16 November 2007

It Was Funny, I Am Being Lazy

Todays Bike Snob NYC was freaking hilarious! ...And I was extremely busy and lazy. With that said, I will take the easy way out and just say; If you haven't checked out the Bike Snob NYC blog today, it is so worth it. Todays post is The Indignity Of Commuting By Bicycle: Friday Fun Quiz!, a brilliant array of photo and quiz. Just read it, enjoy it, and I'll be back Monday.
As a quick "by the way" to all of those taking part in the Fatty Weight Loss Challenge. I'm not going to say that I plan on winning, but I am starting to look for a decent lightly used mountain bike to acquire for next year. With that said, just remember, only two more days!! With that...
Have a great weekend!

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