03 January 2008

The 2008 Bloggies Awards

It’s 2008 and that means it's time for the Bloggies. If you linked here from Fatty's blog you already know this. If you did link from Fat Cyclist and don't know you lose fifty points, you should be reading it more carefully. I hope I could ask you to do me the favor of going to the Bloggies nomination form and nominating my blog (you have to nominate three, so may I suggest you check out some of my faves to see what you think before you vote?) It would be really cool if I could pull this off after only being around for three months. May I suggest the "Best New" or "Best Topical Blog" Category" as an awesome start? I'd appreciate it very much if you'd take a minute to do this for me. Thanks in advance.


yeahdog said...


Cycling Phun said...

LOVE YA! Thanks a lot! I hope it goes without saying, likewise!