23 January 2008

Weekly Roundup January 23

I’ve learned something recently about the winter; I’m quickly becoming a weenie. I think I’m actually starting to hate the cold, and I really need to start to think about winter fitness. I think the later there is the bigger problem, but that’s for another day, for now I give you the Weekly Roundup.

Fat Cyclist: Fatty started writing his “Open Letters” quite some time ago now. All of them are great, but I have to admit that the most recent open letter, An Open Letter To Lew Racing had me laughing out loud at work, like, three times. For those of you who don’t know Lew Racing is a company that produces an exorbitant priced wheel, and Fatty has his way with them. Beyond that you’ll have to check it out for yourself.

Bunny Hop Rockstar: A quick shout of congratulations out to my buddy John, who announced in a recent post titled ”Rubber” that he will be adding Maxxis to his list of sponsors in `08. Congrats, man!

50K Loop NS: This week technology and chaos abound in Bluenosers post Top Secret. A story of the innovations in cycling and materials that are allowing for some high tech hi-jinx (wah wah wahhhhh), really! This thing had me laughing uncontrollably at work, nice BN, really nice!

Cyclone Cross: A newcomer this week to my list, Cyclone Cross is another local Cleveland, Ohio area blog. This week Gary reminds me of what I need to spend yet more money on (yeah, I’ll see you soon John) this coming summer in Hey Thelma, Nice Rack. Yeah, I’m sure I’m probably going to wind up buying a bike rack this summer. Aww crud, it also just made me think, I hope I don’t wind up needing a new car.

Harprider: All I have to say here is, soon… veeery soon. Soon I will get a mountain bike. Harprider just got his new road bike, and if I might say it’s a lovely color. I have a special place in my heart for silver road bikes, mine too is silver… and feeling neglected… and I should’ve got the &#^@$*% trainer. I digress, read more about Harps new Marin at Nothing Like A New Bike.

So, on that note here’s wishing all the best, and many gnarly epic rides.
For Now,

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