27 November 2007

Mountain Bike Story

The mountain bike search continues. I mentioned yesterday that there was a story about mountain bikes that I would share; this is that story. The story is long and sorted, so I will do my best to shorten it slightly while dragging it on long enough to bore the reader to death. I mean I will keep it as short and simple as possible, while maintaining gist.
I received an email the other day that a friend of a friend who knows someone (or something), who is a Tri-athlete, and is selling a Cinder Cone. Right now price isn’t all that important, but it was 300 bucks. OK, so because he runs Tri, it was in pretty sweet shape and only two years old. Long story short, I approached the scenario all-wrong with the old lady. Needless to say I am currently without a mountain bike and the bike aforementioned bike is now sold, gone, kaput, bye-bye (you get it, right?), not mine. In an effort to find a silver lining in this cloud, I fully explained the situation to my wife. Why having a road bike AND a mountain bike is not only a good idea, rather it’s a necessity. How I could run errands in the town off road that I couldn’t ordinarily run on roads, via bicycle. How in doing that it would save money on gas, and give me much needed fitness. How snowy roads on a road bike are a no-no. How (thanks John!) it’s kind of like golf… you need the $300 Driver AND the $100 Putter, different tool for different results. It looks like I’m well on my way to talking her into a new mountain bike fairly soon, unless a really great deal comes along and I jump on that. The best part is it seems like I can pull this off and still remain married! (*Note: If you are not married you can not and will not understand this, please don’t try)
Also I have already canned the trainer that I was ordering, that money will be kicked into the bike, and I will turn to the elliptical for my winter fitness. I am currently also looking into ways to more quickly and efficiently raise funds, and what I can sell to help fund it (sidebar: anyone want to buy some vintage Apple Computers, or related Apple swag? Let me know!). So I’m off to work on mountain bike logistics. Hopefully the biking god’s will be with me.

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Harp said...

Good Luck getting your mtb. I am trying too talk my wife into a new mtb for 08 but I don't think it is going to happen until 09. I am also working on a rode bike too but it isn't going to well either. One thing with cycling is there always seems to be another new bike, gear etc.