01 November 2007

Lance And Ashley Sitting In A Tree...

OK, so how could I possibly resist this one? Reports are out that Lance Armstrong was seen with Ashley Olsen on two occasions this past week (dare I say, "Way to go Lance!"), and that Olsen was seen sitting on Lance's lap being flirtatious. I have a couple of theories on this, and none of them good.
1) Lance got to watching Full House back in the day with his kids, and took a liking to the twins. Now too old to be adopted, he figured; hey, why not?
2) Obvious mid-life crisis.
3) With all of the weight requirements in cycling lately, Lance misunderstood "ride light". (did I just say that?)
Not to say that it necessarily matters, just pointing out the humor in Lance's dating someone 15 years his junior. Im not even posting a link about this one. If you really WANT to read more, just Google it. More tomorrow.

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