04 January 2008

Midlife Crisis

So as I started to try and find parts to rebuild a late 80's Dyno Compe Team Model, I came to a conclusion. Everyone has their own midlife crisis. For me (I'll be 33 in March) it just seems to be starting a bit earlier than I had expected. By the way (I love this part). *Sidebar: If you currently have any late 80's Dyno parts that need a good home, I'd be happy to talk to you. OK, so like I was saying, as I started looking through ebay for all the cool "must have" vintage parts, I started reminiscing about all the fun I had over the years on the bike. My friend Matt and I used to ride all the time and while it was a freestyle bike, we used to dirt jump over at our local park. We spent hours carving out the perfect jump, the city decided a path and stairs would go better where we carved out the path, and likely they thought it was a good way to suggest we don't jump bikes there. So, we didn't. Well, there. We carved out another dirt jump about twenty feet down on the same hill. I think this would be a good time to explain that the hill was about five or six feet high, not a small jump by any stretch of the imagination. Strictly for reference, not to brag (right) the sickest jump I have ever done was there, and was a no hand no footer. The unfortunate part of that was it took about six tries to land it. The even more unfortunate part was either four or five resulted in my hands on the grips and my feet missing the pedals. Furthermore it was most unfortunate that the seat is plastic, and my crotch was on it, and that it took about ten or so minutes (all I know is I remember it felt like a hour) just to catch my breath. Guys: you are getting what I mean. Ladies: ask that special guy to explain if you don't. Even so, whether it was freestyle, dirt jumping, or just riding the street mile after mile, it was the most important part of my teen years. I couldn't give it up. The bike lived with my mom when I moved out, it came with me to my first house, and now my second, and now I think it's time to undertake a project. A labor of love, if you will, one that needs to be seen through. It brought me such joy, I have to treat it right.
I am also curious to hear of anyone who might be in the same boat. I have heard plenty of stories from "I found one just like the one I had on ebay", to "man I'd love to find one", and a couple "I just hung onto it, and took care of her". Where do you fit in, any stories like this? Oh, and is anyone else suddenly thinking "Faith No More"? (see the tittle)


Pedaldork said...


Isn't wierd how our first bikes hold a special place?? I've still got my first racing road bike (from 1986)in the garage. A Schwinn Prelude.

I saw your goals for weight loss this year. I agree, the holiday foods are a butt kicker. Keep me up on your progress. I've started a local challenge in hopes of keeping myself motivated.

Thanks for reading.

Gary said...

GL & have fun with the rebuild! Will you be taking before & after pics?

I haven't been there yet, but I wonder if OCBC might have parts?


It might be worth a call to them.

Cycling Phun said...

Gary: Funny you should mention that, I was just going to call someone for business reasons who volunteers at Ohio City Nicycle Co-op, long story. Anyway...
Yes I will post some befores once I dig it out of storage, and probably an "exploded" pict once it's apart. I suppose if I ever get the thing built up I'll post a finished too.