28 November 2007

Weekly Roundup November 28

First and foremost I want to take a minute today to ask everyone to keep Fatty’s wife Susan in their thoughts today. For those who may not know what I am referring to, Fatty’s wife is going through a serious fight against cancer and is having surgery today. Please take a minute to Pray, send some good karma, or just think about in your own special way Susan. Here’s hoping for all of the best for you and your family guys.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was great, a little too great, read that as weight gain. Oh well, I’m back on Sprocket Boy’s Muesli (recipe link in this episode of Roundup) so I’m just hoping to drop as much as possible by Christmas to be that much further ahead. I almost got a mountain bike, see yesterdays post, and that bombed miserably. With that I give you my weekly roundup! This week is based on those who responded to my “Blog Experiment Post”. I hope everyone enjoys!

50K Loop NS: I’ve really enjoyed reading this one. The blog is witty and interesting, and my favorite; distracting from real life! Seriously though, I check this bad boy everyday. It’s really funny, and presented in a totally original way, a combination or words and imagery that’s just brilliant. Way to go bluenoser.

Travels With A Tin Donkey: I have a new best friend, Muesli! A best friend that was brought to me by a cyclist / blogger who goes by the name of Sprocket Boy. You to can find his recipe for this wonderful treat in Muesli: A Way Of Life. While you’re there you can read the cool stories of his travels and rides. It’s a really great read, but make sure have some time because it’s addictive.

Let’s Rock: Not a cycling blog per se, but I have to admit it is one of my daily (well, every couple days she posts, so…) distractions. I really enjoy reading the posts. They are thought provoking and insightful. Some posts are serious and touching, and some just fun and playful. They’ve actually been touching on a couple of things from my past recently, that have rekindled great memories. Her most recent post Back To The Grind is about a subject that everyone seems to be speaking of lately... Weight loss, and there is yet another contest attached to this. The proposal is cash money (I love when people say cash money, or ink pen… it just sounds so redundantly beautiful) to the winners.

Harp Rider: His summary of the blog says it all. It’s a day-to-day journal of his mountain bike racing, riding, his quest to be good, and occasional rants. Kind of like my blog but in reverse. I mainly rant. Lot’s of cool posts about his riding lately (it’s getting cold), things related to his occupation (chef: God bless him for being sub-200 Lbs. AND a chef… I’m not and it was a job to drop the Lbs.), and just an all around good read.

Fat Cyclist: Fatty posted a touching (and hysterical) blog about what he is thankful for this year. Gratitude is the Fat Cyclist’s serious and crazy, touching and funny list of gratitude for the past year. Also, Elden has posted his weekly Bike Radar story. The story, Cross Training For Cyclists, explains all you will need to know on how to properly cross train this winter. Two words; freaking riot!

That's all for now, but who knows what next week will bring (maybe I’ll bring back the hottie of the week again, any ideas?), for now thanks for looking, see you all here tomorrow.


andy said...

don't give up on the mtn bike yet! have you tried the following approach?

you: i'd like to get a mtn bike. in particular, i'm thinking about getting an ellsworth truth. andy in kalamazoo says it's awesome and i can go by one for around $4500.

her: wtf??? are you out of your freakin' mind?

you: huh? but it's the best and i'd really like it.

(a few weeks later...)

you: you know what honey? you were right. that is an outrageous amount of money for a toy. i think i could spend half that much and still be happy.

her: agreed (fish on!!! she has now agreed to let you spend over $2.2k on a bike)

you: we'll see. i'll find something but i'll make sure that it's much mor reasonable.

and there you go. =)

Bluenoser said...

Hey phun. Rollers. Hows your balance? Contact me on my blog, can't get your email/contact me to work?

I'm a doctor jim, not a magician...

yeahdog said...

Thanks for the little write-up; glad you enjoy reading my blog!

Also, on the muesli tip, I've just begun having it for breakfast and really enjoy it. I add flax seeds that have been ground in a coffee grinder that I reserve for processing raw spices to add some fiber; you can't taste it, but at least you know it's doing some extra good for you!