05 January 2008

Please vote for Cycling Phun in the Bloggies

Just as a friendly reminder, if you haven't gone to vote in the bloggies yet, please do so. If you would please take about two minutes of your time to go to the Bloggies nomination form and nominate my blog (you have to nominate three, so may I suggest you check out some of my faves to see what you think before you vote?) It would be really cool if I could pull this off after only being around for three months. May I suggest the "Best New" or "Best Kept Secret" or "Best Topical Blog" Category as an awesome place start? I'd appreciate it very much if you'd take a minute to do this for me. Thanks in advance.


Gary said...

I put you down for 'Best New' and 'Best Topical'. Good Luck!!


Cycling Phun said...

Awesome man! Thanks