30 November 2007

T Mobile Says Farewell

So if you are like me you’ve either been busy, living in a box or a bit of both. I wanted to touch base on something that happened a couple of days ago, I just didn’t have the time to.
After 20 years a Cycling dynasty sadly draws to a close. That’s right; yet another team can be added to the lists of teams that now no longer exist. Are the teams bailing on account all the bad press lately? Do they foresee cycling fading into obscurity? Recently Discover was also disbanded and my questions are these:
When will it stop, how many teams are going to pull the plug before all is said and done?
Is this because of all of the doping scandal, and if so will the doping ever end?
And possibly the biggest question, could this or will this lead to an end to professional cycling? If that is possible what will happen to cycling? Is it possible that it could just slowly fade away, go underground, turn into a little know sport that is barely a blip on the radar?
I’d say, personally, any of these questions are legitimate and fairly valid. While I don’t think that it would totally fade away, could it hurt the already light interest that seems to be the case in the US?
I’d love to hear some opinions on this. Hope all of you have a great weekend!


Harp said...

I really hope that it doesn't fade away. Hopefully some new teams will come to take the place of the missing teams

Bluenoser said...

Not a chance Phun,
Sponsers come and sponsers go. There are a ton of teams that have came and went since the 70's. It's so big in Europe. We in N. America have no idea.