05 November 2007

The Four Letter Word

I have to admit, as a person who (for now) rides only road bikes I have very mixed feelings right now. I live in the northeast, so I know exactly what to expect when it comes to weather, right now that means the four letter word... snow. If you take it by the calendar year it goes kind of like this:
You start the year (January) with blistering cold and ridiculous amounts of snow. This could vary between an inch up to two, three or more feet. Through May it gets warmer, but if you caught the Cleveland Indians home opener, you know that snow is inevitable. The home opener was actually called on account of snow this year. So March, April, and to a lesser extent May, are a mix of blistering cold, snow, warmth, rain, slush, mud, potholes (those are always a blast!) and overall crap! May through August are always interesting. A mixture of hot, really hot, really, really hot, and freakin’ ridiculously hot… and humid. We’re talking ninety-eight degrees with ninety plus percent humidity. This means not only is it crazy hot, but you can actually feel moisture in the air. Like a fog that you can’t see, but you can feel it, and the second you get outside your clothes are damp enough to stick to your body. September and October are, in my opinion, thee best! They’re what I like to call “hookie days”. You know, the day that you call off work. “[cough cough] Yeah, it’s [cough] sorry, just me. I’m [sneeze] really sorry, I’m not coming in today though. Yeah, I’ll do the tea thing, and try and make it in tomorrow. OK, see ya. Have a good one.” At which point you drop trou on the PJ’s and crack out the lycra, and grab the bike and go. Days with highs in the mid seventies, no humidity, and the closer you get into October and early November you get this:

That’s right, you get to run trails and back roads that are littered with wonderful color, and have ceilings of brilliant hues. It truly is a moving experience to ride this time of year. Now, November is always touch and go. Mid seventies one day, low thirties the next. Oh! Did I mention there’s always a chance of snow? There is, and December is always good for a hardcore snowfall. There are time everyone goes through canceling Christmas plans just because they are snowed in.
Which leads me to this. It’s November. Yup, that’s what I’m getting at. They’ve officially called for a chance of snow early this week. To further my problem, I still haven’t ordered, let alone, received my trainer yet, but I’m still dropping weight. The problem with that is I want to continue to drop said weight. So, I’m just sitting here mentally preparing for what’s ahead.

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