31 January 2008

Jerry Seinfeld Rode A Bike?

Ya know, I don't think Jerry ever actually rode the bike at all, I've only ever seen the bike on his wall. Regardless I want to take a minute to give a bit of a background on the question for the contest, and yes I'll get to the winners but you have to wait or just scroll down I guess. If you're truly into Seinfeld you might remember that he had a bike hanging on his wall. I've never paid enough attention to catch it, but some say the fork was on backwards at first. Shortly after that the bike was replaced by a silver and blue Cannondale. The Cannondale went away and the original bike came back, this time the fork was on correctly. Again, I've not paid that much attention, but all signs point to this being correct. Furthermore I've not seen the actual model of the bike, but the make is obvious, and you can repeatedly see the name in numerous episodes. So what was this bike in Seinfeld's apartment. None other than his green Klein. Again, I'm not 100% sure, but I believe the model was the Klein Attitude. Again, I'm assuming that it is in fact the Attitude, regardless it looked a lot like this.

The winners were Andy, Gary, and John. Congratulations! I'll get an email out to get addresses and such, and you guys just worry about what you'll tell your significant others when you hang it!

30 January 2008

Weekly Roundup January 30

It’s been a bit of a slow week, not much in the news, people seem to be taking a bit of a break from their blogs, it’s cold & snowy, it’s 106 miles to Chicago, I’ve got a full tank of gas, a half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark outside and I’m wearing sunglasses. Sorry, random Elwood possession. With that I give you, The Weekly Roundup!

Fat Cyclist: The Fat man cometh, and he come with a quiver full of brilliant ideas. Upgrades is a brilliant look at what Fatty would upgrade (on his body) if he were able to. Ever want super human powers? Well, were not talking x-ray vision, but he has some really cool ideas like transitions eyeballs, laser eyes… You just need to read it for yourself.

Bunny Hop Rockstar: John posted a pretty good one last week about his training and intricacies (if you will). Deep Cycle is a post about John’s training habits, and how they mimic his life.

50K Loop NS: I laughed, I cried, ok so I didn’t really cry but I laughed my butt off! Why Two Wheels? is Bluenosers dilemma to understand the seemingly overlapping differences between Trials Riders and Unicyclists. He points out how they seem to know what they are looking for but don’t realize they’re missing the obvious answer.

Bike Snob NYC: Bike Snob had a funny as hell two-parter this week. Par one: Fixedgallery… Of Unbridled Exuberance is BSNYs usual thrashing of all things Fixedgallery. Part two: Worst Of NYC Craigslist Bike Ads #42-#45 ties in the, likewise, wretched trash people are passing off as quality bikes for sale on Craigslist.

Sadly, or if you’re happy that this is over luckily, that’s about it for the week. As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

29 January 2008

Cycling Phun: The First Of (Hopefully) Many Contests

Well, it took a bit of doing, a little planning, and I'm still not wholly prepared for my first contest. Isn't the big question always "what can I do that will challenge people, but that will allow me to do this in a timely manner?" Well, for me it is. See, here's my dilemma; my good friends across the pond in Germany (mainly Anke atCyclepassion) hooked me up with some treats. If you don't know what Cyclepassion is, they put out a sweet calendar that has a few guys in it, but I have to admit it's definitely geared more toward the guys in the audience. The official word on this project is "different stars of the cycling world alongside a range of bikes". Like I said, mainly beautiful bicycling women, but a few guys are thrown in possibly to keep it wife/girlfriend/girl you were with until you hung this thing up friendly.

I had to laugh, as John posted this on his blog Saturday having no idea I was going to be doing this, let alone that I was doing it today. Just goes to show the kind of publicity this thing is getting. Oh, and John, yes. Tubulars are better.

So, after that long winded introduction, I have no idea what I'm going to do for a contest for the calendar. With that said, in an effort to wet your whistle a bit, I will have a quick contest now for some posters. I have one of each of the three posters up for grabs right now. You can see the posters at theCyclepassion Store, and at the bottom of this post. You can also check out some making of the calendar and stuff at Cyclepassion on YouTube.

Right now I will give one Gunn-Rita, one Emilia, and one Conti Rubber Girl away (note to self: do whatever you have to to get good enough to get sponsored to meet conti girl). The first three people to answer this question correctly will get to chose. First gets first pick, second gets to pick of the two remaining, and third gets the leftovers... Somehow I think third place still doesn't care much having to take leftovers. I'll run another contest shortly and include a calendar in the mix, so stay on top of things.

So you cannot cheat off of someone else's work, please send your answer to via the CONTACT ME link in the upper right hand corner of the sidebar. Thanks, good luck, and keep watching for my next contest!

The trivia question is:
What was the make (model name not necessary) and color of the ORIGINAL bike that was hanging next to Jerry's bathroom in Seinfeld? (*Note: This was the bike that was rumored to have the fork mounted backwards, it disappeared and was replaced with a different brand, and later appeared again hanging in the same spot.)

Good luck, and here's a teaser for you guys of the three posters up for grabs.

28 January 2008

What's Happening In Twelve Hours?

Want to know what's happening in twelve hours? Check back tomorrow at 9:00AM EST to find out.

Blowing Off Cycling For Theater

I have to blow off cycling for a hot minute here on account I went to the theater. Now, when I say I went to the theater, I’m not talking some stuck up, pretentious, snobby show, nope. The wife and I took a night out to see the off Broadway production of Avenue Q. For those of you who may not know what Avenue Q is; imagine, if you will, Sesame Street meets Rent. That’s right, it’s like a match made in heaven. Somewhat vulgar, politically incorrect, homosexual puppets, and the New York City streets they live on. I seriously haven’t laughed so hard in I can’t tell you how long. With songs like “What Do You Do With A B.A. In English”, “It Sucks To Be Me”, If You Were Gay”, “The Internet Is For Porn”, and more that you can sample here. Seriously, if you have a chance you have to see it.

25 January 2008

Craigslist Strikes Again

Where do I start with the steaming pile of feces that is most of the stuff on Craigslist? Well, I recently told you about the rare mountain bikes for sale, that were, in fact, SO rare that the store that sold them still had some in their stockroom. Now, I find the following jewel for sale. Let me be the first to say that I am just starting to find interest in the arena of mountain bikes, I also know enough to know that I find bar ends annoying. With that said, I'm equally pretty sure that the idea of a bar end is NOT to impale oneself. Case in point: Yup, I'm pretty sure it doesn't say anywhere in the instructions, "place them in a full vertical and upright position to allow yourself to become impaled if you were to take a header over the handlebars. To make impaling easier, you may also consider sharpening the bar ends." Let's take a look here,
eHow: Installing Bar Ends
*Please allow me a moment to read. OK, mmm hmm, right... How about here, Utah Mountain Biking. Still, no, OK, about 20-30º from the ground, OK, just over 90º from the steer tube. Hmmm, *OK done reading.
Yeah, so I still haven't found anything that suggests pointing them straight to the sky. With that said I could be mistaken, seriously. I mean, it could be the new thing to take over for the demise of the top tube bar on fixies.

24 January 2008

Vote For The Bloggies Finalists Now!

Well, it’s official. The 2008 Bloggies were announced today, and guess who wasn’t on it. Yup, that’s right, no Cycling Phun. Because of this unfortunate chain of events, I’m going to subject all of you to the following. I really liked “Rad”, but I’m told it’s an 80’s piece of crap. I could be wrong, I don’t know. But again, I am going to subject you to 1980’s American BMXing.

Please note the following really cool stuff: Number Plates, Top Tube Pads, the old school (UNI I think) wheel covers, man I could just go on and on, but I won't.
OK, now that you’ve watched it, and you better have, seriously, I’ll know! Now that you’ve watched “Rad”, please take a moment to join me in, what is now a weekly congratulatory blog post, congratulating Fat Cyclist on making it to the final round. Please take a minute to go to the Bloggies Website and vote. Fat Cyclist is up for “Best Sports Blog”. I know he’d appreciate it, and he is totally deserving.
As for my not getting a nomination? As in everything Cleveland, “there’s always next year”.

23 January 2008

Weekly Roundup January 23

I’ve learned something recently about the winter; I’m quickly becoming a weenie. I think I’m actually starting to hate the cold, and I really need to start to think about winter fitness. I think the later there is the bigger problem, but that’s for another day, for now I give you the Weekly Roundup.

Fat Cyclist: Fatty started writing his “Open Letters” quite some time ago now. All of them are great, but I have to admit that the most recent open letter, An Open Letter To Lew Racing had me laughing out loud at work, like, three times. For those of you who don’t know Lew Racing is a company that produces an exorbitant priced wheel, and Fatty has his way with them. Beyond that you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

Bunny Hop Rockstar: A quick shout of congratulations out to my buddy John, who announced in a recent post titled ”Rubber” that he will be adding Maxxis to his list of sponsors in `08. Congrats, man!

50K Loop NS: This week technology and chaos abound in Bluenosers post Top Secret. A story of the innovations in cycling and materials that are allowing for some high tech hi-jinx (wah wah wahhhhh), really! This thing had me laughing uncontrollably at work, nice BN, really nice!

Cyclone Cross: A newcomer this week to my list, Cyclone Cross is another local Cleveland, Ohio area blog. This week Gary reminds me of what I need to spend yet more money on (yeah, I’ll see you soon John) this coming summer in Hey Thelma, Nice Rack. Yeah, I’m sure I’m probably going to wind up buying a bike rack this summer. Aww crud, it also just made me think, I hope I don’t wind up needing a new car.

Harprider: All I have to say here is, soon… veeery soon. Soon I will get a mountain bike. Harprider just got his new road bike, and if I might say it’s a lovely color. I have a special place in my heart for silver road bikes, mine too is silver… and feeling neglected… and I should’ve got the &#^@$*% trainer. I digress, read more about Harps new Marin at Nothing Like A New Bike.

So, on that note here’s wishing all the best, and many gnarly epic rides.
For Now,

22 January 2008

Lightening Up

Well, since I have been on my way to weight-loss for the "perfect season" this summer, I got to thinking about what I might need to do to cut unnecessary weight. While I thought about things like; lose the front bike, the seat and post, bar tape, removing half the spokes, and the like I have to say, it just doesn't seem practical. Thats when it hit me. The best way to cut weight is small and light. I give you the latest arrow in my quiver: That's right, people. A brand new 16" hot pink racing machine! I went from a whopping seventeen pounds, to a svelte twelve! Can you even believe it? Well you should. Bonus, this bad boy (er, girl?) has a coaster break! Now as long as the neighbor girls daddy doesn't kill me I'll be just fine. Who needs 29's anyway?

21 January 2008

High Quality Poo!

The story is true, only the name have been deleted to protect the innocent. First off, I'd love to give crazy props to a dear friend who provided me with the picture for this post. Second, I'd love to thank Craigslist for providing an amazing forum for so much worthless crap! Finally I'd like to apologize to Bike Snob NYC for seemingly biting off the success of his hatred for Craigslist as well.
With these items covered, I had to laugh my butt off this weekend for a couple of reasons. The first is the fact that apparently someone in, I believe, New Hampshire tried to post the sale of a baby on the New Hampshire Craigslist. In fairness to the person, they did post it under the heading "baby&kids", I'm just stating facts. Just so you don't think I'm a total idiot, they ound this to be a fake. But again, and I must reiterate, they posted it correctly under "baby&kids". You may ask what this has to do with cycling, I'll tell you.
Recently I found these mountain bikes posted on Craigslist. The funny, and possibly ironic - or idiotic?, thing about this is my aforementioned dear friend works at Dick's (formerly Galyans, of whom the bikes were made for). So when I jokingly sent him the post, he replied back with, "Yeah, they're so rare we have a few sitting in our back-room still!" and sent the following picture entitled "High Quality Poo". Equally funny was a post for a Bianchi Nyala listed as "giving it away" for $400 that was since removed due to this rebuttal. It does the heart good to know the crazy deals don't only happen in NY.

18 January 2008

Cyclocross Music

I was talking to, of all people, my wife about her two favorite things (said with extreme sarcasm). The first would be cycling, cyclocross to be more specific. The second, music, equally could give a rats you-know-what. With that said, we were talking about the perfect music for cyclocross. Let me set it up a bit further for you first, my wife was in ecstasy about the conversation. She looked at me, and you could just see the lust it brought to her eyes. It was the look on the cover of those trashy adult themed romance novels. Anyway, I was trying to come up with what (in my mind) is the perfect soundtrack for cyclocross. It lead to the perfect soundtrack to mountain bike as well, and I argued that you have no business listening to music on the road, I digress. I came up with some interesting Ideas, but they all made me revert to the chuckling frat boy type. You know what I'm talking about 311, Beastie Boys, "Black Mags" by Cool Kids, and the like. It was hard to come up with, like, a solid couple hours worth though. Just curious, what drives you. I mean, there's the guys who get amped by metal, college rock, etc. Where do you fit in. Furthermore, Id love everyone to throw in suggestions and put together the "Ultimate Soundtrack" One for MTB and one for CX. Anyone in?

16 January 2008

Weekly Roundup January 16

Well, this is proving to be an interesting week. No, not really. I’m jonesing a bit for a ride, didn’t get the trainer so that’s out, and still no mountain bike. I have to work on the later since I should be getting a sweet pair of grips from Fatty and Ergon. I haven’t been as good as I could in diet, haven’t put on weight though, at least I’m maintaining. Bottom line, it’s winter and I’m a wuss. Anyway, with that I give you the Weekly Roundup.

Fat Cyclist: The more I read Fat Cyclist, the more concern I have for Fatty. My pick for this week Pay Up Suckas: Report On Fatty’s ‘100 Miles Of Going Nowhere’ Epic is the follow up to whether or not Fatty managed to pull off his epic 100 mile journey. To nowhere. On a trainer. While watching Deadwood. Did he make the 100 miles? Can’t you answer that by the title? Oh, just read the story… It’s a good one.

Bunny Hop Rockstar: I’ve learned a lot of things this last week in John’s blog. One thing is apparently Chris is dandy, Dalton, GA is the carpet capital of the world (whatever that means), and nobody like “RAD” as much as I do. It’s a movie from my childhood that has a special place in my heart, and it caused a ginormous thread of comments. Oh! And there is a story about a bike race somewhere in there, with a ton of awesome shots of their rides. You should check out Snake Creek Gap it’s a sweet read.

50K Loop NS: Did I talk about the fact I haven’t lost weight since, like, Thanksgiving? I guess Bluenoser felt the same way. Work, Work, Work is a quickie, but it touches a bit on how I feel, and the picture made me chuckle. While you’re there check out the past posts. He’s back in the swing of things since “winter break”.

The Wah Report: Ahhhh, a story after my own heart!. Shrimp And Grits, and yes, it’s exactly like it sounds. I have to say I contest that chicken and waffles is better though.

Harprider: Finally I want to take a minute to send congratulations out to Harprider. He just got a sponsorship deal with Twin Six. You can read more about it at I’m On The Team.

With that I bid a fond farewell. Stay warm, unless you are warm, in which case I guess just stay? I don’t know.

15 January 2008

Cycling Phun Phake News: Specialized Product Announcement

15 January 2008
Cycling Phun Phake News Service

Today Specialized announced a breakthrough in bicycles, the first ever "Fo'ty Fo". That's right, 29's are now so 2008, so in order to keep up with the car industry (Subaru is about to release their redesigned 2009 Forester), Specialized is on the cusp of releasing the first ever 44" Mountain bike. While no pictures are currently available, rumor has it the "Specialized Fo'ty Fo' MTB" (as it is said to be called), will come only in chrome, gold plate, or platinum (for the real baller/shot caller). Prices are said to be starting at $4200, and it's said to be equipped "full out SRAM, sucka". A Specialized representative, who did not want to go on record, said:
"Sh__ yeah! This bike is gonna have more bling than Jay Z! What? It's going to be the Hummer of bikes. 29er's were PRIMO for rocks, and extremely toe up, rutted, and ridiculous trails. Imagine, if you will, how being on a 29er makes you feel like you're just floating on air! Not to mention is so hip, that even the most dopestist (his words, not mine) playa in school will cool!" I asked him, "by Hummer of bikes, do you mean it will be really cool now and suck in about three years?" To that he had no comment. Other rumors, which could not be confirmed at this time are: spinners, old school dice valve caps with diamonds as the dots, the head badge in a diamond stud option, bars wrapped in gator skin, and subwoofers in place of the seat bag, though the later is doubtful.
In an effort to "one better" the 2009 Subaru Forester (due out early spring 2008), they are set to release the 2010 Fo'ty Fo' MTB by March 2008. More on this as details become available.

14 January 2008

Egregious Fines Abound in VA

File under: People I do NOT want to be.
As if cyclists don’t have it hard enough. Kajuan Cornish, a 19 year old Virginia resident, was running to Burger King on his lunch hour, when he was pulled over by police and hit with a $1,050 fine for reckless operation. (1/14/08-Thanks Andy! Added: According to reports I've heard and read he was speeding, er... going too fast, and therefore it was justified.) The catch is, he was on his 18-speed Huffy. One day after Gov. Timothy Kaine called for a repeal of the states abusive driver fees that are failing horribly. I guess we should give kudos to Kaine for kicking off this years legislation by calling for an appeal, realizing the law was an asinine idea. This is just one example of why we need to get two wheelers mobilized, and act as advocates to work for change. Another example would be found in my past “Freakin’ Cars” posts (Freakin’ Cars, Freakin’ Cars Redux, and Freakin’ Cars Redux, Again).
I would love to hear more from Kajuan, and hear what comes of the fines, and find out if he actually winds up paying them or if it get overturned. Furthermore I would like to hear from Gov. Kaine’s representation to see two things. First, what they plan to do with the egregious fines, and second what if anything they are doing to actually overturn the laws. If you have contact with either please feel free to pass along that they could contact me via the contact in the upper right hand corner of the sidebar.

11 January 2008

A Video For Yeahdog

OK, I know this has nothing to do with cycling, and it is a bit old, but I had to throw some love out to my people out in Chicago. That's right Lisa and Dan over at Let's Rock..., this one's for you guys! Stay warm up in Chicago and enjoy!

Please Vote For Me In The Bloggies, Last Day!

Just as a friendly reminder, if you haven't gone to vote in the bloggies yet, please do so. Today is the last day to get your nominations in for the Bloggies. If you would please take about two minutes of your time to go to the Bloggies nomination form and nominate my blog (you have to nominate three, so may I suggest you check out some of my faves to see what you think before you vote?) It would be really cool if I could pull this off after only being around for three months. May I suggest the "Best New" or "Best Kept Secret" or "Best Topical Blog" Category as an awesome place start? I'd appreciate it very much if you'd take a minute to do this for me. Thanks in advance.

10 January 2008

Fat Cyclist, A Bike Giveaway, And Fighting Cancer!

I know it might seem kind of a lame to bite on someone post, but I had to share this one with everyone. First, and arguably more important, Fatty is doing something amazing to help fight cancer. You may know but I have personal reasons for the deep-seeded hatred that lives in the depths of my soul for cancer, so anytime there's something to benefit organizations that are working to fight cancer I'm totally on it! With that said the second, and almost as cool part, is that two people are going to win a Marin Hamilton in the process. I'm not going to say anymore on the subject, but I will say you need to check it out!
Fat Cyclist: Fight Cancer, Win A 29" Single Speed Townie / MTB

09 January 2008

Weekly Roundup January 9

My apologies for the steaming pile this blog was yesterday. It was so nice I was actually trying doing things to make myself more active outdoors. A group of us took a long walk, just out doing whatever to enjoy mid-sixties in January. I’m back on the muesli, and steel cut oats. As the company says ‘Life Is Good’! *Sidebar: Work on a Life Is Good advertising deal! With that said, I give you the Weekly Roundup!

Fat Cyclist: This week, I have to admit, I am really concerned for Fatty. He’s got this thing going on, Going Nowhere For 100 Miles, that leads me to believe he might just be over the edge. It all started with Fatty buying a set of rollers. Then he got a half cocked idea to do a century on them. Now he’s made up his mind, he’s going to do the century this Saturday, but the catch is there will be money donated to charity, and you could be a part of this! So I encourage you to go to his sight, bet a few dollars, and we might just bankrupt Fatty yet. Seriously Fatty, awesome idea!

Bunny Hop Rockstar: I like John for so many reasons, they arte all bike related and I will get into them some other time. To sort of tie into the aforementioned trainer story John gives us Proper Trainer Setup. With that said, I have a couple of fans that I will sell for $150 a piece!

Let’s rock…: In order to keep the tunes fresh while you’re riding your trainer, check out iTunes Fascination. While your there check out the last few weeks posts. There are some really good stories, and one unfortunate run in with a door.

50K Loop NS: Breaking from the, thus far, trainer related roundup 50K gives us Good Doggy. All I can say is, “DAMN! Why didn’t I do this already?” In my area there is huge lots of land, and people “forget” (or something) that dogs are supposed to be leashed. I’ve been chased countless times, I could’ve used this a long time ago.

Cyclone Cross: Finally this week, a shout to a reader I’d like to dub “Parma Pal”, because it sound funny and he’s from Parma, and Parma makes me think Pierogies, and they’re just good. Sorry, I got sidetracked. It’s just a good time, like heading out for a beer after a long ride with the guys, but without the alcohol or fat. I’ve been enjoying looking at the archives, and pictures.

Well that’s it for now. OH! By the way, please take a quick minute or two to vote in the bloggies. If you would please go to the Bloggies nomination form and nominate my blog (you have to nominate three, so may I suggest you check out some of my faves to see what you think before you vote?) It would be really cool if I could pull this off after only being around for three months. May I suggest the "Best New" or "Best Kept Secret" or "Best Topical Blog" Category as an awesome place start? I'd appreciate it very much if you'd take a minute to do this for me. And thank you for your support.

08 January 2008

Too nice (updated)

Just as a friendly reminder, if you haven't gone to vote in the bloggies yet, please do so. If you would please take about two minutes of your time to go to the Bloggies nomination form and nominate my blog (you have to nominate three, so may I suggest you check out some of my faves to see what you think before you vote?) It would be really cool if I could pull this off after only being around for three months. May I suggest the "Best New" or "Best Kept Secret" or "Best Topical Blog" Category as an awesome place start? I'd appreciate it very much if you'd take a minute to do this for me. And thank you for your support.

So, I'm going to apologize now for the fact that this post is going to suck big-time, but I ask that you have some understanding. You see, it's supposed to be in the mid sixties today! Yeah, I know... crazy! Yesterday actually was so warm in Cleveland that we broke a record at sixty-five. With that said, the ground was wet and nasty, but the air is perfect so I'm hoping to sneak out early and maybe get a salt covered street ride in. A group of us did a walk from work today at lunch, so now I'm trying to catch up on work that I should've been doing while we were walking earlier, add to that OSU is playing and hence you get this. A crazy incoherent post, poorly written, that makes no sense. Sorry, I'll make it up with a sweet roundup tomorrow, OK?

UPDATE: So it is Tuesday now, and it's raining and getting cooler. I assure you I will punk on the ride today. OSU blew it after the first four minutes of the game and lost 38-24. Today just kind of sucks... back to work.

07 January 2008

Drifting Takes The Cycling World By Storm

Just as a friendly reminder, if you haven't gone to vote in the bloggies yet, please do so. If you would please take about two minutes of your time to go to the Bloggies nomination form and nominate my blog (you have to nominate three, so may I suggest you check out some of my faves to see what you think before you vote?) It would be really cool if I could pull this off after only being around for three months. May I suggest the "Best New" or "Best Kept Secret" or "Best Topical Blog" Category as an awesome place start? I'd appreciate it very much if you'd take a minute to do this for me. And thank you for your support.

A'ight. So I have given up completely on the idea of road and mountain biking. "Why are you doing such a drastic thing?", you may ask. I'll tell you. I'm lazy! OK, not really. The truth of the matter is I've found my calling in life, I've found the way to get the calves that make women say, "WHOA! Those are some sexy calves!" That's right I'm going to take up drifting! Now, I will be doing this on a bike, so I guess I can't say I'm giving up cycling as much as I'm just adapting to fresh and new ideas. For those of you who are unaware of the cultural breakthrough that is bicycle drifting, I submit the following.

05 January 2008

Please vote for Cycling Phun in the Bloggies

Just as a friendly reminder, if you haven't gone to vote in the bloggies yet, please do so. If you would please take about two minutes of your time to go to the Bloggies nomination form and nominate my blog (you have to nominate three, so may I suggest you check out some of my faves to see what you think before you vote?) It would be really cool if I could pull this off after only being around for three months. May I suggest the "Best New" or "Best Kept Secret" or "Best Topical Blog" Category as an awesome place start? I'd appreciate it very much if you'd take a minute to do this for me. Thanks in advance.

04 January 2008

Midlife Crisis

So as I started to try and find parts to rebuild a late 80's Dyno Compe Team Model, I came to a conclusion. Everyone has their own midlife crisis. For me (I'll be 33 in March) it just seems to be starting a bit earlier than I had expected. By the way (I love this part). *Sidebar: If you currently have any late 80's Dyno parts that need a good home, I'd be happy to talk to you. OK, so like I was saying, as I started looking through ebay for all the cool "must have" vintage parts, I started reminiscing about all the fun I had over the years on the bike. My friend Matt and I used to ride all the time and while it was a freestyle bike, we used to dirt jump over at our local park. We spent hours carving out the perfect jump, the city decided a path and stairs would go better where we carved out the path, and likely they thought it was a good way to suggest we don't jump bikes there. So, we didn't. Well, there. We carved out another dirt jump about twenty feet down on the same hill. I think this would be a good time to explain that the hill was about five or six feet high, not a small jump by any stretch of the imagination. Strictly for reference, not to brag (right) the sickest jump I have ever done was there, and was a no hand no footer. The unfortunate part of that was it took about six tries to land it. The even more unfortunate part was either four or five resulted in my hands on the grips and my feet missing the pedals. Furthermore it was most unfortunate that the seat is plastic, and my crotch was on it, and that it took about ten or so minutes (all I know is I remember it felt like a hour) just to catch my breath. Guys: you are getting what I mean. Ladies: ask that special guy to explain if you don't. Even so, whether it was freestyle, dirt jumping, or just riding the street mile after mile, it was the most important part of my teen years. I couldn't give it up. The bike lived with my mom when I moved out, it came with me to my first house, and now my second, and now I think it's time to undertake a project. A labor of love, if you will, one that needs to be seen through. It brought me such joy, I have to treat it right.
I am also curious to hear of anyone who might be in the same boat. I have heard plenty of stories from "I found one just like the one I had on ebay", to "man I'd love to find one", and a couple "I just hung onto it, and took care of her". Where do you fit in, any stories like this? Oh, and is anyone else suddenly thinking "Faith No More"? (see the tittle)

03 January 2008

The 2008 Bloggies Awards

It’s 2008 and that means it's time for the Bloggies. If you linked here from Fatty's blog you already know this. If you did link from Fat Cyclist and don't know you lose fifty points, you should be reading it more carefully. I hope I could ask you to do me the favor of going to the Bloggies nomination form and nominating my blog (you have to nominate three, so may I suggest you check out some of my faves to see what you think before you vote?) It would be really cool if I could pull this off after only being around for three months. May I suggest the "Best New" or "Best Topical Blog" Category" as an awesome start? I'd appreciate it very much if you'd take a minute to do this for me. Thanks in advance.

02 January 2008

So Begins A New Year

Here we are in 2008. Where to begin? First off I have to say that I am not one for resolutions. That's to say I'm not the guy who says, "Hell yeah! I'm going to drop fifty pounds, quit eating fast food, drinking beer, and become the next tour champ by 2009! WOO!" That's just not me, it's not in my blood. I don't believe in saying you'll do something without having any idea whether it is able to be accomplished, or without knowing what factors will arise. I am, however, the guy who has always had a problem setting the bar just high enough that I rarely achieve what I set out to do and get crushed by the lack of achievement. So this year I have some goals that I feel pretty confident I can achieve. For the sake of not boring you all to death, I will stick to my cycling related goals.
First, I plan to drop twenty five more pounds, hopefully fifteen of that by the time weather breaks enough to ride. I came from two-hundred thirty July of Last Year to sit around one eighty-five now (holiday eating sucks). I can't get over how much easier it is to ride when you aren't carrying an extra forty pounds.
Next, I need to work on the aerobic side of my riding. I don't know what that means, but... Kidding, I need to work on this due to some issues I've experienced with exercise induced asthma. Was out on a solo run on a big hill, and almost passed out, yada yada, now I have a rescue inhaler... hooray *sarcasm*!
I need to work on my distance, badly. Fifty to one-hundred mile rides. I live in a very hilly area, I need to get really good at riding them. I guess that's two in one, but what the heck.
Finally, and this is a stretch for a few reasons but I really, really, really, infinity want to do it (pardon the first grade moment). I want to do the Livestrong Challenge in `08. Right now I am nowhere near the level of fitness I need to be to do it, but I have a pretty long while, right?
So, what are your hope, resolutions, whatever for 2008? I'd love to hear.