23 November 2007

Ongoing Blog Experiment

Incase you missed it earlier, and because it's the Friday after Thanksgiving in the States and time today is at a premium, I wanted to pass along that I have a bit of an experiment going on here. What I am trying to do is further create a community here among those who have visited the site. I would love it if I could get you (the person reading this post) to leave at least a first name or nickname, the region of the world you are from, and just a bit about yourself as a comment to this post. Also, if you have a blog or website, please leave a link to that as well in the comments. The way I see it is we all have some similar interests, which is why we would have chose to read this, also, I can’t begin to tell you how many amazing and interesting blogs I have found by clicking links on blogs I regularly read. Some of them you can already find on the sidebar of this blog. My hope is that eventually there will be a close-knit community here that shares stories and ideas with one-another, and assuming you have a blog you may gain a few readers in the process. So go ahead, try it and lets see how it goes. I look forward to seeing how this goes, and will likely add the links to the sidebar as they come in.


Harp said...

Congrats on the strong finish in the weight loss challenge. Got me by .4. I go by harp. I live in Lincoln NE and am a chef and trying to be a competitive mountain bike racer. My cycling blog is harprider.blogsot.com Check it out. Later

pedaldork said...

I want to see some before and after pictures of the forty pound loss. That's impressive. I'm going to post Fatty's before and after on our website (with his permission of course).

-Rusty aka Pedaldork

I'll get my blog up this week. Thanks for getting us all connected.

Sprocketboy said...

You have a terrific weight-loss week! Anybody who can lose 7.5 pounds around Thanksgiving has a lot of focus and willpower.

Of course, when you write about my muesli recipe I hope it will not be to say how much it turned you off of food!

Keep going with the blog. It is fun to do. my own blog is at:



Cycling Phun said...

Harp: Thanks on the congratulatory words. Congrats right back at you! I will have a bit more coming on Monday regarding the contest and my weight loss goals going forward.
Pedaldork: I will get some pictures up in Monday as well. Looking forward to seeing your site.
Sprocketboy: HA HA! You came to the rescue. I was doing my blog post for Monday last night, and mentioned you but didn't have the link to your blog for some reason. So I was going to have to look for it, but now I won't. Problem with having more than one computer. You need to read Monday's as well, OK? I'll have mention of Muesli.

Sprocketboy said...

Sounds good to me! Somebody was so impressed with your comments on the Fat Cyclist blog that they asked me for the recipe, and so I have actually put up the Compleat History of Ye Old Muesli on my blog. But I will be sure to look at yours on Monday!

Bluenoser said...

Way to go with the weight. I did the same thing this spring and I'm looking to get to 170-175 by race season this spring.

Some of everything but mainly road.

I live in Nova Scotia Canada.