22 January 2008

Lightening Up

Well, since I have been on my way to weight-loss for the "perfect season" this summer, I got to thinking about what I might need to do to cut unnecessary weight. While I thought about things like; lose the front bike, the seat and post, bar tape, removing half the spokes, and the like I have to say, it just doesn't seem practical. Thats when it hit me. The best way to cut weight is small and light. I give you the latest arrow in my quiver: That's right, people. A brand new 16" hot pink racing machine! I went from a whopping seventeen pounds, to a svelte twelve! Can you even believe it? Well you should. Bonus, this bad boy (er, girl?) has a coaster break! Now as long as the neighbor girls daddy doesn't kill me I'll be just fine. Who needs 29's anyway?

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Harp said...

That's a nice look phun.