18 January 2008

Cyclocross Music

I was talking to, of all people, my wife about her two favorite things (said with extreme sarcasm). The first would be cycling, cyclocross to be more specific. The second, music, equally could give a rats you-know-what. With that said, we were talking about the perfect music for cyclocross. Let me set it up a bit further for you first, my wife was in ecstasy about the conversation. She looked at me, and you could just see the lust it brought to her eyes. It was the look on the cover of those trashy adult themed romance novels. Anyway, I was trying to come up with what (in my mind) is the perfect soundtrack for cyclocross. It lead to the perfect soundtrack to mountain bike as well, and I argued that you have no business listening to music on the road, I digress. I came up with some interesting Ideas, but they all made me revert to the chuckling frat boy type. You know what I'm talking about 311, Beastie Boys, "Black Mags" by Cool Kids, and the like. It was hard to come up with, like, a solid couple hours worth though. Just curious, what drives you. I mean, there's the guys who get amped by metal, college rock, etc. Where do you fit in. Furthermore, Id love everyone to throw in suggestions and put together the "Ultimate Soundtrack" One for MTB and one for CX. Anyone in?


Harp said...

I'm not really a "cross" guy yet. But I'm all about metal on the mtb when riding on the rail trails. Not music in the woods gotta listen for the other riders and sometimes random weirdos.

Bluenoser said...

I don't "cross" yet Phun but I believe I would like to try because that would be saying something for a guy like me.

Why is this you ask? Well, the reason I wouldn't do cross is that I hate to run. I've been heard to say that I wouldn't run from a burning building... that's how much I hated it. But...

I found out that cyclists can suffer from low bone density and need winter cross training to build it up which running is good for. Not a lot mind you but some. So I've started r_ _ _ _ _ g in the base plan I have set up and it's not that bad.

So next year "cross" now to con a bike.


Cycling Phun said...

I feel I need to clarify really quick here, as I am totally in the same boat as bluenoser. I don't cross, furthermore I feel as though there is one and only one reason to run; The person coming after you has a knife. I know, you're saying "but what if he has a gun, would you not run for a gun as well?" The answer, no. If he has a gun you're not going to outrun a slug, why bother. So I can appreciate bn's not wanting to run. I will say, however, after seeing my buddy do cross this year, I'd like to get good enough at cycling to try it, just so I could say I did it. As for Harp, metal is great to ride to. I've done everything from King's X, to Faith No More, to System Of A Down, Disturbed, pretty much hard rock and "neumetal".

Bluenoser said...

Well like the blog description says I don't listen to music when I ride.

Actually we just sing to ourselves here while we ride, a cappella style, because it is way too hard to play a fiddle and ride, shifting and break problems.

But if I rode fixed like the hipsters do then it might be possible.

I'll have to learn to play the fiddle first.

yeahdog said...

A friend of mine did a DJ mix of a bunch of punk and ska. It went over really well at gnome fest last year (mountain biking campout event, for those of you outside the midwest), and I could see it doing well at a cross event as well.