “completely absurd parody of a parody of a fixed-gear.” I have to admit though, while this had me in tears laughing, I also really dug Worst Of NYC Craigslist: More Sickly-Sweet Gooey Bike Love, where Bike Snob takes a few punches at the socially inept and slightly desperate who are trying to pick up that hottie that they saw on their bike ride.

Also, don't forget to get your recipes in for the Thanksgiving Feast!

That about covers it for this week. Until next time enjoy, and try not to get fired doing it.

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