26 November 2007

Get A Grip: Fatty's Weight Loss Challenge Results

Now that the challenge is officially over, and I know that I’ve placed and not been annihilated in a humiliating fashion I feel it is an appropriate time to comment on Fatty’s Get A Grip weight loss challenge. First off I really thought I didn’t stand a chance, which freaked me out on account it would mean one less planned story this week. Well, I placed third which I am totally happy to hear. That, in itself, brings to light a whole different problem that I will touch on later in this post and finish up tomorrow or later this week. For now the weight loss portion of the story, full results list at the Morning After post of Fatty’s website FatCyclist.com. I will be looking strictly at my results and how I got there. First I would like to throw fat guy love out to sprocketboy for his awe-inspiring Muesli recipe, which he unknowingly posted as a great help to me on his November 24th blog post Muesli: A Way Of Life. The reason I am grateful is not only do I have the single most delicious breakfast as often as I desire (I have it almost every morning for breakfast), but it was also integral to my weight loss. Without further suspense my third place finish consisted of a 7.4 pound drop. My start weight was 195.6 my end weight was 188.2 from Monday November 12th, to Monday the 19th. The way in which I lost this weight was a simple diet plan that I concocted as a bit of an experiment. It seemed as though I could eat the muesli as often as I wanted and still lose weight. So what I did was simple: one cup muesli over a half of a banana for breakfast, one cup muesli over the other half of banana for lunch, and a reasonably healthy dinner. The dinner could be a salad, a serving of lean meat with a couple servings vegetables, very minimal carbs if any. I also drank about three to five 20oz. bottles of water during the workday, and another two to four 24oz. tumblers of water at home each evening. It was enough to keep me going, never tired, and never unbearably hungry. My third place finish was bested by a 7.5, and an even 9.0 pounds, I honestly wasn’t sure my 7.4 would hold up, let alone make the top six to win a set of grips, but it did and first and foremost I am extremely happy that the weight is off. Now that I am at 188, my goal is to drop another eighteen by the time the snow melts in 2008. That would put me at 170, brining me in at a total weight loss of sixty pounds since July, which needless to say I would be extremely happy with. Of course I’d need to buy all new gear as my clothes and gear are already getting way too loose. PedalDork requested a before and after shot of the forty pounds, and if Fatty could do it, so can I... With that I dropped forty pounds since my July weight (and the heaviest I've ever been) of 228 pounds.
This is a good point to introduce my problem that I face. I have just won a pair of really sweet mountain bike grips, and have no mountain bike to currently put them on. Lucky for me Fatty has a very obvious and quite simple solution to this seemingly overwhelming conundrum; all I need to do now is make my wife understand that now that I have sweet grips, I need a mountain bike. SIMPLE! The trick is to do this without getting divorced. More on that later, but for now go and check out Fatty’s site, I’m going to go make some money and look for a mountain bike!


andy said...

muesli is indeed awesome! i just made a huge batch of it up last night and am now enjoying it in my cube whilst i catch up on my favorite blogs.

that tin donkey guy says add flax seed into it. you ever do that?

Sprocketboy said...

Hey, Cycling Phun: congratulations on winning the grips. You need a really high-end mountain bike to go with them. Like the guy who had a package of the beautiful Cinelli cork handlebar tape and ended updating his road bike to match, part by part, until he finally discovered he was riding a new Colnago C50.

Thank you for the nice mention of my muesli article on the blog. Because it is a recipe that you can modify with all kinds of fruit, fresh or dried, it never gets old. I also eat it for breakfast most days, but it works as an afternoon snack as well.

Andy, you can't really taste the flax seed at all but it is there for the Omega-3 acids. I am a vegetarian and use flax seed in the muesli and the oil in smoothies. Note: both oil and seeds have to be kept in the refrigerator.

Bluenoser said...

Hey congrats on the grips. I don't know where you keep your bikes but if it happens to be a garage try this. If your wife sees the bike/bikes in the garage up against the wall but can still get the car in then things are ok.

Go out and buy the mountain bike and put it in the garage. If she can still get the car in then thigs will be cool because it all looks kind of abstract to her and she most likely goes by space.

It's when she can't fit the car into the garage anymore that she will wonder whats up. The way around this is some weekend when she may happen to be away visiting relatives or whatnot. Get your handy cycling pals together and wack another 10 feet onto the garage.

I find this works with all sorts of things. Anyway she will come home, see that the car still fits and all is well. You could even hide bikes for your friends if the garage keeps growing.

Just make sure she doesn't see the new property assessments.


pedaldork said...

Sorry for the delayed response. My computer at home wouldn't open the before and after pics. I must say.....Damn!!!! You've done an awesome job at the weight loss thing. It's guys like you and Fatty that keep us slackers motivated. Keep it up. ---Pedaldork

yeahdog said...

Hey, best of luck - we've just kicked off our own fat race over on Let's Rock (well, the link for the fat race's blog is in there!). We'll see how it goes; I think I might need to hit up the muesli as well.