20 November 2007

Cycling Phun Blog Experiment

For those of you who know me, and more importantly know my wife, you will understand this. For everyone else I hope this will, likewise, be interesting. After seeing the Feedjit Tracking on the sidebar of the blog, my wife asked me why in the heck people around the world would have any interest in the least reading my blog. I immediately sat there staring at my wife. I couldn’t come up with a thing that would interest anyone to check out what I have to say. It got me to thinking, and being someone who originally went to college with the idea of being a Psychologist (the reason I never finished is long and boring, a story that I hope for your sake I decide never to share) I spent a lot of time thinking. One thing I thought of is to attempt a bit of an experiment. What I hope is the following:
I would love it if I could get you (the person reading this post) to leave at least a first name or nickname, the region of the world you are from, and just a bit about yourself as a comment to this post. Also, if you have a blog or website, please leave a link to that as well in the comments. The way I see it is we all have some similar interests, which is why we would have chose to read this, also, I can’t begin to tell you how many amazing and interesting blogs I have found by clicking links on blogs I regularly read. Some of them you can already find on the sidebar of this blog. My hope is that eventually there will be a close-knit community here that shares stories and ideas with one-another, and assuming you have a blog you may gain a few readers in the process. So go ahead, try it and lets see how it goes. I look forward to seeing how this goes, and will likely add the links to the sidebar as they come in.


andy said...

howdy. andy from kalamazoo, mi. *waves*

btw, i'm counting on you and a few other cycling bloggers to get me through the winter. riding is going to be pretty much non-existant from now until april so....

yeahdog said...

Hello -

Lisa from Chicago here. I found your blog on the fat cyclist forum.

The link to my blog is here: http://yeahdogblog.blogspot.com/

P.S. I was wondering what you used to spin. My husband and I collect old mixtapes (house, jungle, and techno mainly), and have archived a bunch in an old library card catalog in our place; if you ever want to find your collection a good home, we'd be happy to take care of them for you!

pedaldork said...

Rusty from Arizona. Enjoy reading and watching the progress of your blog. Keep it up. I'm anxious to see how it grows. I'm also going to email you to get the Beercheese recipe. Thanks for writing.

Cycling Phun said...

Andy: Thanks for dropping in. Ooh! You just reminded me I need to check Woot.com!
Yeahdog: Hey there. Always enjoy reading your blog. Its one of my regular distractions at work. It really is a wonder I have a job still! I'm not sure if I have any mixes left, I tended to give most of them away as I made them. I still have a bunch of reels with my commercials from when I was involved in commercial radio (Jammin' 92 Cleveland!). I'll have to see what, if anything I could find. It would be either ambient, house, or old school techno. I'll let you know if I find something.
Pedaldork: Looking forward to seeing your blog! Enjoy the beer cheese!

yeahdog said...

Oh cool - house and old school techno make up a large part of our collection (never got too into ambient!). It's a very small world when it comes to early/mid-90s electronic music fans in the states.

Bastards said...

Yeah I Like Feedjit Tracking on the sidebar of My blog.

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