21 November 2007

Weekly Roundup November 21

This will likely be the last post for this week, due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. If I come up with something super witty (yeah, right) I will post something Friday, but I would have to say it’s probably not going to happen. With that I give you my weekly roundup!

Fat Cyclist: This week Fatty pulled off what can only be described as a coup. Travis Ott, Fisher / Lemond Brand Manager, Responds To Me is the account of FC getting a deal with Gary Fisher. In an effort to not ruin the story, I will stop here and let you read it for yourself. Also, Elden has posted his weekly Bike Radar story. The story, How To Be A Mountain Bike Purist covers all aspects of what you need to do to maintain your credibility as a mountain biker, and the equipment you should consider switching to.

Bunny Hop Rockstar: I’ve really enjoyed reading this one. The blog, itself, is mainly about training (read that as a subject, of which, I can use all the help I could get) and is from the perspective of a semi-pro cyclist. It’s presented in a serious way that at the same time is witty and enjoyable, with ample information (charts, graphs and the like) to back up and/or better explain the advice.

RocBike: These crazy blokes are busting out a phun game of Bicycle Photo Tag. They started with a picture sent everyone out to find it, first to find the item and return a picture is it. They do the same, repeat, and viola! Bicycle tag! This could turn out to be a blast!

Bike Snob NYC: Well, he’s at it again! Hammering Craigslist (this time country wide) to find the best of the worst in Pista’s! BSNYC Fixed-Gear Apocalypse Watch: The PistaDex Is a brilliant write up on all the crappy Pista’s that people are (still) trying to sell for damn near what they paid for them. I’m still not sure where Bike Snob’s hate, strike that loathing for the Pista comes from, but it sure as hell makes for a good read.

Well, slow week on the home front, so for now I leave you with this; I hope all of you out there, and all of your families have a terrific Thanksgiving. Try not to eat too much, watch your fitness, and I’ll catch you all again on Monday.

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