29 January 2008

Cycling Phun: The First Of (Hopefully) Many Contests

Well, it took a bit of doing, a little planning, and I'm still not wholly prepared for my first contest. Isn't the big question always "what can I do that will challenge people, but that will allow me to do this in a timely manner?" Well, for me it is. See, here's my dilemma; my good friends across the pond in Germany (mainly Anke atCyclepassion) hooked me up with some treats. If you don't know what Cyclepassion is, they put out a sweet calendar that has a few guys in it, but I have to admit it's definitely geared more toward the guys in the audience. The official word on this project is "different stars of the cycling world alongside a range of bikes". Like I said, mainly beautiful bicycling women, but a few guys are thrown in possibly to keep it wife/girlfriend/girl you were with until you hung this thing up friendly.

I had to laugh, as John posted this on his blog Saturday having no idea I was going to be doing this, let alone that I was doing it today. Just goes to show the kind of publicity this thing is getting. Oh, and John, yes. Tubulars are better.

So, after that long winded introduction, I have no idea what I'm going to do for a contest for the calendar. With that said, in an effort to wet your whistle a bit, I will have a quick contest now for some posters. I have one of each of the three posters up for grabs right now. You can see the posters at theCyclepassion Store, and at the bottom of this post. You can also check out some making of the calendar and stuff at Cyclepassion on YouTube.

Right now I will give one Gunn-Rita, one Emilia, and one Conti Rubber Girl away (note to self: do whatever you have to to get good enough to get sponsored to meet conti girl). The first three people to answer this question correctly will get to chose. First gets first pick, second gets to pick of the two remaining, and third gets the leftovers... Somehow I think third place still doesn't care much having to take leftovers. I'll run another contest shortly and include a calendar in the mix, so stay on top of things.

So you cannot cheat off of someone else's work, please send your answer to via the CONTACT ME link in the upper right hand corner of the sidebar. Thanks, good luck, and keep watching for my next contest!

The trivia question is:
What was the make (model name not necessary) and color of the ORIGINAL bike that was hanging next to Jerry's bathroom in Seinfeld? (*Note: This was the bike that was rumored to have the fork mounted backwards, it disappeared and was replaced with a different brand, and later appeared again hanging in the same spot.)

Good luck, and here's a teaser for you guys of the three posters up for grabs.


Cycling Phun said...

I've noticed a couple of "left via contactify" clicks that didn't seem to result in emails. Has anyone had problems with contactify working?

John Davis said...

i think it was a klein. probably an addict?

Cycling Phun said...

And believe it or not folks, John Davis is the third and final correct answer, even though it wasn't to my email *wink*. Was there just a lack of interest? Do we not like Seinfeld? Too many people on vacation to Latvia (dang, another Seinfeld reference). Regardless. I will give the answer and winners tomorrow. THANKS! And keep watching for more posters and the coveted calendar giveaway.

Cycling Phun said...

Oh, and John didnt give a color, but he gave the model, so I'll let it slide.

Cycling Phun said...

furthermore, I believe it's a Klein Attitude.
Klein made and Addict?! Close enough... I want to wrap this thing up.

Cycling Phun said...

I just wanted to run this thread on for five posts.

GB said...

Oh yeah! I got it right too & this is the highest I've placed in a cycling event in a long time... (2nd place)

Anyone have advice on which poster I should pick??